VPN Gateway – The Essential Cog in VPN Peripherals

In order to connect two LAN (Local Area Network) over public infrastructure like Internet you would need a VPN gateway also called VPN router. Using the gateway, you can widen the reach of LAN by connecting to single or numerous VPN gateways. They are essential for all personal as well as corporate networks as both of them are connected by using VPN servers using Routing and Remote Access Service (RRAS). As mentioned above, Internet provides the infrastructure through which LANs are connected. Having discussed about how VPN gateways work, it is pertinent to know what a VPN is and how it functions. It is essential to know about VPN in order to grasp the whole idea of gateways.  Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to create private networks over public infrastructure like Internet enabling users to connect to a remote server which can be situated anywhere in the world. Evidently, it spans the entire Internet as users access the remote VPN servers through Internet. Moreover, VPN uses an encrypted tunnel to transport data across Internet safely. However, all information or data is first encrypted and then sent through the tunnel. At the other end, it is decrypted to make sense of the information. Such security is essential considering the increasing frequency of online scandals of hacking, identity theft, etc.  Traditional tools like PC-based firewalls, anti-virus software, etc, are commonly used to fight off online threats but they can only safeguard the information residing within your system. When your information traverses through Internet, these tools cannot offer any protection to your information or data from being pillaged by hackers or scammers. For getting fool-proof online protection, there is no better option than subscribing to a VPN account. Besides, using superb tunneling technology, a VPN connection also assigns a new IP address to users so that they can surf Internet anonymously without anyone knowing their real online identity. It is very useful for protecting your online privacy as well as ensuring complete online security. The generated IP address of remote server helps in bypassing the security loop of local firewalls. 

Few Facts about VPN Gateway

VPN gateway has got numerous amazing features. Talking of its design, it has got a hub and spoke configuration. It can help corporate networks to manage access to Internet and what is more, you can also use simple networking routing configuration. Name resolution is another important aspect of  VPN gateway. It is useful for clients who request name resolution servers to situate both local and remote resources. To be more exact, such name servers can be available on the LAN or else users can use VPN to access these resources from a remote server.

Pure VPN – The Ideal VPN Provider

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