What is an Amazon stealth account? Easiest guide to create one!

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PUREVPNIP AddressWhat is an Amazon stealth account? Easiest guide to create one!

Want to find a way around the strict rules on Amazon or wish to scale your business on the platform? You might find the answers to your questions in Amazon stealth accounts.

If you’ve recently come across the term stealth account and want to know how to use one for your business on the platform, you’re at the right place.

This article will discuss what Amazon stealth accounts are, why you need them, what you should do to create and protect them, and everything else.

What is an Amazon stealth account? 

Amazon only allows one seller account per user or household. If you want to create a second account for your business, you can ask for permission. However, it would help if you remembered that the chances of Amazon approving your request are low.

Luckily, many have found a way around the strict Amazon rules; Amazon stealth accounts.

Also known as ghost accounts, Amazon stealth accounts are your average seller accounts with varying profile details.

For example, your stealth account will have a different bank account number and email address, among other personal and financial details.

Why do I need a stealth account on Amazon?

Stealth accounts are more common than you’d think. Their popularity is because they help businesses scale and earn more profits through multiple listings. 

The growth is also made possible by giving sellers a chance to win the first few spots on the search results page. However, there are two significant reasons why most sellers consider creating stealth accounts on Amazon. 

To avoid suspension on Amazon

Amazon has created a set of strict rules to detect fraudulent activities on its platform, such as unfair trading practices and fake accounts. Its stringent measures have made Amazon a trusted platform by buyers and sellers.

Sellers may lose their selling privileges if they break any rules laid out by the platform. Losing your selling privileges or getting suspended on Amazon means the shoppers on the forum won’t be able to view your product listings – either temporarily or permanently, depending on the suspension period.

Many sellers create multiple stealth accounts on Amazon to continue doing business as usual when or if their accounts get suspended.

To own and operate multiple accounts

Playing by the book doesn’t give you any special rights to create multiple accounts on Amazon with the same information, such as email ID or IP address. However, you can still run your business without a second account.

For example: You might live with housemates who use the same network but require different profiles on the platform. Before you create another profile for one of your housemates on the same network, you’ll have to ask Amazon for permission. If you need to remember this minor but essential step, Amazon might suspend all the accounts on the web.

Asking for permission sometimes means the platform will grant it. And you might have to wait in a long queue for your request to get accepted. Therefore, a stealth account might be a more straightforward option.

Can Amazon detect multiple accounts owned by the same person?

Amazon can track numerous data to identify accounts owned by the same person. However, it primarily considers two things; your personal information and your digital identity.

Your personal and online data

An IP address is one of the most basic methods of identifying your region or physical location. When you sign up for Amazon, you agree to its policies, allowing it to track your IP address every time you use the platform. The platform can also use this information to view your approximate location.

Moreover, Amazon collects your personal information, such as your shipping address, password, login name, and email address. If you use any of this information for a new account, Amazon will detect it and prevent you from creating the profile.

Your digital footprint

Your digital footprint is recognized through numerous trackers on your browser, including language, time zone, operating system, active plugins, and browser version and type. These trackers can be used to identify your information. A digital footprint is a standard tracking technique used by websites and platforms.

Steps to create an Amazon stealth account

We’ve already established that Amazon has various methods, including an in-house algorithm, to detect accounts owned by a single person. Therefore, when creating an Amazon stealth account, you have to take steps to make their detection system inefficient.

The following are the six steps to create a unique, untraceable Amazon stealth account:

Step # 1: Hide your MAC address or network adapter

Your device sends requests to Amazon’s server; in return, Amazon can detect your device’s MAC address. A MAC address is a hardware address burned into the network adapter by the manufacturer, and it should be protected to be on the safe side.

You can change your MAC address by spoofing your MAC address or switching your network adapter. The latter is straightforward but might cost you some money. Go to “Device Manager,” disable your current network adapter, and invest in a USB network adapter whose MAC address will override your network adapter.

Step # 2: Swap your IP address

IP address, a numerical value given to computers on a network by Internet Service Providers [ISP], is used for tracking and uniquely identifying users on a platform. You can change your IP address with the help of a Virtual Private Network [VPN].

A VPN has servers in various locations. It assigns a new IP address from any server locations you select and hides your actual IP address to protect your internet traffic, data, and history. 

Step # 3: Clear all your browser fingerprints, Flash objects, and cookies

Amazon uses your browser fingerprint, cookies, and Flash objects to track you. 

