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Experience Best Privacy, Security & Freedom with a VPN for Browser

With billions of devices connected around the globe and hundreds of millions of users going online on a daily basis, there is a significant probability of people falling victim to cyber attacks.

Unfortunately, leading web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox do not come with a built-in security feature like encryption, etc. Here, a VPN for browser comes into picture.

Luckily, there are some Google Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons that can get the job done efficiently.

Browser VPN – Your Online Savior

Virtual Private Network aka VPN does exactly what it claims – make your web traffic private. VPNs are widely used across the globe by corporations and individuals who want to bypass censorship laws, maintain their privacy online, and enjoy a secure and uninterrupted connection where files can be shared under the cover of encryption.

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Whether you want to add a layer of security, embrace anonymity or you want to evade geo-restrictions in your region, a VPN serves as a helpful tool in achieving all that and more. You can easily find numerous extensions of free VPN providers listed on the app store of your browser. However, the best browser VPNs don’t come free.

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VPNs which serve as the best online tool for your browser cost a few bucks and prove to be worth the money. With that being said, here’s a guide to help you choose the best browser for your device and the best VPN browser to strengthen your online communications.

Trust a Reliable VPN Browser


Currently, Opera offers it’s free browser along with a built-in free VPN feature, allowing users to use the VPN service when trying to evade censorship and or communicate privately through the browser.

Learn about Safari VPN service from here.

However, the free VPN feature does not permit a user to customize their online activity. For example, a user cannot connect to their desired location or route their internet traffic through servers and locations of their choice.

Moreover, the free VPN traffic gets tunneled through Opera’s servers, meaning Opera can potentially get a hold of your online traffic. Trusting a browser with your online activity is one thing but trusting them completely with your most intricate information is another.

Moreover, it raises some serious questions like: Will I be monitored? Where is my traffic being passed through? Is it using high-grade encryption? To name a few.

Studies have shown that browsers with a built-in free VPN feature are unreliable and do not employ highest grade encryption technologies making them vulnerable to being snooped onto. Being connected to a VPN and being constantly under surveillance is the last thing you want, right?

Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser doesn’t need an introduction. Does it? Millions of people around the globe prefer Chrome over other browsers due to its speed, stability, and compatibility.

The best part about Chrome is that it is an open-source browser, and it comes with a wide variety of extensions.

Luckily, you can find a reliable VPN extension for Chrome with PureVPN. The extension empowers you to embrace complete anonymity by using servers located in 28+ countries across the globe.

Being one of the best VPNs for Chrome, PureVPN’s browser extension allows you to protect your browser’s traffic via 256-bit AES encryption. You can also unblock any website that is not available in your country.

Best of all, you no longer have to worry about IP leaks, because the extension comes equipped with WebRTC leak protection.

Mozilla Firefox

It goes without saying that Mozilla Firefox is another contender in the top browsers’ list.

If you use this browser and are looking for the best VPN for Firefox, then fret not as PureVPN offers a Firefox extension as well. With it, you can enjoy all the features that we already offer in our Chrome extension.

You gain not only complete internet freedom on your browser but also guaranteed security. Military-grade encryption secures the data transmitted from your device, keeping it secure from the prying eyes of ISPs, government agencies, and hackers.

Moreover, the Firefox extension also comes with WebRTC leak protection that allows you to stay anonymous when doing audio and video calling or chat.

Best VPN Browser

A VPN extension for your browser will mask your IP and keep your internet traffic secure via encryption. However, with a standalone app, you can do much more than encryption and anonymity – you have a complete cyber security solution!

Regardless, while choosing a VPN browser for your needs, make sure you opt for a one that has an extensive server network based in numerous countries around the globe.

Also, opt for one which offers features such as WebRTC Leak Protection, Unlimited Server Switching, Multilingual support, Military-grade Encryption and Widgets for maximizing your browser VPN experience.

By subscribing to PureVPN, you can conveniently make a choice between various internet modes and use features which supplement your online privacy. Moreover, PureVPN has a global network of 750+ servers based in 140+ countries which give you leverage over the location you want to choose along with numerous features which enhance your online VPN experience.

Ather Owais is a tech and cybersecurity enthusiast. He is a strong advocate for online privacy and security, following technological trends and their impact on today's digital era.

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