Split Tunneling for Android is Here with a Big Bang

As you must have figured out by now, the wait is finally over! Split tunneling feature is now ready to be used with PureVPN’s Android app. Whether you are aware of what PureVPN’s Split Tunneling does or are totally clueless of its amazing benefits, you must check out the following to know about how fan-tech-tastic this feature is:

What Does PureVPN’s Split Tunneling for Android Do?

  • It secures the information you send or receive through your desired apps or programs and protects your data from cyber criminals
  • It keeps you anonymous and secure from just about any online threat while keeping your internet speed stable

So How Does This Amazing Feature Actually Work?

Split tunneling makes VPN technology even better because it lets you smartly secure just the programs and services that you need to in order to continue enjoying rest of the services in their normal state. Split Tunneling works in a simple way for its users – A user can add Skype and Viber to Split Tunneling and have music and video game apps running without any security. Thus, you get both security and speed according to your need, which means you get the best of both worlds.

How to Use Split Tunneling to Secure the Internet?

Yes, we understand that you want to know how to activate Split Tunneling. So, here’s how to use this magical feature on Android:

1- Run PureVPN on your Android device

2- Tap the navigation menu (top right corner of the screen)

3- Tap ‘Settings’

4- Under ‘Advanced’, tap ‘Split Tunneling’

5- Tap the Split Tunneling switch to turn it on (top right corner of the screen)

6- Choose the apps you want to run through Split Tunneling

7- Connect VPN and start surfing!

PureVPN has given you complete control over your privacy, security and ease of use. Now the only thing left is you making the most out of the super-awesome PureVPN Android app and its features, particularly Split tunneling, which is at the top of the list of incredible features offered by PureVPN.


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