  • Cookies: Stored on your browser, cookies are small bits of text that you can use for repeated logins.
  • Flash objects: Although similar to cookies, they store more data and are harder to delete.
  • Browser fingerprints: It is a collection of small bits of information, such as system fonts, HTTP headers, and installed plugins.

You can clear your cookies using cookie cleaner software, use a Flash player settings manager to remove Flash objects, and take appropriate steps to make browser fingerprinting more challenging for other browsers.

Step # 4: Create new profile information on Amazon

After changing your browser and computer information, it’s time for you to draft new personal details for your Amazon stealth account. As mentioned, you can’t use the same information you’ve used on your primary account or any data already on the Amazon platform.

The following is the list of information you’ll need for your new Amazon stealth account:


While your name can’t be used to link your Amazon accounts, you’ll need to use the same name as the ones on the documents you’re going to provide for your new profile. 

Creating a “Doing Business As” [DBA] or LLC name or using a relative’s or friend’s name is best to create a stealth account that will clear all verification forms on Amazon. Whichever name you use, you should have related documents and IDs for proof of verification.

Billing Address

Selecting a billing address that’s accessible to you is essential. Moreover, your IP location and billing address should be in the same area because Amazon can use your IP address to verify your billing address.

Use the address of the same family member or relative whose name you’ll use for your stealth account. If you don’t have any other option, you can also rent a PO Box.

Email ID

You can use any provider to create a new email account. However, we recommend using Gmail as it disables the web beacon responsible for displaying external content. You can also check the “Ask before displaying external content” box in the external content settings.

Or set your email software to text mode only to prevent Amazon from tracking your IP address through web beacons.

Phone Number

Like your billing address, you’ll also need a mobile number accessible to you for verification. You can use a call automation service for this purpose. To pick up the call, buy or rent a phone number and use a call redirecting/forwarding service.

Step # 5: Open another bank account

While Amazon’s registration process doesn’t require users to add their payment details, you will have to add them at some point. You can wait 30 days to add your bank details because the review period will end by that time.

The most straightforward way of opening a new bank account is through online means. It would help if you also used the name on your stealth account for your new account. This is because most banks will only accept transfers if your name on Amazon matches the name you provided them.

You’ll also need a prepaid card for verification on the platform, and there are several providers you can consider for one. Like your name on your bank account, the name on your prepaid card should also match the name you’ve provided for your stealth account on Amazon.

Remember to register your prepaid card before entering it into Amazon.

Step # 6: Create your new Amazon account

After completing the five steps above, you’ll finally have everything you need to create an Amazon stealth account. Make sure you don’t have any Amazon plugins or extensions installed in your browser or use a Virtual Machine before proceeding.

Now, it’s time to create your Amazon stealth account, which is the same as creating a regular account. Enter the new personal details and create your account, which will not be linked to any previous Amazon accounts if you follow all the steps correctly.

First, list a low-risk product on your Amazon stealth account and start selling. We’d recommend taking things slowly until the review period is over.

Why do you need a VPN for your Amazon stealth accounts?

To create an Amazon stealth account, you must invest in a highly effective and efficient VPN to protect your online data, traffic, history, and activities. A VPN (Virtual Private Network) can ensure your stealth accounts remain safe from Amazon’s multiple account detection system.

In addition to keeping you safe on the internet, a VPN can guarantee a seamless and enhanced experience on various platforms. The following are some of the benefits of using a VPN for Amazon stealth accounts:

Hiding your digital identity with high-quality IP addresses

One of the prerequisites for creating a stealth account on Amazon is having an IP address that isn’t linked to any existing account on the platform. A VPN can help you hide your IP address and assign a new one from any location you pick.

High internet speed

Using a VPN hides your IP address from everyone, including your ISP. This protection helps VPN users prevent ISP throttling, providing them with a seamless, high-speed experience on the platform.

Bypassing regional limitations

There are several regional limitations on Amazon for sellers and buyers alike. Whether you want to survey a market not accessible to you or wish to access content not available in your region, a VPN can help.

Secure financial and personal data

PureVPN uses 256-bit AES encryption and DNS leak protection to ensure all of your financial and personal data on the internet is protected. You can also avail of a no-logs policy, preventing the VPN from tracking or recording your information. 

Protection from hackers, scammers, and auditors

It’s not uncommon for businesses to become victims of hackers and scammers or fall under auditors’ radar. A VPN can help protect your online identity and safeguard you from third parties. The protection especially comes in handy when you’re on public WiFi.

