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Things to Do Instead of Watching Award Ceremonies

The Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles is playing host to the Oscars this year on Sunday, February 24, 2019. Everyone is a star in Los Angeles, and you don’t have to do anything special to feel like one!

It’s the flashiest night of the year. Hollywood legends will shine in all their glory and enchant viewers with their presence. While the eyes are on the actors, the film industry’s most sought-after prize, the iconic golden statuette, will be up for grabs.

Remember the time when actor Leonardo DiCaprio desperately awaited for his Oscar?

Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar

The Oscars have always been the center of attention, but lately, that hasn’t been the case. Oscar ratings have been declining since Ellen DeGeneres hosted the ceremony back in 2014 and reaching a new low in 2018.

Just over 26 million viewers tuned in to watch the show’s live broadcast in 2018, a startling figure that represents the smallest viewership ever for Hollywood’s most prestigious awards show.

Meanwhile, the February 24 live broadcast is less than two weeks away, and there’s no replacement host in sight. Sources close to the process have hinted that the Oscars’ producers are now planning a host-less ceremony for the first time in decades.

Previously, a single host was tied throughout the show. With this year’s Oscars, we will see the job go to various celebrity presenters who will likely step in throughout the night to introduce segments, hand out awards, and perform skits and musical numbers.

The declining viewership highlights that viewers aren’t as much interested in the Oscars as they were used to. Given the significant decline over the years, we might see a drop this year too.

If you’re not interested in the Oscars, here are other things that might be worth your time:

Spend Time with Family

In the hustle and bustle of life, it rarely occurs to us about spending time with our family and friends, the ones that are dear to us.

A majority of us are engaged in frenzied hurly-burly activities which start on Monday morning and go throughout the week even taking up on the weekends and then begin all over again. Time keeps slipping by as we are in a hurry to complete ‘urgent’ tasks which relate to juggling jobs, running the household, chauffeuring our children, our parents, relatives, and spouses to work, school, appointments, commitments, and the list goes on and on.

time with family

Despite the chaotic nature of things, we all agree that spending quality time together with family and friends is the best way we have to show each other that we care about them. This February 24th, take out the day for your family. Maybe head over to the community park and do a BBQ?

Reliving old memories and inviting that most-loved aunt over for dinner can bring great joy. Work on a task together with your parents or siblings and see what a pleasant change it can be.

Binge-Watch TV Shows and Movies

The rise of smartphone and the tablet culture has made it easier for people to watch their favorite TV shows and movies, even while on the go, leading to an unprecedented increase in binge-watching.

binge watch

This isn’t to suggest, of course, that people haven’t been bingeing television for decades. But more recently, binge-watching has become not only something people do but a driving factor that shapes the way storyboarders form entertainment.

Netflix, in particular, is known for producing their Original series in a way that compels viewers to understand the whole plot in one or two sittings.

Here are some of the best Netflix shows to binge-watch:

  1. Narcos – Plomo o Plata?
  2. El Chapo – How to survive in a country infested with cartels and violence.
  3. Ozark – If you look close enough, there’s always dirt.
  4. Derek – If you’re going to play at all, you’re out to win.
  5. Black Mirror – If you haven’t seen Black Mirror, you haven’t seen anything.
  6. Bloodline – To find riches is a beggar’s dream, but to find love is the dream of kings.
  7. The Ranch – You might learn a thing or two about living in a ranch.
  8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Who doesn’t like Terry Crews?
  9. Dirty Money – Unravel the mystery behind why the rich keep getting richer.
  10. Friends – From Janice’s Oh My God to Joey’s How You Doin, this show will have you laughing like a maniac.

Rather than watching the Oscars event unfold in a sensational way, you can best utilize your time by streaming TV shows and movies that you have long been wanting to for the longest of time.

Explore famous areas your City

If you’re on limited time and budget, the best thing to do is to explore your town. Nearly all cities have some history and attractions. Make a mind map of the things you would like to do or places you want to visit. You can take the local subway or your car for some exploration.

Speaking of hitting the club, who doesn’t like clubbing? A good time at the club can revitalize your mind and broaden your exposure to things you were hesitant about previously.

If you’re a big fan of eateries, try new restaurants or go to your favorite one. Not to forget the local eateries you come across on the corner of the street, they’re damn good.

If you are a sun-seeker, visit the warm climate and sandy beaches. Otherwise, find all kinds of things to do and interesting neighborhoods to explore.

In case you are in LA with your family, nearby Disneyland and Universal Studios are key destinations where you can take your kids. Honestly, these fantasies filled themed parks might bring out the inner child in you. Regardless of your interests, Los Angeles makes a perfect retreat.

Here’s a list of places you must visit when in LA:

  1. Universal Studios Hollywood
  2. Get Active on Venice Beach
  3. Griffith Park and Griffith Observatory
  4. Get curious with a Jurassic experience at the Museum of Jurassic Technology
  5. Get animated with Mickey and Minnie at Disneyland
  6. Stroll along the stars in Hollywood
  7. Shop till you drop at the Grove
  8. Get a starstruck experience at the Broad
  9. Stretch it out at the Long Beach
  10. Hit the club after hours


No Oscar

Now weigh in, is giving up on your favorite TV shows/movies and exploration not worth it? Certainly, I would give up the Oscars for an ideal getaway in LA.

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