Tom Brady is G.O.A.T.

I came to know about Tom Brady very late, when Pats qualified for Super Bowl XLIX. It was the time I started following NFL, and he was the guy everyone was talking about.

Now, after 5 years, I see newcomers think NFL = Tom Brady. Oh yes, anyone who knows NFL knows Tom Brady. In fact, it’s due to Tom that NFL has become popular outside the USA. Tom is considered the face of NFL and the Greatest-Of-All-Time player with his outstanding performances for 2 decades.

He has many records with his name that’s make him a GOAT, but I am sharing only Super Bowl related facts here that are enough to prove his greatness.

Tom Brady Super Bowl Records

  1. Highest Super Bowl Appearance: 8 (this will be 9th)
  2. Oldest player to Start Super Bowl: 41 years and 6 months.
  3. Most touchdown passes: 18
  4. Most passing yards: 2,576
  5. Most passes completed: 235
  6. Most passes attempted: 357
  7. Most wins as starting QB: 5
  8. Most passes completed in first half of a single Super Bowl: 20 (XLIX)
  9. Most passes completed in a single Super Bowl: 43 (LI)
  10. Most passes attempted in a single Super Bowl: 62 (LI)
  11. Most passing yards in a single Super Bowl: 505 (LII)
  12. Most passing attempts without an interception in a single Super Bowl: 48 (XLII& LII)
  13. Most consecutive completions in a single Super Bowl: 16 (XLVI)


See, What Celebrities Say About Tom Brady

Joe Montana, San Francisco 49er legend and 4-time winner of Super Bowl respects Brady. He once said,

“I think it’s really hard to give anyone that title. Tom obviously has had a tremendous career and I have a lot of respect for what he’s done and all he’s accomplished. You know, everybody tried to compare us and there’s just no comparison. Tom is just putting up stupid numbers so it’s going to be hard for anybody to catch him I think.”

  • President Trump has also been a long-time fan.

  • World Boxing Champion Manny Pacquiao also praises Tom:

  • Captain America, Chris Evans, has just the 1 word to say about Tom

  • The fastest man on the planet said so too

  • Italian Soccer Star sums it up

What Rival Fans Think About Him?

Truth be told, the fans of Pittsburg Steelers, who hate him the most, voted in favor of him. This is astonishing as Tom is the main cause of Steelers distress. He has beaten them 3 times in AFC Championship games, with an overall record of 11-2. Furthermore, Patriots can rip them off their dominance for Super Bowl record if they win the 53rd.

A Pittsburg local radio posted the poll for Steelers fans, and got the unexpected results.

But Tom Doesn’t Like It

On the other hand, Tom doesn’t like being called the G.O.A.T.

“I don’t like it, truthfully,” Brady said in a recent interview to Patriots website. “Well, I am, because I don’t think — I don’t see myself in that way. That’s not a value that I put on me playing. I play for the enjoyment of the game. I play for the camaraderie with my teammates, and I play to win. I don’t play to be called a certain thing or compared to this guy. I had heroes when I grew up. There was a lot of great quarterbacks — there was when I grew up, there are now.”

But, hey Tom! There is a bad news. You have to live with the title G.O.A.T. because your fans want it.

And you, yourself have proved it by your skills, hard work or may be through …



Sources: Cameroon DaSilva @ Fox Sports – John Breech @ CBS Sports – Jason Kirk @ SBNation

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