Access to stealth accounts on multiple devices

PureVPN lets you use your stealth accounts on multiple devices and operating systems. You can virtually connect to any server from anywhere and access your stealth accounts regardless of where you are.

Enhance security for your Amazon stealth accounts

Using PureVPN is best-suited for creating an Amazon stealth account users because of the following features and benefits it provides:

  • 256-bit AES encryption for the highest level of security for stealth account users.
  • Ability to sell or shop from any central operating system or device.
  • Potential to bypass all regional limitations.
  • Access to 6,500 servers in more than 78 countries
  • Prevention from ISP throttling for high internet speed and seamless browsing.
  • An added layer of protection when connected to public WiFi.
  • Safety against all malicious parties, such as data harvesters, hackers, and scammers.
  • An automatic VPN kill switch that offers protection even after a VPN connection is lost.
  • State-of-the-art IPv6 leak protection
  • DNS leak protection

How to keep your new Amazon stealth account protected

Some sellers need to get more comfortable with their stealth accounts. As a result, they get suspended months after creating a second profile.

Since Amazon keeps updating its detection system for multiple accounts, sellers always need to stay up to speed. Take note of the following safety measures to avoid accidentally leaking your digital footprint:

  • If you use a Virtual Machine for account creation, use it each time you use your stealth account or create an entirely new browser profile.
  • If you own multiple stealth accounts, stay organized by maintaining a spreadsheet of all the data for each account.
  • Don’t lend the devices you use to log into your Amazon account to others.
  • Only list numerous products in one go, and don’t create similar listings.
  • Change the product images, descriptions, and details for all stealth accounts.
  • Always use the same device to log into your stealth account.
  • Remember to secure your connection with a VPN.
  • Use the appropriate server location when connecting to a VPN for your stealth account.

Tips to remember when creating your Amazon stealth account

After you create an Amazon stealth account, you’ll have to ensure you’re not exposing any information that could link it to your primary account on the platform every time you use it. The following are a few standard things sellers follow after creating an Amazon stealth account:

Use the different product information

Amazon can detect the same product pictures, descriptions, and titles on different accounts to link them. You can either sell varying products on your primary and stealth accounts or take some time out to change their details so Amazon won’t be able to detect and link them.

Remember all the key parameters

You can create a file listing all the key parameters to make things easier for yourself. You could also use separate browser profiles and the multi-login option to remember each profile’s use case.

Always use the same browser profile and use a VPN

You have to remain consistent to avoid getting suspended by Amazon. Therefore, you’ll have to use the same browser profile each time you log into your stealth account. On that end, you should always use the exact server location and IP address on your VPN to avoid getting flagged by Amazon.

Don’t use false information

While you will have to provide different personal information than your primary Stealth account, this doesn’t mean you have to make it up. Some details you’ll have to provide include a bank statement, ID or passport, credit card number, and email address.

It’s best to ask a relative or a friend if you can use their information for your stealth account. Doing so will prevent any future trouble.

Warm up your browser profile

After setting up your Amazon stealth account, you’ll need to manage your browser cookies. You can easily do this by scrolling on Amazon to view products, clicking on them, and adding them to your basket.

Leave some items in your basket, close your profile, and revisit them after a few days. This activity will warm up your account and make it seem like a standard primary account on the platform.

Concluding Remarks

You must create your Amazon stealth accounts cautiously to avoid detection. Things should be kept as clean, organized, and up-to-date as possible, as there is no room for mishaps and mistakes. You should ensure you’re doing everything possible to avoid getting your multiple accounts linked, flagged, and suspended. 

This guide has answered all your queries about Amazon stealth accounts and will help you at every step of the account creation process.

Frequently asked questions

Can I create multiple accounts on Amazon?

Amazon doesn’t allow users to create more than one account on the platform. However, if you have a genuine reason for wanting to create multiple accounts, you can contact the Amazon team to exclude you from this policy. You’ll need to meet several requirements for your request to get approved.

Can Amazon detect multiple accounts?

Amazon can use your shipping details, payment information, phone number, IP address, email ID, etc., to link accounts together. It has its own in-house multiple account detection system to identify accounts owned by the same person.

What to do if my Amazon account gets suspended?

If Amazon suspends your account, you will lose access to your inventory, products, shipping status, and orders. In some rare cases, the platform also takes away the sellers’ money and ceases all communications with them. If you want to continue doing business on the forum, you’ll have to create stealth accounts or wait for the suspension period to end.

Can Amazon know my MAC number?

While technical facts and hearsay confirm Amazon can’t track your MAC number, it’s best to be careful and follow preventive measures.




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