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9 Things to Do When Trapped In a Horror Movie

Have you seen that movie” The Ring?” If yes, then you too were most probably terrified when the witch stepped out of the TV. Now, imagine an opposite scenario, where instead of the demons entering your world, you somehow end up in theirs. Consider it like a Stranger Things scenario, where you end up in a parallel universe of horror.

In this unlikely scenario, you’d be required to be the Bear Grylls of the horror genre – the only exception being not doing the nasty he did for our meme entertainment – and figure out ways to survive. Here are some important tips that you can use to avoid being on the menu of a dangerous demon or spirit.

Try Pinching Yourself

Let’s be honest. We’ve seen many a horror movie where the leading character was only dreaming about running away from the evil spirits and hacking off zombie limbs that still try to grab his throat. Putting aside the severe questions marks on the character of a person who dreams about death and gore, it is always best to make sure that the entire thing was not a horribly twisted dream to begin with.

If you think the House is haunted, AVOID IT!

Normal people cannot resist the urge to scratch an itch, weirdoes, on the other hand, just can’t resist the urge of going inside haunted buildings. The reason why they do it is baffling. They might have experienced some minor thrill in the past and now think they are manly enough to take on a killer with biceps bigger than their entire upper body.

So, no matter how many cockroaches you’ve stepped on in the past, you’re not strong enough to roundhouse kick someone who’s killed people twice your size. Even if the hottest thing you’ve ever seen seduces you to come inside, JUST DON’T!

Avoid dark areas

Despite my warnings, you’ve decided to head inside the haunted place anyways. If you are doing it because the guy you’re with called you a chicken, lay an egg!

Well if you’re actually inside a dark alley, sewer, forest, or abandoned mental asylum etc., then for the sake of all that’s holy, hide in a room with more than one exit.

And since we were unable to find the switch to turn your light-bulb-of-a brain on, immediately start looking for a light switch. And if you can’t find it, then you should check for torches, candles, or anything that can help you see and locate the danger from afar.

Don’t investigate strange voices

Remember how you learned to ignore your ma’s voice when she asked you to take the trash out or do the dishes? Time to apply that learning. Rule number one to survive in a horror movie is to never investigate any creepy noises coming from the far end of the house.

Keep a dog

Dogs have a sixth sense that can detect trouble before it hits. They can even detect if a friend of yours is nearby. So if you have a dog, then you should go wherever he goes (and hope he’s not searching for dog food or a mate).

Dogs can even detect danger when it’s coming close. So if your dog suddenly starts to play fetch with an invisible object, RUN LIKE A DOG!

Remain anonymous

Serial killers often possess tools that can track your location. They know some serious shit about device hacking or infiltrating any communications coming from your side. This helps them know your location which is definitely bad news.

In such scenarios, it is recommended that you employ tools that keep you anonymous wherever you are. Don’t call anyone because by the time he’ll pick up, the killer will already have tracked you down. And if you’re connected to the internet, then try using a VPN service like PureVPN that can keep you anonymous by encrypting your communications.

If your friend is acting creepy, he may be possessed

Friends don’t let friends do stupid things alone. Well, this might be true, like 99% of the time, but we are talking about the 1%.

Your friend may have disappeared for some time and then suddenly reappeared. Upon asking, he says that he fell down a ditch and still managed to come back alive. He may look strange, or different from the person he really was. If this is the case, then there is a chance that he may be possessed.

So whatever you do, just don’t follow him or go somewhere he wants you to go. Just look for the right opportunity and when it comes, RUN!

And while you’re running…

Try not to fall!

Characters in most horror movies are always short on stamina. Hardly do they run more than a yard or two when they bump into something and fall down panting.

Despite being in panicky situations like these, don’t lose control of your feet like Drake did in Hotline Bling.

Prepare for the climax scene

In most horror movies, the lead character is never in danger until the very end. Whatever evil spirit he is waits patiently to attack them only at the very end of the movie.

Therefore, it would be better if instead of jumping into sewers or investigating basements, why don’t you gather weapons and equipment you’ll need to face the demon in the climax scene of the movie?

When you’ve made it…

Lead characters hardly ever die in horror movies. Chances are that you’ll make it safely to the end. If you did, then congratulations. You’re still alive. But don’t keep your hopes high. Because in a year or two, a sequel will come to put you back in horrible surroundings.

Sheheryar Ahmed Khan is a privacy enthusiast, currently affiliated with PureVPN. His reporting covers subjects related to online privacy, anonymity, and security. Also a believer in online freedom, Sheheryar likes to spend his free time streaming football matches and TV shows online.

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