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Supernatural is expected to return after its mid-season finale, aired on December 7, 2017. Until now, the 13th season has aired nine episodes, and it’s now expected to return with as many as 14 episodes. Like all the previous seasons, the 13th season is also expected to feature 23 episodes.

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The show was renewed for its 13th season by The CW on January 8, 2017. The season premiered on October 12, 2017, when its first episode, “Lost and Found” hit the TV screens. Trailer for the upcoming episode titled “Wayward Sisters” was uploaded to YouTube just 4 days ago, and it has already garnered 95K views. Have you watched the trailer? If not, then just Scroll down and watch it now.

Supernatural Season 13 New Episodes:



Release Date

10Wayward SistersJanuary 18, 2018
11BreakdownJanuary 25, 2018
12Various & Sundry VillainsFebruary 1, 2018
13Devil’s BargainFebruary 8, 2018
14Only The Best IntentionsFebruary 15, 2018
15A Most Holy ManFebruary 22, 2018
16ScoobyNaturalMarch 1, 2018
17The ThingMarch 8, 2018
18Bring ‘em Back AliveMarch 15, 2018
19FuneraliaMarch 22, 2018
20Unfinished BusinessMarch 29, 2018
21Beat the DevilApril 5, 2018
22Apocalypse NowApril 12, 2018
23Let the Good Times RollApril 19, 2018

What to expect in Supernatural New Episodes

It’s a bit difficult to precisely pinpoint the plots around which Supernatural will place its episodes. So far, titles for 9 episodes have been announced and here is what we think about some of them.

Wayward Sisters, Breakdown

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Source:  The CW Network

Most of this episode may be set in an alternative world, as the promo shows Christian Keyes and Sam Smith dominating most of the scenes. It wouldn’t surprise us much if Michael tortures Mary Winchester.

Meanwhile, Wayward Sisters may also be hinting at Winchesters getting a breakdown of everything that has happened so far. And it makes sense too, as the next episode is titled Breakdown.

Various & Sundry Villains

Obviously, there will be many villains throughout this one, making it almost impossible to get to the bottom of the case. But that is just our speculation. Although the promo seems very promising!

Devil’s Bargain, Only the Best Intentions, A Most Holy Man.

Devils Bargain will be the first episode in the series with Jensen Ackles’ wife, Danneel Harris Ackles. She plays the role of a faith healer and is known as Sister Jo. It is expected that Lucifer will pay her a visit to strike a bargain with her.

The same plot can be linked to the two consequent titles; apparently, Sister Jo would want to help Lucifer with Only The Best Intentions. She won’t realize who Lucifer really is, until A Most Holy Man gives her a new perspective.

Previously on Supernatural Season 13

In the first 9 episodes of Season 13 that have aired so far, we got to know that Lucifer has returned with his child – Jack, and with him, many other demons are coming too. Dean insists that they kill Jack, but Sam sees Jack as just a child and decides otherwise.

Meanwhile, Lucifer is doing all it takes to keep Mary alive in the alternate dimension, because he may want to trade her for Jack. The Final Prince of Hell, Asmodeus, took charge of hell after Crowley sacrifices his life to get Lucifer trapped in the alternate dimension.

In the alternate dimension, Michael steals most of Lucifer’s grace to create a portal to Lucifer’s earth. Lucifer seizes the opportunity and escapes through the portal, just before it closes. Later, Asmodeus locks up Lucifer and Castiel  while they were discussing the threat of Michael in the alternate dimension.

Watch Supernatural Online

Source: The CW Network

Jack wants to reach the alternate reality to save Mary Winchester, so he tracks down Kaia, a dreamwalker to a rehabilitation facility. Jack helps Kaia escape the rehab, but she ditches him when the Winchesters show up. They catch up with Jack and find out that their mother is still alive. Together, they rescue Kaia from angels who were using her as bait, as they needed Jack to help them repopulate.

Watch SupernaturalDean holds Kaia at gunpoint, forcing her to help them rescue Mary. Under attack by angels, Kaia and Jack combine their powers to open a portal, disintegrating the angels at the same time. Due to difficulties faced by Kaia’s in focusing because of the attacks by angels, the Winchesters end up in the Bad Place, while Jack finally reached the right place where Mary is.

Patience Turner envisions Winchesters and Jody Mills in danger. She leaves immediately to help and warn Jody that something terrible may happen.

Preparation for the season began on June 26, while filming began on July 12, 2017. The newest season will be made available on Netflix about a week after the final episode.

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