Shocking Discovery: Major Tax Filing Sites Are Unsafe to Use!

Are you planning on filing your taxes online this year? Take our advice – read this article before filing.

A recent audit from the nonprofit internet security organization Online Trust Alliance (OTA) disclosed that nearly half of the thirteen online tax websites approved by the Internal Revenue Service are unsafe for filing taxes online.

It was reported that some of these websites failed to provide adequate privacy and security to the consumers, which in turn put the users under a huge threat, keeping in mind that financial information is highly confidential. The audit done by OTA reveals that the security failure rate on the tax filing websites is over one-third, which has rang alarm bells for all American tax filers. Shocked? Anxious? Take a deep breath, because we have got the websites that are deemed safe by OTA.

Safe Websites and Services for Tax Filing

  • eSmart Tax
  • FreeTaxUSA
  • TaxAct
  • TaxSlayer
  • TurboTax Free File
  • H&R Block Free File

List of Unsafe Tax-Filing Sites and Services

Willing to know about the ones that failed the security and anonymity test? Here’s the list:

  • Jackson Hewitt Online
  • Online Taxes at

Craig Spiezle, The Executive Director and President of OTA, said in a statement:

“Consumer use and IRS approval of such services should be carefully reconsidered.”

When the director and president of OTA warns you about something, you should take the warning very seriously. From our end, we suggest that you only file your taxes through one of the websites that are safe to use – to store, forward or maintain your financial details – so that you don’t have to face any unanticipated financial surprises.

Bob Allister is a technology and online security enthusiast. He always keeps an eye on the latest security threats and loopholes, and alerts users before it’s too late. He also promotes health and fitness, likes to watch movies and TV shows and play soothing melodies on his guitar.

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