Watch Winter Olympics 2018 Online

How to Watch 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Games Live

Winter Olympics 2018 are coming to an end. Only few events are left along with closing ceremony, however, the sports fans are still facing streaming issues, mainly due to channel inaccessibility, buffering, lagging and ISP speed throttling.

Final Day Events
Bobsleigh — Four-man heat races
Men’s Hockey — OAR vs GER – Gold medal match
Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 30km mass start
Figure Skating — Exhibition gala
Curling — Women’s gold medal match

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List of Channels Broadcasting Winter Olympics 2018 Online

Here is a list of all the popular channels broadcasting every event of the Winter Olympics 2018. The Winter Games streaming is available in selected regions, therefore you can access it only from designated locations. However, you may use a VPN to access these websites from anywhere.

Broadcasting ChannelStreaming Available InAccess From Anywhere
NBC SportsUSAAccess NBC Outside USA >>
BBC | EurosportUnited KingdomAccess BBC or Eurosport Outside UK >>
CBC | SportsnetCanadaAccess CBC or Sportsnet Outside Canada >>
Channel 7AustraliaAccess Channel 7 Outside Australia >>
ARD | ZDFGermanyAccess ARD or ZDF Outside Germany >>
DR TVDenmarkAccess DR TV Outside Denmark >>
C1RRussiaAccess C1R Outside Russia >>
TV 2NorwayAccess TV2 Outside Norway >>
France TVFranceAccess FranceTV Outside France >>
Rai TVItalyAccess Rai TV Outside Italy >>
ORFAustriaAccess ORF Outside Austria >>
CTCzech RepublicAccess CT Outside Czech Republic >>
Kanal 5Sweden Access Kanal 5 Outside Sweden >>
Sky SportsNew ZealandAccess Sky Outside NZ >>

How to Stream Winter Olympics 2018 Live Online?

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Watch Winter Olympics Live Online

Devices on Which You Can Watch Winter Olympics 2018

With PureVPN, you can live stream Winter Olympics 2018 on the device of your choice. Catch all the action as it is aired on your favorite channels from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 Online on Kodi

  1. Configure PureVPN on Kodi.
  2. Install Live Sports Kodi Add-on from Ares repository.
  3. Change location to the UK or the US.
  4. Enjoy live streaming Winter Olympics 2018 via Kodi.

How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 Online on Apple Tv

  1. Setup PureVPN on your Apple TV
  2. Connect to the server required by the channel.
  3. Live stream Winter Olympics 2018 to your heart’s content.

How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 Online on PS4

  1. Configure PureVPN on PS4 or PS3.
  2. Connect to PureVPN on your console.
  3. Go to PlayStation’s internet browser and visit the channel’s website.
  4. Stream Winter Olympics 2018 live on PS4 for free.

How to Watch Winter Olympics 2018 Online on Xbox

  1. Configure PureVPN on Xbox.
  2. Connect PureVPN.
  3. Open Xbox internet browser and visit any broadcast channel’s website.
  4. Livestream Winter Olympics 2018 on Xbox and catch all the action live.

Watch Winter Olympics Live Online

Winter Olympics 2018 Schedule

Beginning on February 8, 2018, the Winter Olympics will continue on for almost 3 weeks and come to a conclusion with its last match slated to take place on February 25, 2018.

Winter Olympics 2018 Schedule

Medal Table of Winter Olympics 2018

As the Winter Olympics 2018 reach the finish line, see which countries standing in the leaderboard by following the updated medal count.

4United States98623
7Olympic Athletes from Russia16916
10South Korea56415

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Most Followed Winter Olympics Sports Events

Winter Olympics consists of 15 sports events that are played on either snowy mountains or flat ice surface. Out of these 15 events, some are more popular and widely followed by fans around the world such as Ski Jumping, Snowboarding, Speed Skating, Ice Hockey, and Skiing. If you are wondering how to get to the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang for cheap, follow this helpful guide for air travelers.

Winter Olympics Sports Events


Bobsleigh or bobsled is team sport of 2 or 4 players that runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sled. Timings of each run are calculated for final scoring. If you are a Bobsleigh fan, here are the dates to remember. This time Nigeria will be the first African team to participate in Winter Olympics Bobsled event.

