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Twitter Vows to Defeat Internet Troll in 2016

Twitter has started a war against Internet Trolls and vows to defeat them in 2016. Twitter is giving its users power to block internet trolls anytime they want. This major step is taken by one of the largest social media platform to avoid abusive behavior.

Bruce Daisley, the head of Twitter in Europe, claims that the site will offer its 320 million active users, new tools to protect them from internet trolls and expose these offenders by encouraging people to share the list of blocked users.

Twitter is currently the second largest social platform, catching up with Facebook with a net worth of 22 billion pounds. In February 2015, Dick Costolo, Twitter's former chief executive, admitted in an internal email that the company "sucked" at dealing with trolls. And now, Mr. Daisley, who is at the helm of operations in Europe, has said that the site is cracking down the nuisance users who launch abusive attacks against people who disagree with them. He said:

"We have spent longer and more effort on user safety than any single other thing. The measures we have done have directly correlated to a reduction in the amount of bad behavior on the platform. The other part of the strategy has involved giving users new tools to block trolls and to expose the worst offenders by encouraging people to share their lists of blocked accounts.”

Mr. Daisley also claimed that after the launch of new tools in some regions of Europe, there’s a massive increase in the number of reports that people feel a lot safer now.

The hacking group Anonymous recently claimed to have taken down 20,000 Twitter accounts that were supposedly "pro-ISIS". Many of them had merely been created in Arabic language. Others on the hit-list belonged to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and media outlets including BBC News.

Twitter is eager to introduce these tools globally as soon as possible. We will keep you updated on how to use these tools and how they work. Till then keep reading our blog and stay protected.

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