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Travel and Adventure Show: All You Need to Know in 2020

You pack your luggage with all the essential stuff, then find flights at cheaper rates, after that proceed to book hotels at the lowest prices. And you find the right local guide to help you in planning your show for travel and adventure.

Do you believe that ticking all those boxes would end all your worries? No, it won’t.

While traveling may be a riveting experience for travelers, it doesn’t come without any hassles, especially for the newbies.

It isn’t just the luggage or flight tickets you need to worry about. Newbies, especially, don’t know the right budget-destinations that offer the same revitalizing experience as exotic locations.

Similarly, it is also essential to learn the nitty-gritty of faraway cultures so that when you travel there, you don’t end up hurting any local’s feelings.

Well, thanks to the Travel Expos like the Travel and Adventure Show, travelers can now heave a sigh of relief when they plan their next travels.

Washington D.C. Travel Show: March 7-8, 2020

Venue: Washington Convention Center

Wait, you don’t know about the Travel and Adventure Show?


It means that you are missing out on all the knowledge and resources that you can gain from top international travel experts like Rick Steves and Samantha Brown.

Don’t you worry! In this guide, we will discuss the Travel and Adventure Show in detail, its schedules, and more. Plus, we will also guide you on how you can catch US flights at cheaper rates.

What Do We Know About the Travel & Adventure Show?

Travel and Adventure Show is a series of shows that are held annually in the United States, covering multiple cities and dozens of workshops.

It was initially founded as the Adventures in Travel Expos. However, somewhere around in 2020, the organizers re-labeled the event as the Travel and Adventure Show.

The most fantastic feat it has pulled over the years is connecting 1.75 million travelers with thousands of companies and travel agencies.

The purpose of the travel expo is to give a platform to travelers and companies where they can connect with each other, find the best travel deals and learn from the experts on how to plan their trips.

What Are You Going to Get in the Travel Expo?

At the Travel and Adventure Show, you can find hundreds of new destinations that you can add to your next travel itinerary.

There are multiple stages or theatres where you can connect with top travelers and learn from their experience. Moreover, you can also learn how to pick the right destination and what things you need to know to travel like a local.

And there will also be those experts who can teach you the amazing travel hacks that can save you both the time and money, and make your traveling hassle-free.

Travel Expo 2020 Event Schedule

This year, the Travel and Adventure Show has started on February 8, 2020, and scheduled to run till March 29, 2020. The event will cover up to eight US cities including Chicago, Los Angeles, Denver, Atlanta, Washington DC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Dallas.

What you can expect in the Washington D.C. travel expo:

  • Find out hundreds of more amazing destinations for your future trips
  • Meet with travel experts and capitalize on their insights
  • Learn more about different cultures
  • Attend different seminars on travel destinations, hacks and more
  • Participate in games and win giveaways, even a free trip

Schedule for March 7, 2020

Rick Steves  European Travel Skills with the latest in smart European travel.
Responsible Travel: Tips on How to Make a Positive Impact on The Places We Visit with Andrea Ross, Wild Frontiers U.S. Director
The Best of Southern Peru with Renato Romero, CEO & Founder, My Peru Guide
Russell Hannon – 99 Ways to Cut Your Travel Costs Without Skimping
Lonely Planet Best in Travel in 2019 Where will you go next?
Patricia Schultz  – European River Cruises
Places to Love – Samantha Brown, PBS
Alaska Myth Busting: Uncover the Truth About an Alaska Vacation with Juno Kim, Tourism Development and Sales Manager, Visit Anchorage
Angel Castellanos –  The Ultimate Packing & Travel Tips for the Best Trip of Your Life
Pauline Frommer – Spend Less, See More: Strategies for Creating Dream Vacations in ALL Price Ranges
Ralph Velasco – How to Take Travel Photographs Everyone Wants To See!
MSC Cruises – Discover the Best of the Caribbean with MSC Cruises
Rick Steves – Broadening Your Global Perspective Through Travel
Jared Kamrowski – How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible
Gerry van der Walk  – Magical Masai Mara. The Wildlife. The People. The Experience.
Gerry van der Walt,  Photographer –  interactive presentation through video content and beautiful photography


Schedule for March 8, 2020

Anthony’s Key Resort  What Makes it Special and a Unique with Haydee Galindo Hyde, Director of Bahia Tours, Inc.
Know Before You Go! with Karen Christensen, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, U.S. Department of State
Rick Steves – European Travel Skills
Amazing Hiking Trails in Europe with Claire Dunne
Russell Hannon – 99 Ways to Cut Your Travel Costs Without Skimping
Angel Castellanos – Traveling Smart with Technology
Places to Love with Samantha Brown, PBS
Nevada: Go Home with More Stories Than Souvenirs with Teri Laursen, Director Sales and Industry Partners, Nevada Division of Tourism
Patricia Schultz – 1000 Places To See Before You Die – Travel Shows,  European River Cruises
Visit East Asia: Japan, Korea, & China with  Aki Kadomatsu, Marketing Coordinator, Japan National Tourism Organization
Time for Taiwan 101 with Taiwan Tourism Bureau
Gerry van der Walk – African Safari Travel  The Good, The Bad and the Interesting
Embracing the Unknown with Josh Gates of Discovery Channel  Expedition Unknown
Traveling to Normandy & Europe: Tips from an Experienced WWII Tour Guide with Rudy Passera
What Historical, Cultural & Heritage interests do you & your family/party/group want to experience?
Johnny Jet  Travel Trade Secrets to Travel Like The Experts Do
Pauline Frommer – Spend Less, See More: Strategies for Creating Dream Vacations in ALL Price Ranges
The Best of Southern Peru with Renato Romero, CEO & Founder, My Peru Guide
Medical Tourism: What You Need to Know Before You Go with Frank Nunez, CEO, My Medical Destination

Schedule credit: SeeCalifornia

Top Travel Personalities & Local Experts Attending the Show

Travel expos are more fun and educational because you get to meet face-to-face with and learn from the world’s top travelers. And the best thing about Travel and Adventure Show is that it gathers dozens of well-known names under one roof.

At the Washington travel shows, you can get to meet with the Keynote speakers like:

  • Rick Steves: He is a world’s renowned travel writer as well as a TV show host
  • Samantha Brown: She has made her mark on the travel industry by hosting many Travel Channels
  • Peter Greenberg: He is a veteran in the travel industry. He is an editor at the CBS News and an Emmy Award-winner for his brilliant investigative reporting
  • Pauline Frommer: She is a travel influencer and the co-president of Frommer Media, LLC.

You can find the complete list of travel experts and keynote speakers at the official website of Travel Shows.

How to Buy the Travel and Adventure Show Tickets?

You can buy the Travel and Adventure show tickets through the Eventbrite app or website. For the Washington D.C. travel shows, the ticket prices are as follows:

$11 for One Day + $1.08 fee

$18 for Two Days + $1.29 fee

The good thing about the tickets is that they cover access to all the travel experts, seminars, and sessions. Plus, children under the age of 16 are free to enter, but they need to be accompanied by an adult.

Find Cheap Flights to the USA to Catch the LA Travel Show

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Are You Going to the Travel and Adventure Show in 2020?

The travel expo is a great place to be for every newbie traveler and even the veterans. After all, you always get to learn new stuff from different people, coming from different cultures.

In fact, you can also be able to learn more about destinations that you may not have heard about ever.

So, are you taking your next flight to Washington D.C.?

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