Bobsleigh — Two-man sled heat races18-Feb
Bobsleigh — Two-man heat races19-Feb
Bobsleigh — Women’s heat races20-Feb
Bobsleigh — Women’s heat races21-Feb
Bobsleigh — Four-man competition heat races24-Feb
Bobsleigh — Four-man heat races25-Feb


Luge is a winter sport in which an athlete rides a flat sled, face up and feet first. There is a specially designed ice track that helps increase the sled’s speed. Just like any other race, the fastest competitor becomes the winner.

Luge —Men’s heat races10-Feb
Luge — Men’s heat races11-Feb
Luge — Women’s heat races12-Feb
Luge — Women’s heat races13-Feb
Luge — Doubles competition14-Feb
Luge — Team relay competition15-Feb

Ice Hockey

It is contact team sports that is played on ice floor, in which teams of skaters use their hockey (stick) to shoot the puck (vulcanized rubber) in the opponent team`s net to get a point. This sport is known to be physical and fast-paced. Teams consist of six players, one goaltender and five players who are trying to score a goal against the other team.

Women’s Hockey — Preliminary Round: Japan vs. Sweden, Switzerland vs. South Korea10-Feb
Women’s Hockey — United States vs. Finland, Canada vs. Olympic Athletes from Russia11-Feb
Women’s Hockey — Switzerland vs. Japan, Sweden vs. South Korea12-Feb
Women’s Hockey — Canada vs. Finland, United States vs. Olympic Athletes from Russia13-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Preliminary round: United States vs. Slovenia14-Feb
Women’s hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Canada15-Feb
Men’s hockey — Preliminary matches15-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Slovakia16-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include United States vs. Canada17-Feb
Women’s Hockey — Two knockout round matches17-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Preliminary matches include Sweden vs. Finland18-Feb
Women’s Hockey — Classification matches18-Feb
Women’s Hockey — Semifinals19-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Knockout rounds20-Feb
Women’s Hockey — Classification matches20-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Quarterfinals21-Feb
Women’s Hockey — Bronze and gold medal matches22-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Semifinal matches23-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Bronze medal match24-Feb
Men’s Hockey — Gold medal match25-Feb

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing is also known as downhill skiing, this sport is about sliding down snow-covered hills on fixed heel binding skis. Alpine skiing has been an event at the Winter Olympic Games since 1936 (except for the 1940 games).

Alpine Skiing — Men’s downhill11-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Women’s giant slalom12-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Men’s alpine combined13-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Women’s slalom14-Feb
Alpine Skiing —  Men’s super-G15-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Women’s super-G17-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Men’s giant slalom18-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Women’s downhill21-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Men’s slalom22-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Women’s alpine combined23-Feb
Alpine Skiing — Team event24-Feb

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-country skiing is a form of skiing where skiers rely on their own motion to move across the snow-covered terrain, rather than using ski lifts or other forms of assistance. Cross-country skiing is widely practiced as a sport and spare time activity; however, some still use it as a means of transportation.

Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 7.5km skiathlon10-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 15 km skiathlon11-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s and women’s individual sprint finals13-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 10km individual15-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 15km individual16-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 4x5km relay17-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 4x10km relay18-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s and women’s sprint semifinals21-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Men’s 50km mass start24-Feb
Cross-Country Skiing — Women’s 30km mass start25-Feb

Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle skiing encompasses aerials, moguls, cross, half-pipe and slope style demonstrations as part of Winter Olympics. The sport revolves around a skier undergoing aerial flips and spins. It has been given several names around the globe such as skiing, jibbing and etc.

Freestyle Skiing — Qualifying, men’s and women’s mogul9-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Women’s moguls11-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Men’s moguls12-Feb
Freestyle skiing — Women’s aerials qualifying15-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Women’s aerials final16-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Women’s slopestyle qualifying, final; men’s aerials qualifying17-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Men’s slopestyle qualifying, final; men’s aerials final18-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Women’s halfpipe qualifying19-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Women’s halfpipe final, men’s halfpipe qualifying20-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Men’s cross21-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Men’s halfpipe final22-Feb
Freestyle Skiing — Women’s cross23-Feb


Snowboarding is a recreational activity that became an Olympic sport since 1998. It is done by descending a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard that is attached to the snowboarder’s feet. Below are dates for different snowboarding category events.

