Top Players in football world cup

Top Players to Watch in the Football World Cup

With the football World Cup coming up, it’s time for you to start looking up for players who can make a difference. There have been many players in the past who created wonderful World Cup moments.

Players like Zidane, Ronaldinho, Pele, Maradona, Iniesta, Casillas, and Puyol created moments that we remember till this day. So, who do you think will create World Cup moments this time around? The following are some players who we think can make a difference in the upcoming FIFA World Cup tournament.

Top Players in the Football World Cup


Germany won the previous World Cup held in Brazil. Their performances throughout the tournament were brilliant, and they were undefeated until the Final where they lifted the coveted World Cup trophy.

One player who stood out for Germany was Toni Kroos, whose exceptional playmaking skills, as well as a brace of goals destroyed Brazil 7-1.

Kroos later joined Real Madrid and has since lifted two Champions League trophies with the Los Blancos. It’s expected that he would repeat the same performance in the upcoming World Cup for the German National team.


Like Germany, Argentina also played brilliantly in the previous World Cup. They managed to reach the final, owing to incredible performances by Lionel Messi, aka the Best Player in the World.

Messi is expected to feature once again as one of the greatest players in the upcoming World Cup. His rivalry with Ronaldo will be a highlight for everyone following the epic football tournament.

He won the Golden ball last time around. But will he be able to repeat the same? Let’s wait and see…

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Belgium was strong in the previous World Cup. They’re even stronger this time around.

Kevin De Bruyne has already established himself as one of the best players in the Premier League. Lukaku is scoring goals by the galore, first for Everton, and now for Manchester United. Courtois is one of the best goalkeepers around. And Kompany recently captained Manchester City to the Premier League trophy.

Each of these players can make a difference, and we’ll see how they’ll perform when combined together in a single squad.


After a promising start to the tournament, Brazil had to suffer the 7-1 humiliation at the hands of Germany in the semi-finals. Keeping that performance aside, Brazil came 3rd in the overall 2014 tournament, after beating the Netherlands for the spot.

The current Brazilian team is more powerful than its predecessor. The young Neymar of 2014 has gained valuable experience in these four years, and is now considered as the best player in the world, after Ronaldo and Messi. His €222 million transfer to PSG testifies to his value as a top player in the world of football.

Coupled with top players like Marcelo, Coutinho, Firmino, and Casemiro, Neymar can change any game around in his team’s favor.


The French team is young and vibrant, and are considered favorites by many to lift the upcoming World Cup trophy. France reached UEFA Euro 2016 Final with ease, and they have the potential to repeat the same this time around.

Paul Pogba, and Raphael Varane are the players that can make a huge difference in the upcoming World Cup. Pogba was transferred to Manchester United from Juventus in a World Record bid. He was the backbone of the hugely successful Juventus squad, and led United to a Europa League victory in his first year with the Red Devils.

Raphael Varane is just 25, and has already lifted three Champions League titles, with a possible fourth yet to come on May 26. Varane has the experience of playing consistent top level football, and alongside Pogba, he can prove lethal in Russia.


Robert Lewandowski is already Poland’s record goal scorer. The experienced striker can turn the fortunes of his not-so-strong squad. Lewandowski is as quick as he is lethal. He’s destroyed so many teams in the past, and performed admirable at both club and international level football.


The winners of Euro 2016, the Portuguese are not completely dependent on Cristiano Ronaldo, but it always helps to have the best player in the world by your side.

Cristiano Ronaldo was recognized as the best player at age 23, when he won his first Ballon d’Or. He became even stronger and lethal after he joined Real Madrid for a World Record transfer bid. He now holds 5 Ballon d’Ors, which equal Messi.

His rivalry with his Argentinian counterpart will be interesting to look at as he performs in the upcoming football World Cup tournament.

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A breakthrough in the 2014 World Cup, James Rodriguez has the potential to turn things around with a bang. Nobody expected him to perform last time around, and he became World Cup top-scorer anyways.

It will not be surprising for him to achieve similar heights this time, as he carries the Colombian National Team through the World Cup as their captain.


Croatia is a team blessed with some of the best midfielders on the planet. Luka Modric is already playing brilliant football at Real Madrid, where he has won three Champions League titles in the past four years. He’s still playing with flair to the delight of his teams and his fans.

Rakitic made his presence felt after his arrival to Barcelona. He won the treble with the club in his first season, and recently won the domestic double in brilliant fashion as Barcelona are still undefeated in La Liga. He is expected to be at his best in the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

Wrapping Up…

The football world is filled with players of all colors and sizes. Some are athletic, while others have flair that produces enticing feelings into the heart of all football fans.

There are many legendary players who are heading into the upcoming Football World Cup tournament. Some of them have been already mentioned above, and rest will appear alongside these greats as we would continue to update this blog with time.

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