Watch BBC iPlayer on Android

We aim to help Android users make the best of their device with amazing content from BBC iPlayer with this article.

What is the use of your Samsung Note 4, or new shinny tablet, or the 55’ inch home theater system in your living room without video streaming and wavering music? BBC iPlayer is like a heaven filled with best movies, classic British shows and episodes along with inspirational music that will make your day. But the concern is, “How to Watch BBC iPlayer on Android?”

What’s the Road Block?

Road Block – To watch BBC iPlayer on your Android you must have Android 2.2 or higher version with minimum ARMv7 processor. Your Android must have BBC media player and Flash player 10.0.

How to Download BBC iPlayer for Android

If you meet the technical requirements, then follow these simple steps to watch BBC iPlayer on your Android.

  • Visit Google play from your Android and search for BBC media player app.
  • Download BBC media player app by following the instruction on the screen.
  • Once done with the BBC media player, go to Google play store and look for BBC iPlayer app.
  • Download BBC iPlayer app from Google play store and redefine your boring moments with unlimited enjoyment.
  • For Kindle Fire users, look for the BBC iPlayer apps in Amazon Marketplace.
  • Lastly, subscribe for a PureVPN account.

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Good News! BBC iPlayer App is Available for 10-inch Tablets

All Google Nexus 10 and 10-inch slates owners, BBC iPlayer app is now available on Google play store for 10-inch slates which previously wasn’t offered. Earlier, while accessing BBC iPlayer from 10-inch slates, users were diverted to BBC website but with this recent update, all devices from 7-10 inches can get full range of online TV and radio services of BBC iPlayer by downloading the simple app from Google play store.

BBC iPlayer for Android

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