4 Ways to Keep Your Data Safe While Traveling

With billions of smartphone users all over the world, comes a whole lot of data that can easily be spirited away for all sorts of harmful purposes – especially when you’re on holiday.

This post will help you padlock your privacy while on the go with a range of smart strategies, giving you complete peace of mind wherever you may be.

Protect Your Phone

It goes without saying that you should always have the highest possible amount of security protection on your smartphone. Make sure you have a strong passcode (not just 1234) and use the fingerprint scanner wherever you can. Remember that you can use the scanner to enter certain apps as an extra level of security – so, even if your phone is unlocked, individuals with bad intentions won’t be able to access certain apps and steal your identity.

These steps are very important, and you’ll be glad you took them should the worst happen and your phone gets stolen in a foreign country.

Be Wi-Fi Wary

While most countries now allow data roaming, it’s still prohibitively expensive in some nations. The result is that if you want to get online, you’ll be at the mercy of free Wi-Fi hotspots. Lurking in and around such oases of sweet, sweet internet are dangers that could seriously compromise your device.

These include malicious ‘Packet Sniffing’ attacks, which can scan all the data you send via an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot – so think twice before making online purchases through such connections. Other perils include Man-in-the-Middle Attacks (MITM), wherein attackers place themselves discreetly between you and the website you are visiting, harvesting data and even cash as a result.

After the hacking of the WPA2 Wi-Fi protocol last year, Wi-Fi security has become more important than ever before. PureVPN offers a simple solution to such hazards, so make sure you have it installed on all your devices before you try to connect to an unknown Wi-Fi hotspot.

Watch Where You Plug

The temptation might be there for you to immediately use the free charging spots at airports and train stations, especially if you’ve got a long journey ahead. You should avoid this wherever possible, since it is extremely vulnerable to attackers. Instead, invest in a charging cable that doesn’t transfer data, or a portable battery or power bank of your own – which you can charge in the comfort of your accommodation, whether that be a luxe Lanzarote villa or a hostel in Saigon.

It’s not just public chargers either. You risk giving your personal data up to strangers if you plug your phone into a rental car and forget to wipe phone contacts, call logs, messages and GPS coordinates after you’ve finished your rental period. Avoiding this is just a simple case of making sure you remember to remove your data.

Back up Your ID

A secure folder somewhere on your phone, either passcode or fingerprint protected, should be home to photo back-ups of various forms of ID. This will help you in case your physical documents get stolen from you as it will expedite the process of getting an emergency passport and other types of replacement ID.

Being streetwise when it comes to your data, and combining it with simple steps like backing up important documents in secure folders, will help you enjoy your holiday with peace of mind. Many travelers forget to even think about these important steps – make sure you’re not one of them.

Nick Ball is Marketing Manager at Optima Villas and has lived on the island of Lanzarote since 2001.

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