Smartphone's can be Hacked

Smartphone’s can be Hacked While Charging via a Laptop

Majority of us charge our iPhones or Android devices via our PC or laptop using a USB connection when we don't have access to a charging adapter. However, as harmless as it may seem, the exercise of charging your phone's battery over a laptop can expose it to hackers.

Kaspersky Lab, a security firm, examined various iOS and Android Smartphones with dissimilar versions of operating software to determine what data gets externally transmitted while the devices are connected to a PC or Mac.

Upon in-depth study, researchers found that by using a micro USB cable and a computer, hackers can install third-party applications on the phone in just a matter of three minutes and can access the phone's most private data. Along with the private information, the device's name, serial number, manufacturer and device type is also disclosed to the laptop.

Kaspersky explained that, USB ports are intended to provide both charging capabilities and data transfer, so a mobile device that connects to a USB port "attempts a handshake" with the computer, during which some data is transmitted. In basic terms, this means that Smartphones that are connected via USB to PCs or laptops risk being tracked.

This serves as a security threat to millions of Smartphone users who use USB slot on their computers to charge their devices.

So, what's the solution?

Some possible solutions to this security risk are:

  • One must use a trusted charging station
  • Use a password or fingerprint on your device
  • Refrain from unlocking the phone while its charging
  • Most importantly, use encryption technologies such as PureVPN

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How does this work?

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Ather Owais is a tech and cyber security enthusiast, and a Kodi expert. He follows technological trends and their impact on today's digital era.

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