Hurrah for WhatsApp and Viber, but What about the Rest of the Internet?

WhatsApp and Viber – two of most well-known internet-based instant messaging and calling app companies – took their users by a surprise by introducing end-to-end encryption to guard the privacy and security of their users.

The first company or app to offer end-to-end encryption was, in fact, Telegram, and now Viber and WhatsApp have followed suit. Users of these apps can now be completely worry-free about Viber or WhatsApp security as their messages, photos, videos, voice messages, documents and even calls are way beyond the reach of cyber criminals.

Unfortunately, what’s still not safe is rest of the internet!

Yes, nobody can deny the fact that encrypting WhatsApp and Viber is a great step towards a wholesome internet experience, but what about the rest of the internet-powered apps? Are they not still posing a huge threat to users' online security? Starting from users’ browser to their software, messengers, e-mail clients and LAN, nothing is safe. Cyber criminals attack users via these and many other ways — and securing a few Smartphone messaging apps does not ensure the overall security of internet users. It is a good first step, but needs to be followed immediately by the second step, a VPN.

PureVPN has been on the forefront of raising awareness about the importance of overall online privacy and security for years. Our goal does not merely revolve around WhatsApp encryption or Viber security. PureVPN knew all along that a time will come when people will be threatened from every angle, requiring an all-in-one solution to protect them from every perceivable threat. Those who were smart started using PureVPN and are still using even after many years.

The logical course of action now for everyone is to start using PureVPN or re-continue their subscriptions, if expired. You don’t even need to be a tech-savvy user as the apps provided by PureVPN for iOS, Android and other devices are extremely user-friendly.

PureVPN will continue raising online privacy and security awareness since it is part of our ideology to create an online world that is 100% threat-free. The people at Viber have made Viber secure by increasing Viber security but you must secure your entire internet connection. You can grab your online security guard now to safeguard all your mobile communications and confidential data from falling into the hands of vicious cyber criminals who are eagerly anticipating a wrong move by you.

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