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The Ritual recently became available on Netflix and people are going crazy about it. Some say it’s the best movie while others have pointed many flaws and shortcomings which could have been eliminated easily.

Apart from what the movie was primarily about, there was a lot to focus on the bond that the four friends shared among themselves. It touches many themes related to friendship in subliminal ways, yet manages to get the emotion across each time.

To know the story, you need to watch the movie. What we are here for is to tell you about how good the cast was at pulling off this brilliant horror movie.

Rafe Spall as Luke

Cast Netflix The RitualsBorn on March 10, 1983, in Camberwell, London, England, Rafe Spall is famous and reputed for his great acting skills, most notably for The Shadow Line, Pete versus Life, and Life of Pi. He also gave a spectacular acting performance in the Netflix Original TV Show, Black Mirror. This year, we are also expecting to see him in the fifth sequel to Jurassic Park.

For The Ritual, Spall plays the lead role. It’s hard to pin any one character trait on him, as he exhibits many. He is mostly seen giving categorical instructions and taking decisions for all four of them. He is also the kind who talks only if it’s important.

Spall’s acting has always been remarkable since 2001, when he started his acting career. The 17 years that Spall has dedicated to acting has helped him polish and refine his style, paving way for him to win the Best Actor award at the Catalonian International Film Festival for his superb performance in The Ritual.

Robert James-Collier as Hutch

Cast Netflix The RitualsThe Ritual shows Hutch as the “second-in-command” among the four friends. Nowhere was he called by that name, but we do see him helping Luke out in his decisions by contributing whatever technical information and knowledge he had.

Hutch, with many gestures and dialogues, goes to establish that he was a close friend of Rob, who died in a robbery incident. Establishing such a character with finesse was something that was least expected from Robert James-Collier. That’s because he is reputed for his lead role in the famous series, Downtown Abbey, where he plays a flamboyant gay man.

Back when Robert started his acting career, he seemed a bit uncertain about which direction to take. Apart from focusing primarily on television, he never stopped exploring other avenues. He even modeled for Argos for their product catalogs published in Autumn/Winter 2007 and Spring/Summer 2008. Around the same time, he also received the award for the Sexiest Male at the British Soap Awards.

When asked about how his journey has been so far in acting, he said, “It’s funny, I have always done my own thing, and I kind of blagged my way into acting,” he says. “I have met a lot of actors who are incredibly ambitious, but I am not like that. I think there’s more to life than this career.”


Arsher Ali as Phil

Cast Netflix The RitualsMostly famous for playing roles that involve characters of diverse ethnicity, Asher Ali broke the stereotype and took on a role that was not specifically for a character of color. However, we still feel that between the lines, the showrunners were still stereotyping. Can’t tell you why, as we don’t want to spoil the movie for you.

But here’s is what we can tell you. We all have that friend who is usually quiet but has a lot of things going on in his mind, that’s Phil. Asher Ali has done good justice to the character and has earned significant attention.

Born in the UK in 1984, Asher Ali is very well-known for his role in Line of Duty, the TV Series. He has also made guest appearances in Doctor Who. In the recent years, he has gained a very positive response from producers as well as the audience for his remarkable acting skills.

Currently, he stars in two ongoing TV series, Informer, and Ackley Bridge, playing ethnic roles. He is also on the cast list for two upcoming movies for this year, The Flood, and Been So Long.

Sam Troughton as Dom

Cast Netflix The RitualsWe found this character to be slightly selfish. He is rude when angry and throws tantrums. The way Sam played this role is phenomenal, his expressions, tonality and body language remained in perfect coherence with the progressing plot of The Ritual.

Unlike others, Sam had been very focused only on the television screen. Having explored multiple characters over a course of his 18-year career, Sam knows what his audience wants to see, and does miracles at pulling it off brilliantly.

Apart from AVP: Alien vs. Predator which was released back in 2004, he has made no other notable appearances. However, looking at how good he has become in his natural acting abilities, it seems like he may get an award or two for it.

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Final Word:

It’s a must-watch movie. Some say that the storyline is not totally perfect, and the producers were unable to retain the suspense till the end. We get it, but there’s a lot in the movie which is really worth watching and experiencing. So it’s a green signal from us – watch it and let us know if you liked it!

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