Cricket World Cup: Watch India v South Africa Live

The ICC World Cup 2019 match between India and South Africa kicked off with South African side going to bat first. In the 50 overs, they managed to make a score of 227 runs with a total of 9 wickets down. The highest scorer on the South African side was Kagiso Rabada who secured 31 runs in a total of 35 calls. The final scoreline wasn’t as impressive as what everyone wanted it to be, however, with one of the strongest teams of the tournament against them, it was quite expected.

The second innings began with Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma taking to the pitch. Both started off strong, but after just eight balls played, Shikhar lost his wicket to a catch by Quintin de Kock. But it seems this was the push which India needed as the opener, Rohit Sharma, stuck till the very end, maintain a final score of 122 off 144 balls, granting India the win. The final score was 230, with a total of 4 wickets down. India won the game against South Africa with six wickets and 15 balls in hand.

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When and Where is ICC 2019 India vs. South Africa?

Venue: Hampshire Bowl, Southampton

Time: Wednesday, 5 June, 2019, | 9:30 am UTC

Which TV Channels Will Broadcast India vs. South Africa?

Some of the lucky countries such as India, UK, and Australia will be showing this match on the TV. So, fans living in these countries can just turn on their TV sets, go on to their local sports broadcasting channel, and watch the match live on TV.  However, for the millions of cricket fans who live outside these countries, watching ICC 2019 India vs. South Africa is not so easy.

This is because the ICC broadcast will be unavailable in their region. No matter how hard they try their luck, accessing a live stream for this match will just be not an option for them. The only way to bypass regional limitations and access a live stream is by connecting to another country through a VPN and then accessing a channel which is broadcasting the match.

Countries/RegionChannels Available
USA – CanadaHotstar US
AustraliaChannel 9 (Free)| Fox Sports | Kayo Sports
PakistanSonyLiv (Free)
South & Central AmericaESPN

How Do I Watch the Live Streaming of ICC 2019 India vs. South Africa?

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  4. Visit the streaming website and start streaming!

Note: SonyLiv and Channel Nine are two channels which will be broadcasting the match for free.

Flash Back of India vs. South Africa Matches from Previous World Cups

India, the defending champions, have never won a single match against South Africa since the 1979 World Cup. India lost on 3 occasions & won once in 2015 when they faced South Africa during the previous World Cups of 1992, 1999 and 2011.

World Cup 1992World Cup 1999World Cup 2011
South Africa won by 6 wickets
chasing 180 runs
South Africa won by 4 wickets
chasing 253 runs
South Africa won by 3 wickets
chasing 296 runs

Overall ODI Head-to-Head Record


Match Preview

Taking a look at what the fans and team players are thinking, it’s obvious that South Africa has no hopes of winning this World Cup. The South African captain knows that his team is not among the favorites, and seems to have compromised with that. He said, “We will go with a little bit less pressure on us as a team in terms of the expectation of winning it.”

Even though the outcome of the match can be speculated with some accuracy, it will be an absolute treat to the eyes if India loses this match. That’s what can turn the tables around.

Our Predictions

Looking at the present score board and performance of both teams, it is very difficult to predict the outcome of this upcoming match. Though, on the basis of past records, we can assume that India will win again. If you look at the past record of all the previous matches, South Africa always won the match by chasing the targeted score. India has a strong chance of winning if they win the toss and decide to ball first and then chase the targeted score.

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