Snowboarding — Men’s slopestyle qualifying10-Feb
Snowboarding — Men’s slopestyle final, women’s slopestyle11-Feb
Snowboarding — Women’s slopestyle final, women’s halfpipe qualifying12-Feb
Snowboarding — Women’s halfpipe final, men’s halfpipe13-Feb
Snowboarding — Men’s halfpipe final14-Feb
Snowboarding — Men’s cross15-Feb
Snowboarding — Women’s cross16-Feb
Snowboarding — Women’s big air qualifying19-Feb
Snowboarding — Men’s big air qualifying21-Feb
Snowboarding — Men’s and women’s parallel giant slalom qualifying22-Feb
Snowboarding — Women’s big air final23-Feb
Snowboarding — Men’s big air final, men’s and women’s giant parallel slalom finals24-Feb

Figure Skating

It is a sport of individuals, pairs who perform different figures or acrobatic moves on the ice wearing bladed skates. Figure skating was the first winter sports included in the Olympics, in 1908. Below is event wise schedule for figure skating.

Figure Skating — Men’s and pairs9-Feb
Figure Skating — Short dance, ladies short program, pairs free skate11-Feb
Figure Skating — Men’s and ladies free skate, ice dance free dance12-Feb
Figure Skating — Pairs short program14-Feb
Figure Skating — Pairs free skate15-Feb
Figure Skating — Men’s short programs16-Feb
Figure Skating — Men’s short program final17-Feb
Figure Skating — Ice dancers19-Feb
Figure Skating — Ice dance, free dance20-Feb
Figure Skating — Ladies short program21-Feb
Figure Skating — Ladies free skate23-Feb
Figure Skating — Exhibition gala25-Feb

Speed Skating

Speed Skating is a competitive form of ice skating. It is basically a skating race. There are different types of speed skating; long track speed skating, short track speed skating, and marathon speed skating.

Speed Skating — Women’s 3000m10-Feb
Speed Skating — Men’s 5000m11-Feb
Speed Skating — Women’s 1500m12-Feb
Speed Skating — Men’s 1500m13-Feb
Speed Skating — Women’s 1000m14-Feb
Speed Skating — Men’s 10,000m15-Feb
Speed Skating — Women’s 5000m16-Feb
Speed Skating — Women’s 500m, men’s team pursuit qualifying18-Feb
Speed Skating — Women’s team pursuit qualifying19-Feb
Speed Skating — Men’s and women’s team pursuit finals21-Feb
Speed Skating — Men’s 1000m final23-Feb
Speed Skating — Men’s and women’s mass start24-Feb


Biathlon is a sport which combines two very different events with each other; cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Participants ski for a certain distance with guns strapped to their backs and then stop to shoot at a designated target. There are two types of the shooting positions one is lying face down and second is while standing up. The results depend on the skiing time and the shooting accuracy.

Biathlon — Women’s 7.5 km sprint10-Feb
Biathlon — Men’s 10 km sprint11-Feb
Biathlon — Men’s and women’s pursuit events12-Feb
Biathlon — Women’s 15km individual14-Feb
Biathlon — Men’s 20km individual15-Feb
Biathlon — Women’s 12.5km mass start17-Feb
Biathlon — Men’s 15km mass start18-Feb
Biathlon — Mixed relay20-Feb
Biathlon — Women’s 4x6km relay22-Feb
Biathlon — Men’s 4×7.7km relay23-Feb

Ski Jumping

Ski jumping is a form of sport where the skiers go down a ramp at 90km/h to jump and fly as far as possible from their starting point to make a stable landing in the landing area. It is also known as the flower of the ski sports as many consider the sight of participants soaring through the air quite beautiful.

Ski Jumping — Qualification8-Feb
Ski Jumping — Normal hill10-Feb
Ski Jumping — Women’s competition12-Feb
Ski Jumping — Men’s large hill qualifying16-Feb
Ski Jumping — Men’s large hill17-Feb
Ski Jumping — Team competition19-Feb


Curling is a team sport where each team takes a turn in throwing the curling stone. When the stone is thrown, athletes follow its movement of the stone and use a ‘broom’ to ‘sweep’ the ice surface to control the direction and speed of the stone.

Curling — Mixed doubles round robin8-Feb
Curling — Mixed doubles round robin9-Feb
Curling — Mixed doubles round robin10-Feb
Curling — Mixed doubles round robin11-Feb
Curling — Mixed doubles semifinals12-Feb
Curling — Mixed doubles bronze and gold medal matches13-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin14-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin15-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin16-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin17-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin18-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin19-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin20-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s round robin21-Feb
Curling — Men’s semifinals22-Feb
Curling — Men’s and women’s semifinals23-Feb
Curling — Men’s gold and silver match, women’s bronze match24-Feb
Curling — Women’s gold medal match25-Feb

Watch Winter Olympics Live Online

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