What is a PayPal stealth account? A Detailed Guide.

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PUREVPNAwarenessWhat is a PayPal stealth account? A Detailed Guide.

Are you looking for what is PayPal stealth account and ways to create more than the permitted two accounts on PayPal? You might be able to do so with what’s known as PayPal stealth accounts.

Since PayPal only allows two accounts per user, one for personal use and one for business purposes, many users look for other options when they require more PayPal accounts.

In this article, we will discuss what stealth PayPal accounts are, why and how they’re created, how you can protect a stealth account on PayPal, and more.

what is paypal stealth account

What are stealth accounts on PayPal?

The difference between stealth accounts on PayPal and genuinely connected ones is that the former is created with the help of an alias and varying information than the one you’ve used to create your primary PayPal account.

Your information, including name, email address, bank details, IP addresses, financial information, and other similar details, should be different on your PayPal stealth account. Any information that can be used to link your existing and stealth account should be different. 

A PayPal stealth account is generally created to bypass regional limitations. However, there are other reasons that can encourage a user to make a stealth account on PayPal, which we will discuss in the next section.

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Two significant reasons to make a PayPal stealth account

PayPal is an online payment system that has become a widely accepted platform around the world. According to 2022 stats, its system had approximately 435 million active users. This number also includes those who only made a single transaction throughout the year.

Needless to say, PayPal is quite popular among both casual users and business owners, which is also the reason why PayPal stealth accounts are also gaining massive popularity.

The following are some of the reasons why people make stealth accounts on PayPal:

  1. Bypassing regional limitations

According to the official PayPal website, this online payment system is available in approximately 200 regions or countries. While this is impressive, it means that PayPal is not available in certain parts of the world or it offers restricted services in some areas.

For example, in some parts of Africa and Asia, PayPal only allows users to send money through its platform, and all other services are inaccessible.

If you’re in one of the locations where PayPal is inaccessible or offers restricted use, you can bypass such regional limitations with the help of a stealth account. Consequently, you will be able to make transactions from your stealth account as if it were a normal primary account.

  1. Restricted or blocked PayPal account

Many users, especially business owners, create stealth accounts on PayPal as a backup in case their primary account gets suspended. Having a stealth account ensures that your revenues continue to flow, and you can continue to make transactions if your account is suspended or blocked permanently.

Since PayPal uses your personal information, such as your email address and browser details, to track you, there’d be no point in creating a stealth account with the same information as your primary account, as that will result in you getting blocked or restricted as well.

11 steps to create a PayPal stealth account that works

PayPal has several safety and protection protocols in place to ensure its users are not creating stealth accounts. They use complex processes to link two accounts together and might even block the accounts of those who get caught with a stealth account.

Therefore, it’s vital that you take all the necessary precautions and use unique yet authentic details to avoid getting banned from the platform altogether. In particular, your IP address, browser, and personal information should be unique and authentic to avoid getting detected by PayPal.

You can begin to create your PayPal stealth account by following these straightforward steps:

  1. Assigning a new IP address

Your device has a unique IP address, which the platform can detect to identify you. Accounts managed through the same IP address are assumed to be owned by the same device and person. Therefore, it’s essential that you use a new IP address.

We recommend using a VPN for this purpose and choosing a server location that’s within a 50-mile radius of the new address and phone number you’re going to use for your stealth account.

  1. Creating a new Windows user account

Since PayPal also uses cookies to identify and link multiple accounts on its platform, you will also need to access your stealth account from a device you’ve never used to log into your primary PayPal account.

While you could purchase a dedicated device for your stealth account, that’s not an economical option. Therefore, we would suggest you create a new Windows account without shared access on your current device. 

Having new Windows user accounts is specifically great for you if you plan on creating multiple stealth accounts. They will help you avoid any mishaps that could lead to your accounts getting detected by PayPal.

  1. Creating a new browser environment

In addition to your Windows user account, your browser can also reveal details about you that can be used to link your primary and stealth accounts. The correct configuration will prevent PayPal from detecting your browser fingerprint and real IP address.

On this end, you’ll have to use an entirely new web browser that you’ve never used for PayPal and reconfigure the browser to verify it doesn’t share your information, including your IP address, with the platform. It’s also vital to remember that simply clearing your browser cookies will not be enough for this purpose.

  1. Using a new full name

You can use any alias for your new stealth account, but we recommend using the name of a friend or relative who lives at the same address you’ll be using on your PayPal stealth account. 

  1. Creating a new email address

Your email address should not only be new and unique, but it should also not contain your name. Create a new email address and register the name that you chose for your stealth account on the new ID.

  1. Using a new home address

As mentioned above, your new residential address needs to be within a 50-mile radius of your IP server location. But, it should also be a genuine home address because PayPal might use the Address Verification Service system to mark it as authentic.

Again, we’d recommend using the home address of a friend or relative in the appropriate location. This residence should be of the same person whose name you’re using on your PayPal stealth account.

Adding a genuine residential address will also prevent bottlenecks in the future, for example, when you want to receive mail or returned parcels.

  1. Adding a new date of birth

Since you’re adding all new information to your stealth account, it would also be a great idea to add an entirely unique date of birth. Keep in mind that your date of birth should prove you’re of legal age.

  1. Using a new home phone or mobile number

You need to provide a number that’s accessible to you for your PayPal account. This number should also contain the same area code as the residential address you provided. 

We would strongly advise against the use of text messaging, call forwarding, or VOIP services. Instead, you can actually get a mobile number in the same area code as the address you’ve provided.

