Watch Top Gear Christmas Special without Speed Throttling!

It’s heartbreaking! We won’t get to see shenanigans by Jeremy Clarkson on Christmas since he is no longer a part of Top Gear anymore. However, BBC is trying to make up for the loss by presenting the best of Jeremy Clarkson in a two-part Top Gear Christmas Special for 2015.

The Christmas Special will include the best moments from the time when Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May used to steer the show together.

Watch Top Gear Christmas Special!

If you love fast cars and loud crashes, then we assure you that you are going to love this show. But, you can truly enjoy watching Top Gear Christmas special on BBC when you have zero buffering and speed issues. If you are in the UK and facing streaming issues then you won’t be able to truly watch and enjoy Top Gear’s Christmas Special.

Don’t lose hope just yet, there’s a way for you to watch Top Gear Christmas Special on BBC iPlayer with supersonic streaming speed. After all, you can’t afford to miss the two-part extravaganza of Top Gear: From A to Z. Read on to learn how you can enjoy Top Gear streaming on your desired device without the speed woes!

How to Watch Top Gear Christmas Special 2015 with Fast Streaming

Follow this three-step guide and start streaming Top Gear:

Step 1 >> Get a PureVPN subscription

Step 2 >> Download and install PureVPN on your device

Step 3 >> Connect to a UK Server, visit BBC iPlayer and navigate to Top Gear Christmas Special!

There you go! Now you can watch Top Gear Christmas Special without any speed restrictions or buffering issues!

What Top Gear Christmas Special Has to Offer!

The Christmas Special “Top Gear: From A to Z”, narrated by John Bishop, will include moments from Clarkson’s years in Top Gear. It will have every letter of the alphabet referring to a different word or phrase relevant to the show and its former hosts. This really is a ‘two‐part extravaganza’ and Christmas certainly is the best time for it.

The cherry at the top of this amazing Christmas cake is that celebrity guests will present the highlights of the motoring show, extracted from the past 13 years. This is certainly going to be a grand treat for all the Top Gear fans, as the three presenters were the main reason why Top Gear became the best motoring show in the world.

Enjoy the special two-part extravaganza of your favorite motoring TV show this Christmas and shift your entertainment to the top gear.

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