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With the advancement in technology, risk of data theft from Smartphones is growing day by day. People are also concerned about their mail exchange security through Smartphones. Mails and messages delivered through Smartphones are vulnerable to be intercepted by hackers. Cyber criminals can steal some valuable information that may include log in details of banking account or credit card details. Online criminals always try to find loop holes in your Smartphone security and other PC systems.

Today, individuals and business organization are becoming more and more dependent on Smartphones for all kinds of work and business deals. Hence, Smartphone security is must. Today, everything is possible through Smartphones. People can exchange mails, send pictures, videos, access social networking websites, do online shopping and perform online financial or banking transactions. In all such activities, the most worrying thing for users is Smartphone security. Virtual Private Network (VPN) offers the solution for all such Smartphone security concerns.

VPN Enables Secure Mail Exchange

Nobody would like their private mails and messages to be read by other people and take advantage of personal information. VPN offers secure mail exchange by encrypting data. VPN protocols such as PPTP, L2TP and SSL/TLS encrypt e-mail data. Even when cyber-criminals get success in intercepting your mails and messages, they will not be able to read the confidential information as the messages are in encrypted form. Thus, you can send and receive personal information, pictures and videos securely through VPN.

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Secure Online Financial Transaction

Nobody would like to reveal their banking id and password to unknown online crooks. Everybody understands the financial risk and security risk of revealing such personal information. VPN secure protocols makes your web browsing confidential, and information you provide on banking or shopping websites are not traced by cyber criminals. VPN security protocols including IP security, SSL/TLS, PPTP, L2TP/IPSec and SSH help in achieving such a secure and private web browsing environment for users.

Moreover, VPN allows only authentic access and always ask for valid security credentials from users. The technology is known as Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS).

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

When people access Wi-Fi networks through their Smartphones, the risk increases. As a Wi-Fi network is open to public, cyber criminals can easily breach your Smartphone security and get unauthorized access of it. Here, VPN’s secure and private environment blocks online criminals to trace your Smartphone and enables you to get confidential Wi-Fi access.

Security From Malware

Many people install Smartphone security software to protect their mobile operating system from malicious programs. However, online crooks come up with new viruses, trojans and spyware to deceive Smartphone security software. Users cannot be sure of complete Smartphone security by installing Smartphone security software. At times when a new virus or malware hit Smartphone operating system, Smartphone security software fails to detect them. Smartphone security software always need periodic upgrade so that it can block newly invented security threats. Smartphone security software gives you best results in synchronization with VPN.

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