Having an accessible number is important for phone verification that PayPal sends through text messages and calls.

  1. Creating a new bank account

There are two different options to choose from for your bank account details on the stealth account. If you plan to deposit money into your PayPal account, you should use the bank details of the same friend or relative whose name and address you’re using.

The reason behind this is that PayPal will only be able to see your name on the bank account if you make a deposit into it using that bank. On the other hand, if you’re only going to withdraw money from PayPal, you can use your own new bank account details that are not included in any existing PayPal account.

This bank will be used to withdraw money and for the ACH transfer for bank verification carried by PayPal. In this case, PayPal will not be able to see your name on the bank account. So, pick either of the two options depending on your use cases.

  1. Applying for a new virtual credit card

Your virtual credit card will be used by PayPal to verify your address, and it can also remove the withdrawal limit of $500 per month from your account. Unlike a physical credit card, a virtual credit card can have any name and address registered with it.

  1. Creating your PayPal stealth account

After completing all of the ten steps mentioned above, you’re finally ready to create and register your stealth account with PayPal. Make sure you turn on your VPN and use a dedicated IP address before you open the new browser to create your new PayPal account.

Use the information you listed in the ten steps above and create an account as you would create any standard account on PayPal. Once you’ve created your stealth account, you will need to verify your account via your new email address and phone number.

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How can I protect my stealth PayPal account

Creating a PayPal stealth account is not an easy process, and keeping it protected is an even harder task. However, if you use a reliable, safe, and efficient VPN for your stealth accounts, the hefty task of keeping them secured will be taken off your hands.

With the help of a VPN, you can bypass all regional limitations and use PayPal from anywhere in the world, and have access to all of the services offered by the platform.

Should I use a VPN for my PayPal stealth account

Using an effective VPN service for your PayPal stealth account is essential in ensuring PayPal doesn’t link it with your existing accounts on the platform, which could lead to account suspension or getting blocked.

A VPN hides your IP address from PayPal and assigns a new IP address for your connection in order to maintain your privacy. Furthermore, you can choose an IP server location from other countries where PayPal and all of its services are available.

Moreover, the VPN you use will also hide your IP address and online activities from malicious parties, such as hackers and scammers, as well as auditors and other such third parties. However, you must pick a VPN that’s reliable, efficient, and trustworthy as a VPN for PayPal.

Which VPN should I use for my stealth accounts on PayPal, and why?

We recommend using PureVPN for your PayPal stealth accounts as it offers maximum security and safety for its users with explicitly designed policies and protocols.

With PureVPN, you can hide your IP address from PayPal, ISP, and all other third parties. Moreover, you can have a seamless experience on PayPal with exceptional internet speed and bypass all regional limitations on the platform in your country.

If you want to secure your personal and financial data and protect yourself from scammers, hackers, and prying eyes, PureVPN is your best bet. Moreover, with its dedicated IP addresses and multi-device access, you can use your PayPal stealth accounts on any of your devices without the threat of getting flagged by the platform.

The following are some more benefits and features of PureVPN for PayPal stealth accounts:

  • DNS leak protection
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • IPv6 leak protection
  • Simultaneous access on ten devices
  • A VPN kill switch
  • Ability to bypass regional limitations
  • Protection from malicious parties
  • Access to 6,500 servers in 78 countries
  • Safety on public WiFi
  • Prevention from ISP throttling

How can I withdraw money from my stealth PayPal account?

As mentioned, you can use any bank account with any name on it as long as it’s not linked with any other PayPal account and you only use it to withdraw money. However, creating a fake bank account is strongly advised against, as it can get you in more trouble.

Here are some other options you can choose to withdraw money from your stealth PayPal account:

Using a freelance service

If you don’t want to send money to someone else, you can create buyer and seller accounts on freelancing platforms, such as Fiverr or Upwork, to withdraw money from PayPal. Don’t forget to use a VPN and varying IP addresses for both of these accounts.

On the freelancing platform, hire yourself from the client account and pay yourself on the freelancer account. In this process, however, you will lose some money because there is a platform fee on freelancing platforms.

Sending money to someone else

The safest option to withdraw money from PayPal is through someone you trust. If you know someone with a PayPal account, send them the amount you want to withdraw. This person can then transfer the amount to you.

Frequently asked questions

Why did PayPal block my account?

PayPal has strict policies and terms & conditions in place to ensure every user’s safety and protection. If you knowingly or unknowingly break the rules of the platform, you’ll end up getting your account suspended or blocked. Take a look at the platform’s terms of usage on the official PayPal website.

Do I need to use a VPN with my stealth PayPal account?

A VPN can help you hide your real IP address and replace it with an IP address from a different server location than yours. This means that you can use the platform from the US while being somewhere in Asia. A VPN will essentially help you bypass regional limitations as well as the restricted services on PayPal no matter where you are in the world.

Can I create multiple accounts on PayPal?

PayPal only allows users to create two accounts each; one for business use and one for personal use. You can add as many addresses to your accounts as you wish to accept and withdraw payments. However, if you want more than two accounts on the platform, you’ll need to create separate stealth accounts on PayPal.

Concluding remarks

In conclusion, PayPal stealth accounts can be used by both casual and business owners to bypass regional limitations and unlock PayPal services otherwise not available in their country or region.

However, PayPal stealth accounts should be created and used with caution. One of the most crucial steps in creating and using stealth accounts on PayPal is using a reliable and trustworthy VPN to safeguard your IP address, internet traffic, and data.

If you need more information on using a VPN for PayPal stealth account, contact one of our friendly reps via the Live Chat option. 

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