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Questions You Should Ask Yourself before Buying a VPN Service

What is a VPN Service?

The first and foremost question when talking about a VPN is: What in the world is a VPN service?

VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network, and maybe you’ve heard that term in association with online privacy but what exactly is it, how does it work and what can it do for you? Let us explain:

A VPN creates a secure tunnel ensuring your real online identity (IP and location) remains private. With a VPN, your data is encrypted, and you can browse the web anonymously.

A VPN works by assigning you a virtual IP of another location, disguising your digital identity. With this functionality, you remain private on the web and are unsusceptible to online hacks and data breaches.

Also, a VPN allows you to access location-locked content while keeping you under a secure umbrella.

Who Needs a VPN Service?

A VPN is not only about streaming and unblocking, a VPN service offers more than just that. Like what? Online privacy and security.

Securing one’s online identity has become a significant factor why more and more people online are considering a virtual private network to keep their online activities completely private.

According to a survey from the Global Web Index, as many as one quarter of internet users around the world use a VPN network and it is expected to only grow in the near future given the increase in cyberattacks, malware, ransomware, etc.

Just recently, cryptocurrencies lost $42 billion in value after a South Korean exchange got hacked. This just goes to show the dilemma we’re faced with today if we don’t employ security measures beforehand.

If you’re an individual who’s concerned about their online privacy and security, a VPN is your online savior. Don’t want the government tracking you, cybercriminals on a hacking spree, or third-parties crawling your online footsteps? You damn well need a VPN service.

As far is streaming is concerned, there’s no better way than using a VPN to get past geo-restrictions. Once connected to the VPN service, you can connect to the country where the content you’re trying to access is available, and you’ll get direct access, all while being under a secure umbrella.

Do VPNs Keep You Safe Online?

Virtual Private Networks are designed with the intention of securing the user while they carry on with their online activities.

While VPNs are safe in nature, it does matter who your VPN provider is. There are free and paid VPNs out there. I mean do you really believe that something that comes with no price can be safe and without any vulnerabilities?

Let’s not be naïve and dwell into the marketing tactics of free VPNs who claim to provide the same security or functionality as a paid VPN. As the saying goes, if you’re not paying for the product, then you are the product.

Think of it like this: why would anyone (in this matter complete stranger) be so kind to give you something without asking anything in return from you? So, with that being said, NO, free VPNs do not keep you safe and often fail to provide you the online security you need.

On the other hand, paid VPN providers have a duty to be absolutely safe, as you’re paying them money and you expect something in return, it’s completely normal for the world to function this way because if they are not providing safety they would be out of business.

Moreover, paid VPN services spend the money earned from users on improving and optimizing their infrastructure and to provide users a smooth and secure internet experience.

How Do I Setup a VPN Service?

Setting up a VPN service is pretty easy. All you have to do is head over to the VPN services’ order/pricing page where you will be greeted with at least three pricing plans, usually a 1-month plan, yearly plan, and a 2-year plan.

Select a VPN plan based on your preference and it’ll redirect you to a download page where you’ll be able to download the VPN service on multiple devices: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, Android TV, router and much more.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app on your device. Open the application and enter your VPN credentials (provided to you by the VPN service via email upon successful payment).

Once logged in, you’ll have the ability to connect to servers hosted around the world. You can stream, download and browse the web securely with the highest graded encryption.

Can You Trust Your VPN Service?

When it comes to putting your trust in a VPN service, you have to make sure it’s a well-known VPN service. A distinguished VPN service, trusted by millions, will be the best bet rather than opt for a one which is enticing you just because of its cheap pricing.

Can a VPN service cache your browsing activities? Yes, unless the VPN service doesn’t cache your online activities. Most well-known VPN services do not; however, some small-scale VPN services have known to cache browsing activities.

It’s worth noting that VPN services provide you with encryption which means your outgoing and incoming online activities are secured when connected to the VPN service. Hence, you can rest assured about your data remaining protected.

How Do I Choose a VPN Service?

Not all VPN services are designed equally. Yet, nearly all of them offer more or less the same features like online privacy, ability to bypass location-based hurdles, online anonymity, location changing capability and encryption.

The main distinguishing factor is the number of servers being offered by the VPN service, connectivity, speed and support. When choosing a VPN service, it’s crucial to opt for one that provides the most VPN servers. The more the servers strategically placed around the globe, the better the connectivity and speed.

