How to Watch Cricket World Cup 2019 on Android

Cricket World Cup 2019 party is on and fans from all around are finding it hard to contain their excitement anymore, eyeing on their home team to win the prestigious trophy for them along with the official rights to brag about it for the next four years.

Best Android Apps to Watch Cricket World Cup 2019

The World Cup 2019, being the most anticipated event in the world of cricket has caused an unprecedented surge in sports streaming mobile apps downloads, especially Android apps. As we all know, Android holds a more significant share of the user base in the smartphone industry than its counterparts(watch cricket world cup on Apple devices). Thus there are several apps that you can use to watch the ICC World Cup 2019 on Android without any interruption or restrictions. The 2 best apps to serve your purpose are:

  • SonyLiv 

SonyLiv is a popular app in the sub-continent for TV dramas, movies, and especially sports. It offers live streams of favorite sports channels like Ten 1 HD, Ten 2 HD, Ten Golf HD, to name a few. SonyLiv is one of the official broadcasting partners of ICC CWC 2019, offering bufferless streaming of all 48 matches. However, the service is regionally restricted for access only in South Asian region except India(Only for CWC as Hotstar is the official broadcaster there).

  • Sky Sports 

Available in the EU region only, Sky Sports Mobile TV and SkyGo are the two best apps for sports entertainment that offer high-definition live streaming and 24/7 live score updates from multiple Sky Sports and Sky News channels for somewhere between €7.99 to €13.99 per month depending upon which plan you subscribe for. Being one of CWC 2019’s official broadcasters, Sky Sports is offering live streaming as well as live score updates of the whole tournament  24/7 making it a popular choice among sports fans residing outside the EU.

How to Watch CWC 2019 on SonyLiv 

Since SonyLiv is only available in the subcontinent of Asia, users who want to access the service outside India may use a VPN. Follow the steps down below to watch CWC 2019 on SonyLiv app from anywhere.

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Download and install the app on your android device
  • Go to ‘stream’ mode and connect to an Pakistan server from the list of available countries
  • Download the SonyLiv app if not downloaded already
  • Start streaming

How to Watch CWC 2019 on Sky Sports Android App from Anywhere

Sky Sports is regionally restricted to EU only thus using a VPN is the only choice for users outside of the territory. Check the list of countries where you can access the service and opt for a VPN has servers available in those specific countries and offer good streaming speed.

Follow the steps below to watch CWC 2019 on Sky Sports from anywhere.

  • Subscribe to PureVPN
  • Download and install the app on your android device
  • Go to ‘stream’ mode and connect to an EU country’s server from this list
  • Start streaming

Note: You need paid subscription for Sky Sport

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Best Android Apps to Get Cricket World Cup Live Updates

Some of the best apps to get live score updates for ICC CWC 2019 are:

  • ESPNCricinfo (Available on both iOS and Android)

ESPNCricinfo is the primary source of news and updates for the sports fandom. It offers ball to ball live scores, updates, scorecards, video highlights as well as a summary of commentary for international cricket, domestic leagues, and even counties. It also enables users to customize their news feed by choosing their favorite team to catch all the latest happenings.

  • Cricingif (Available on both iOS and Android)

Being an official partner of World Cup 2019, Cricingif will show live ball by ball videos for its users. This app has gained massive hype in younger adults who quickly get bored with text commentary and would instead get updates via videos. Cricingif even lets you share your awesome cricket watch moments with your friends and family.  

The app also sends you push notifications about your favorite team and users claim that the live scorecards on Cricingif are sometimes the fastest among all other apps. Moreover, its simple user interface gives users something quite closer to a live streaming experience.

  • Cricbuzz (Available on both iOS and Android)

As the name itself suggests, Cricbuzz is an app dedicated to cricket only. It offers a plethora of cricket content including match scores, personalized smart alerts, news & editorials, latest photos, game fixtures and results, player profiles, team rankings, and what not.

  • ICC Cricket (Available on both iOS and Android)

ICC Cricket app is one of the most recommended mobile apps for all things related to international cricket, including fixtures, news updates, fixtures, and much more. You can get audio coverage of all major ICC events including CWC 2019 along with HD video interviews and event video clips.

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