Interesting Sports Facts of 2018

Of all the live events happening around the world, sports-based events make the most buzz. Sports fans around the world make it a point to let everybody know who they are supporting, sometimes launching viral trends that break the internet.

This year was no different. 2018 was lit with sports events dotted across the annual timeline, breaking past records and making way for our expectations to only increase in 2019. Meanwhile, here is an outlook of how sporty 2018 was.

Most Watched Sports in 2018

Looking at the sports industry from a birds eye view, here is the roundup of the most popular sports in terms of viewership.

Most Watched Sports 2018

Watching on TV vs Watching via Streaming

Sports Streamers Demographics 2018

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Most Popular Football Hashtags

Twitter remained a go-to platform for sports fans. The following were the most trended hashtags of the year.

Popular Sports Hashtags 2018

Most Popular Sports Streaming Devices

Ditch the TV remained a trend with people using all types of internet-connected devices to access their favorite content online.

Sports Streaming Devices

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Most Popular Athletes

The following athletes were the center of attention, partly due to their exceptional performance and partly due to their controversies.

Popular Athletes of 2018

Most Watched Sports Events

The FIFA World Cup surpassed all expectations and managed to bag half of the global population as viewers. Here are some of the most streamed sports events of the year.

Most Watched Sports Events in 2018

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What’s up next for Sports in 2019

It’s yet to be seen how the events will unfold and which duels will we fall in love with. But one thing is for sure. The entire video entertainment industry is gradually shifting towards streaming. It’s not surprising to see streaming sticks like Google’s Chrome Cast and Amazon’s FireTV continue to gain popularity.

In the coming year, the number of streamers will only grow as compared to those who are used to consuming live action on their traditional TV sets.

Sports Streaming devices in 2019


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