Additionally, ask yourself: do I need a VPN for online anonymity or just streaming purposes. If your needs are more serious than streaming Netflix or keeping some hacker at the coffee shop from snooping on your online activity, you’ll need a robust VPN service like PureVPN.

If you’re a privacy-centric person, you’d want to what types of protocols the VPN service is offering. Most common are L2TP, SSTP, IKeV2, and PPTP.

Moreover, get to know how many connections are allowed per account. Go for one which offers 5 multi-logins simultaneously along with industry standard features like Internet Kill Switch, Anti-virus capability, Anti-malware, NAT Firewall amongst others.

What is a Mobile VPN Service?

A mobile VPN service is a VPN application explicitly designed keeping your smartphone in mind. All renowned VPN services offer applications for Android and iOS platforms. You can download the application by heading over to the respective Play Store and App Store.

As opposed to desktop and Mac application, a mobile VPN service might not offer the full functionality altogether. For instance, you might be able to access 750+ servers on the desktop application but on your mobile, you can only access 200 servers.

While the total number of servers offered and one or two features might be unavailable at first, you will still get the same level of online security and encryption as you get on your Windows or Mac device.

PureVPN’s mobile applications come equipped with all the necessary features needed to secure your online communications and provide you with a smooth internet browsing and streaming experience. Plus, you can enjoy the complete set of features, servers, IPs, etc., by opting to sign up for the service via the provider’s website rather than the Play or App Store.

Can We Access Netflix with a VPN?

Yes, you can securely access Netflix with a VPN service.

VPN services nowadays are optimized for your streaming needs. PureVPN offers a dedicated Netflix VPN that delivers any and inaccessible content right on your device.

With PureVPN’s Netflix VPN, you can enjoy unlimited streaming of your favorite TV shows and movies, all in HD.  Most importantly, you can avoid ISP throttling and make the most of blazing-fast streaming speeds.

PureVPN comes packed with a global network of self-engineered and self-optimized servers that are strategically placed across countries to give users an uninterrupted and speedy internet connectivity.

The reason why it’s important to connect to a VPN service is because:

Without a VPN, Your ISP Sees:With PureVPN, your ISP sees:
·         List of websites you’re visiting

·         TV shows, movies & videos you watch

·         All of your online activities

·         Incoming and outgoing emails

·         Online communications

·         Files downloaded and uploaded

·         Encrypted Online connectivity

·         No trace of your online activities

·         Gibberish information


Boosts Streaming Speed

At times, a VPN can significantly increase your Netflix streaming speed. As Internet Service Providers regularly throttle your internet speeds, PureVPN uses robust algorithms to maneuver ISP bandwidth throttling by connecting users directly to Netflix’s Content Delivery Network, giving users a speedy and nonstop internet connection.

With PureVPN’s servers being cleverly placed near content delivery networks, there’s no chance of blockades.

Engineered VPN Performance

PureVPN providers its users with secure online connectivity. Moreover, the apps have been built ground up with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption, providing users with ultimate online anonymity without compromising on their internet speed.

How to Use VPN on Kodi

Kodi is a media player software application which allows you to stream nearly all restricted content on the web. With Kodi, you can stream TV shows, movies and thousands of other videos.

To use a VPN with Kodi, you’ll need to have a VPN service installed and running on your device. Note: Some VPN services do not support Kodi so don’t go around opting for any VPN service and only choose a Kodi VPN service which is optimized for Kodi specifically.

PureVPN offers a dedicated add-on for Kodi. With PureVPN’s Kodi VPN add-on users can connect to any location and get the local content of the host country. Additionally, you are secured with AES 256-bit encryption which means that you’ll be streaming anonymously once connected.

Never miss a TV show or a movie with the best Kodi VPN Add-on. PureVPN’s add-on for Kodi comes packed with features that unblock content at rapid speeds right on your device. If that doesn’t interest you, check out the benefits of a Kodi VPN:

  • Secure Streaming – Bypass geo-restrictions and stream securely on your device with ultimate secrecy.
  • Blazing Fast Speed – Evade censorship laws, watch TV shows, movies and videos at high internet speeds.
  • Online Privacy & Security – Go around browsing and streaming without being a victim to Kodi crackdown, hacking or ransomware attacks.
  • Get Local Content – Connect to multiple locations and get access to the local content of the country you’re connected to.

Learn more about how to install vpn on kodi on your device.

Ather Owais is a tech and cyber security enthusiast, and a Kodi expert. He follows technological trends and their impact on today's digital era.

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