What is Spotify

What is Spotify and How Does it Work?

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Spotify is considered to be one of the best streaming services around. It is a great platform for streaming entertainment content such as music, videos, podcasts and other content. It has a dedicated app for smartphones such as those that run on iOS or Android. It also works great on a PC, Windows or Mac.

Spotify has a giant collection of millions of music tracks and videos created by artists located in far-off corners of the world. However, it is only available in the US, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and some countries in Asia. Spotify users find it an absolute must to stay in touch with what they love.

How Does Spotify Work?

What is Spotify

It’s very easy to learn how to use Spotify. Moreover, finding new music and videos is also very easy in Spotify. Based on what you have liked already, and saved on your playlists, Spotify keeps suggesting new content relating to your likes and interests.

It doesn’t matter if you are into underground music bands, or a big fan of the popular ones such as Beyoncé, Rihanna, Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift, or Adele. Everything that you want to listen to right now and everything you’d want to listen is all there.

Is Spotify Available Outside the US?

Apart from a few other countries and regions, it’s not. If you are located anywhere outside the US or the UK, you will not be able to access Spotify. Due to the lack of proper music streaming and licensing authorities in most regions, artists and bands hesitate to release their content globally to avoid piracy.

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Determining which content should be accessed from what regions, and limiting content according to demographics is a form of geographical limitation  and censorship, and it is unethical in many ways. The internet is a public utility and every Netizen rightfully deserves access to all content from anywhere. But that is not the case. Therefore, if you are living outside the US, you may not be able to access Spotify unless you subscribe to a streaming VPN.


Is Spotify free?

Spotify offers two plans, Free and Premium. All content that users can access is free on both the plans. However, the Premium package has its own perks. Spotify free refers to the free account you can create on Spotify, or log in through your existing Facebook account to use its services for free.

Can you download music from Spotify for free?

Downloading music and videos in the form of separate files is not possible on Spotify. However, like most other streaming platforms, music tracks and videos can be made available offline. Once “make available offline” option is selected against the desired content from playlists, the Spotify would download the selected content on your phone and save it in a hidden location.

The music you download from Spotify can be accessed any time from within your app. You can listen to the downloaded music on Spotify without consuming any mobile data.

How to download music from Spotify to computer?

To do this, you need to use a smartphone, as the download option is only available on the smartphone app. Once you have downloaded all the tracks you want, explore your phones using a file explorer and find the downloaded files. Your downloaded music files will not play on any other music app except Spotify, as they are encoded in a protected format known as DRM.

Once you have located these files, transfer them on your computer by any continent method. After that look for an online service that allows you to convert DRM to MP3 and upload the music files. Once the files have been uploaded successfully, the conversion process will start. After the files have been converted, you can download them from the browser and transfer them to any music playback device.

Is it worth it to get Spotify Premium?

There are many added advantages if you choose to upgrade to Spotify Premium. Even though every music is available on the free version as well, the Premium version is much cleaner, faster and provides a better streaming experience. For starters, the visual pop up ads that you see on the app, as well as the audio ads that you are forced to listen to after every four or five songs, all that clutter is removed from the Premium version.

Moreover, the Premium version allows you to create playlists and arrange the songs’ playing order, unlike in the free version where you can only listen to the songs in a shuffle mode. So if you want to listen to the entire album by an artist, you cannot do that on free version unless you put up every next song by searching for it each time.

Do you need the Internet to listen to Spotify?

Since Spotify is a streaming service, it is obvious that it requires internet to stream content from its cloud-based libraries. However, if you download content from Spotify and watch it in offline mode, you will not need internet connectivity.

For all your favorite music and videos, create a playlist and make it available offline to be able to listen to without internet connectivity whenever you want.

Can you listen to music offline on Spotify without premium?

No. The option to make music and videos available offline is only available in the Premium version. The free version does not offer this feature.




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