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How to Watch Game of Thrones on iOS with a VPN?

Game of Thrones is one of the most popular and successful TV shows ever. While initially, the average number of views did not extend over 2.52 million viewers, as time went on, the number of viewers grew to over 11 million users.

The show’s popularity isn’t limited to the US alone. The Song of Ice and Fire goes beyond the many kingdoms of the United States and is watched by millions of people across the world.

Though the show’s popularity continues to rise, not everyone can watch it. You can easily stream HBO Now in the US, but other countries are not so fortunate – they cannot catch the latest episodes online because the streaming service is inaccessible in their region!

Regardless, you can still watch Game of Thrones on iOS from anywhere in the world if you have PureVPN’s iOS App.

Why You Need a VPN to Watch Game of Thrones on IOS

VPNs are the need of the hour and useful in many ways. Not only do they provide a layer of privacy and security, but also make it possible to enjoy complete online freedom. The hurdles that we often bump into, such as regional limitations, can be averted easily with VPNs.

Take, for instance, the Game of Thrones series. It as an American TV series that is shown live on HBO’s video-on-demand service, HBO Now. If you’re a big GOT fan and want to stream the show on HBO Now, you won’t be able to if you live outside the United States.

Due to regional limitations, HBO Now can only be streamed from the US. However, by using a VPN, you can break free from these roadblocks and access the streaming service with ease. All you have to do is change your IP address to the US, where HBO Now is accessible.

Streaming services, or any other website for the matter, use your IP address to determine your actual location. So, replacing your IP address with that of another country will allow you to access the streaming services available there!

The best part of streaming HBO Now on your iOS-powered device is that PureVPN offers a dedicated app for iOS. You can download the iOS app anytime on your device from the App Store for hassle-free and high-speed streaming of GOT, no matter what your location.

Watch Game of Thrones on iOS with PureVPN

Are you unable to stream Game of Thrones on HBO Now? With PureVPN on your streaming device, you can get around regional limitations to access and watch GOT Season 8 online from anywhere:

Just follow these steps below:

  1. Subscribe to PureVPN
  2. Download and install PureVPN app for iOS
  3. Launch PureVPN on your iOS device
  4. Select Streaming as your mode
  5. Go to Channels
  6. Find and choose HBO Now
  7. Enjoy watching GOT season 8 on your iOS device!

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Best iOS Apps to Watch Game of Thrones

There are many different apps that you can use to watch Game of Thrones on iOS. Some of the most popular ones include:


Hulu is a popular streaming service that has over 28 million users. You can stream your favorite TV shows on HBO Now including Game of Thrones live online on iOS. All you have to do is to add the HBO Now add-on in the Hulu app. The add-on is available for $14.99.

Amazon Prime

Seasonal streamers know how amazing Amazon Prime is. It is a direct competitor to Netflix and HBO Now. The service has a massive presence in the US and many other regions of the world.

The best part about Amazon Prime is that you can add the HBO Now add-on inside the app, just like you did in the Hulu app. The add-on is available at the same cost as Hulu, but you get a 7-day free trial as well.

Sling TV

Sling TV offers multiple packages to the user, which include channels such as Disney, CNN, ESPN, and many more. Unfortunately, the HBO Now channel isn’t available in the package. But you can add that as an add-on. The HBO Now add-on is available for $15.

The Added Benefit of a VPN When Streaming Game of Thrones on iOS

Streaming at blazing-fast speeds without any hurdles isn’t the only benefit that you can enjoy with a VPN. There are loads of other features that can take advantage of when using a VPN for iOS.

Premium VPN services, such as PureVPN, are the best for increasing your privacy and security on the internet. In fact, most people expect VPNs to come with such features, and PureVPN doesn’t disappoint in this regard.

Not only do you get top-of-the-line AES 256-bit encryption for unbreakable security of your personal data, but also your real identity and location always remains protected with Internet Kill Switch as well as DNS, IPv6, and WebRTC Leak Protection.

So if you’re planning to watch Game of Thrones on iOS, get PureVPN to enjoy fastest streaming speeds from anywhere in the world alongside optimal data security.

Sheheryar Ahmed Khan is a privacy enthusiast, currently affiliated with PureVPN. His reporting covers subjects related to online privacy, anonymity, and security. Also a believer in online freedom, Sheheryar likes to spend his free time streaming football matches and TV shows online.

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