UAE VPN – Experience the Internet Without Restrictions in UAE

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At PureVPNUAE VPN – Experience the Internet Without Restrictions in UAE

Are you a resident of the UAE? Or have you visited there in the past? If so, you probably already know how popular VPNs are among the Emirates. It doesn’t come as a surprise, though. After all, they have to encounter hurdles when it comes to watching streaming services like Netflix US or accessing VoIP apps like WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, and Skype. Read on to learn why you should use a VPN in UAE and why PureVPN is the best option.


Why You Need a VPN for UAE?

There are several important reasons why you need to use a VPN in UAE. Some of these include the following:

1.    Unlock VoIP Services

While the Internet censorship laws in the UAE are complex, they’re based on protecting the country’s business interests and religious values. As a result, access to content that “contradicts with the ethics and morality of the UAE” is restricted or blocked by the government.

VoIP Services

Some common examples are anti-religious, gambling, and pornographic websites. However, VoIP services are also affected. This is done to prevent its telecommunications industry from losing profits to free texting and calling platforms.

By using a VPN for UAE, you can change your virtual location to another country with the least amount of censorship. In this way, not only can you access your favorite websites but also use the VoIP apps you want without any hurdles.

2.    Public Wi-Fi Security

There is public Wi-Fi available almost everywhere in the UAE, from cafes and parks to entertainment venues and where-not. But since these networks are easy to exploit, you could potentially expose your private data to cyber-criminals.

Public WiFi Security

With the best VPN for UAE, you can access and use any public Wi-Fi network safely. After all, strong encryption algorithms are used on your Wi-Fi traffic, keeping your sensitive information hidden from prying eyes.

3.    Access Any Content

The world’s most popular streaming service Netflix is accessible in the country, but the local library is limited as opposed to that of the United States or United Kingdom. Therefore, lots of people in the UAE rely on VPNs to switch Netflix regions.

Access Geo Restricted Content

All you have to do is change your IP address to a UK or US one, and you’ll become eligible to access that country’s version of Netflix. Similarly, if you’re an expat living outside UAE, you’re going to need a VPN to stream Quest Arabiya, Emarat TV, and other native channels.


Specifications of VPN Servers in UAE

Don’t settle for a VPN with limited server locations because you’re going to encounter problems such as overcrowded servers, slow speeds, and downtime. The best VPN for UAE will offer thousands of highly-optimized servers across the globe, including the United Arab Emirates.

UAE VPN Server

PureVPN gives users access to a massive network of 6500+ VPN servers in 181+ locations, out of which 12 are placed in UAE’s largest and most populous city, Dubai. Get the IP address you want in just a few clicks and access the Internet securely, privately, and freely!

Server LocationCitySupported ProtocolsNumber of IPs
UAEDubaiPPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2128~256 IPs/ server

How to Connect to Our UAE VPN Service?

With PureVPN, you can make your Internet traffic appear to originate from any country in a matter of seconds. The process of setting up and connecting to our UAE VPN is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Buy a PureVPN subscription.
  2. Download and install our app for your device.
  3. Enter your username and password to log in.
  4. Connect to any server location.
  5. Wait a few seconds until the VPN connection is made.
  6. Experience the Internet free from restrictions!


PureVPN – The Most Reliable UAE VPN Service!

One of the main benefits of using PureVPN is that it’s a no-log VPN service, meaning no personally identifiable information is recorded while you’re connected. Moreover, we protect your online activities with AES 256-bit encryption. This particular standard used by most governments and military agencies around the world!

no log vpn

Our VPN apps come packed with an Internet Kill Switch and DNS Leak Protection to safeguard your real identity in the event of a service failure. We also offer dedicated streaming servers for hassle-free and high-speed access to Netflix, HBO GO, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Foxtel, and other geo-locked streaming services.

PureVPN imposes no restrictions on bandwidth and allows up to 5 devices to be linked to a single account, which can be used at the same time. Lastly, all of our subscription plans with 31-day money-back guarantee, so that you can give PureVPN a try without any risk!


PureVPN PureVPN is a leading VPN service provider that excels in providing easy solutions for online privacy and security. With 6500+ servers in 141+ countries, It helps consumers and businesses in keeping their online identity secured.

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