Who’s Stealing Your Business Secrets?

Company data or a trade secret is information that includes patterns, formulas, business strategies, compilation processes or any other methods or documents used in the business that has economic value, whether the value is potential or actual. If you own a business, then it is essential that you adopt certain measures to protect your data or confidential company information.

Who Can Attack Your System?

Data theft usually occurs at different levels of online transmission of data. It can be stolen by hackers through your social networking sites or by using email accounts. Information can also be phished by using emails appearing from valid sources. Some of the most common identities that are used to steal data are peer to peer file sharing, malicious websites, e-mail attachments, social networks and phishing emails. By downloading harmful software or clicking on bogus links can link personal information to spammers or hackers who can easily steal your identity. Whatever it is, today there are hackers, ex-employees of the company and other unauthorized people who can use this company data for their own benefits and purposely cause harm to the growth of a company.  Such cyber criminals find loopholes to gain access to your network whether on wired or wireless connections.

For hackers, stealing your business secrets is not difficult. Leaking of sensitive company information can cause terrible loss to companies, and this becomes the biggest treat. Data breach has become a common concern for business owners as hackers who are taking away your company information usually do not leave any traces. According to a study, one third of all European office workers admitted that they had carried some confidential information out of their office to a new job. Sales and marketing executives usually have access to customer data or company information. The entire database of contacts and confidential company documents or manuals can easily be accessed at the click of a button. Any business having sensitive information should consider this matter seriously by using some latest technology or by any encryption techniques.

Ward-off Cyber Criminals with a VPN Connection

With technology developing at a rapid pace, we can now be assured of a secured and safe internet connection that can protect your data and any online transaction details from hackers. A Virtual Private Network or VPN offers a secured tunnel through which you can easily transmit your data in an encrypted manner. Buy A VPN account that uses encryption methods, and a firewall to offer the maximum privacy regarding data to keep cyber criminals at bay. This means that even when you are using a public Wi Fi connection, unauthorized people will not be able to access the data on your mobile or computer.

Thus, it can be said that a VPN connection is a must for all companies, and it is considered to be the safest means of protecting your confidential data. Large organizations usually get a VPN to protect employees and to offer them secured browsing sessions.

Surf the web without letting your information & location leaked


Data theft has become a prime concern for many organizations having sensitive company information and cyber criminals are finding various means to gain access to such data. A VPN connection can prevent others from stealing your business secrets and data as it transfers any confidential data in an encrypted manner and offers a safe and secured tunnel for your internet connection.

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