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Spotlight: Social Change on the Times Square Stage

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PUREVPNAt PureVPNSpotlight: Social Change on the Times Square Stage

One of the world’s busiest and most visited tourist attractions, Times Square, needs no introduction. The iconic landmark centered in the world’s biggest financial hub, New York City, attracts nearly 50 million visitors annually.

According to official statistics, nearly 360,000 pedestrians enter the heart of Times Square every single day. On its busiest days, Times Square welcomes as much as 450,000 pedestrians every day. That’s more than the population of many urban cities!

Although the number of visitors has significantly gone down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, about 30,000 people still pass through Times Square each day.

During these hard-hitting times that have challenged many businesses and individuals’ core, a beacon of hope is still there. New Yorkers’ resilience and the global population at large show that no matter how hard times might get, we’re all in this together.

Communicating Social Change through Powerful Advertisements

The notion behind the social change has initiated a bandwagon that has led corporations to get their message on the billboard. In a show of humanity and hope, Times Square billboard owners have donated ad space to make way for visual artwork about the pandemic and display the message of social change.

6 feet is 6 feet

Matt Dorfman, an internationally recognized designer and illustrator, created a unique Times Square piece. Dorfman created a bold bumblebee yellow and black stripes that repeat the phrase “6 feet is 6 feet.”

“6 feet is 6 feet is 6 feet is 6 feet.” by Matt Dorfman.

According to Dorfman:

“With nearly anything else that I’m doing I’m trying to assign fine art values to a piece of design, insofar as that I’d like people to stop, sit and look at it for a little while. This particular kind of poster kind of demands for the opposite reaction. It’s something that you should read and absorb and then quickly move past.”

The message is appealing and sends a strong message to everyone who sees the billboard. It’s a clear reminder that the reality and severity of the coronavirus pandemic cannot be ignored.

New York Loves You

Another image in motion displays health care workers wearing masks with angel wings and the message below saying ‘New York Loves You.’ Illustrator Edel Rodriguez designed the artwork.

“New York Loves You” by Edel Rodriguez

Rodriguez said he wanted to play with the idea that these soldiers of angels come flying in like superheroes to save the day when someone is in trouble.

By reversing the idea behind Milton Glaser’s iconic ‘I ❤ NY’ logo, Rodriguez is aiming to pay tribute to frontline workers and return the cities’ gratitude and love to those currently risking their lives to cope up and assist in ending the pandemic.

Rather than the conventional capes, the display depicts frontline workers wearing light blue scrubs, gloves, face masks, and stethoscopes without the Superman “S” across their chests. They emerge at large, but instead of casting a shadow, they seem to radiate light. A message rises for them: NEW YORK LOVES YOU.

According to Rodriguez:

“To many people, that’s what it feels like. These superheroes are flying in to try to save the day.” He added that he’s seen people who are skeptical of modern medicine like vaccines say, “‘OK. Yes, we need these guys now. Everybody’s kind of rallying around them.”

The strong message is widely displayed in Times Square, where thousands stand and pass strong in spirits for frontline workers.

PureVPN’s #ShoutoutAtTimesSquare Campaign

PureVPN, the leading VPN giant, is kicking off their #ShoutoutAtTimesSquare campaign. PureVPN has reserved a billboard at Times Square for 30 days where participants from around the world will display heartfelt and positivity-fueled messages.

Since 2020 has been a massive challenge for everybody, PureVPN aims to start the year 2021 with positivity, hope, and love in the air.

According to PureVPN:

“We want everyone to feel close to their loved ones and help others feel loved. The motivation behind the #ShoutoutAtTimesSquare campaign is to get people closer and spread the message of love and care amongst all!”

Here’s how participants can get a chance to be featured on Times Square. Yes, you read that right, all of us will have an opportunity to be featured on one of Times Square’s huge billboards! Follow the steps to get featured:

·         Draw a heart on your palm and take a picture

·         Write a message to your loved ones

·         Upload the picture along with the message and post it, tagging your loved ones on Twitter or Instagram

·         Use the hashtag #ShoutoutAtTimesSquare and tag @PureVPN on Instagram or @PureVPNCom on Twitter

Once the submission is live on Times Square, PureVPN will reach out in the featured post’s comments with a link where participants will be able to see their submission.

Want to get featured on Times Square?

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Why Times Square?

At present, most of us are at home reflecting on all of our lifestyle choices and looking toward an unclear future. Times Square is a great place to display messages that aid in bringing the social change we need today during these testing times.

Lets not let this global pandemic be a reason or excuse for negative sentiments. The energy is high, the crowd is gearing up again and you can almost hear all the things NYC has to offer. With lights and tons of advertisements surrounding each view of the eye, Times Square is welcoming all with open arms.




January 2, 2023


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