VPN Firewall- An Infallible Tool Against Online Threats

Considering the increasing instances of online frauds and data snooping, it has become imperative for online users to get the security of VPN firewall. No doubt, Internet has been one of the most important technological innovations of the 20th century. Over the years, it has changed our modes of working and communication. Notwithstanding its various benefits, it has also become a hunting ground for malicious agents like hackers, spammers and scammers. Many people might think that they don't need online security as they are of the view “why would anybody be interested in their data and privacy”. It is not that only big businesses need online security because of the sensitiveness of their financial data. However, it is not so as data of even a lay person is as much at risk to be snooped as that of businesses.

For safeguarding their data and privacy, online users use various tools like proxy servers, anti-virus software and firewalls. But the protection provided by these tools is limited as they can only protect your data parked inside your system against the threats coming from Internet. On the other hand, as your data travels through Internet these tools cannot protect you from online snooping.  For dealing with such threats, you can subscribe to a VPN firewall connection. It would be best tool for protecting your online data as there will be no breach of your data and privacy.  Before talking about advantages of VPN firewalls, let’s discuss in brief about what is a VPN and firewall.

VPN – The Best Technology for Online Protection

Firstly, VPN (Virtual private Network) is a secure private network established by creating a tunnel through which your system is connected to a remote server. Both the ends of the tunnel are encrypted by using tunneling protocols like PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, etc. All information flowing through the tunnel is first encrypted before being allowed in the tunnel. Your information remains protected as accessing the data requires authentication. This feature of VPN is what makes it the most secure tool for online protection. Moreover, you are also given a new IP address generated from a remote server while masking your real IP address. This is done so that no traces of your surfing are left behind. This feature makes your surfing totally anonymous.

Secondly, firewall is a protective shield to stop malicious online agents from accessing your system.  Even the very name 'firewall' suggests so much as it is used to stop the spread of fire from engulfing surrounding areas. Technically speaking, it is hardware or a program which filters all information going into your system and blocks information it sees as malicious.

A Few Facts about VPN Firewall


All VPN routers come equipped with firewalls. There are two ways a firewall can be used with a VPN server. Either a VPN server can be attached to the Internet with firewall placed between a VPN server and the Intranet or firewall can be attached to the Internet and the VPN server is placed between the firewall and the Intranet. VPN firewall would protect the information going from your system or home network from online threats. VPN subscribers in fact become prize catches for hackers and VPN firewall ensures that malicious intentions of hackers are thwarted. Firewalls ensure that only authentic traffic enter into virtual private network.

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