Why I Need VPN on iPhone 5

Why I Need VPN on iPhone 5

iPhone 5 was introduced in September of 2012. Since then, it has been one of the most successful iPhone models. Although the iPhone 5 featured the best technology available at that time, it was still vulnerable to several online security threats. Thus, all iPhone 5 users need to get a VPN for iPhone. If you do not know, a VPN on iPhone 5 protects and encrypts user data for complete internet privacy and security. It is an essential that cannot be overlooked. If you are an iPhone 5 user but new to a VPN, we will explain about iPhone 5 VPN below in detail.

Wait, What is a VPN?

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, is a networking technique whereby an internet user is allowed to establish a private connection between the internet and the device used to connect to it. This is established by means of establishing a secure tunnel between the computing device and the server(s) of the VPN service provider. Similarly, a VPN Client for iPhone helps its user encrypt all the data for complete protection against data snoopers and identity thieves..

So, the benefits of a VPN on iPhone 5 are truly numerous!

How to configure VPN on your iPhone 5

1: To configure VPN manually see step by step tutorial on this article How to configure VPN on iPhone5

2: You can also download PureVPN iPhone App from iTunes to avoid manual configuration and easier use Download iPhone 5 VPN App 

A VPN Client for iPhone Delivers Many Benefits

A good VPN service provides online security, privacy and anonymity to its users through the use of its quality network. There are a number of tools used by a VPN service provider for delivering all the aforementioned benefits to the users including the following ones:

Servers & IP Addresses –A good VPN service provider has a considerably large network that comprises high-quality servers placed across strategic locations around the world offering foreign IP addresses for unblocking and anonymity. This feature allows internet users using a VPN on iPhone 5 to change their identity and access location-restricted websites by changing their IP address to a location where blocked sites are accessible.

Data Tunnel & Data Encryption – Another brilliant feature of a VPN service is its ability to establish a secure data tunnel between the user and the VPN server(s). There various data tunneling techniques like PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, and OpenVPN, with each offering its own level of data tunneling capabilities and compatibility with operating systems. A good VPN Client for iPhone offers support for all major types of data tunneling protocols for a VPN on iPhone 5. Moreover, a good VPN Client for iPhone offers data encryption support, as well. It is ideal to have at least 128-bit of data encryption so that the user’s data is made completely unreadable for data snoopers.

VPN Client – This is the most important part of a VPN on iPhone 5. A VPN Client for iPhone is designed to help users use a VPN on their handset with complete ease. Users get to select servers, the data tunneling protocol and the encryption level from a user-friendly interface. However, keep in mind that all VPN services don’t offer custom VPN clients.


When a device or gadget gets successful and famous amongst the masses, the criminal minds sit down to come up with ideas about how to harm the users of these devices. Same is the case with iPhone users, which is why all iPhone users must use a VPN so that they can become secure and anonymous while being restriction free on the internet. A VPN on iPhone 5 can be termed as the best thing that has happened to the iPhone since the iPhone itself!

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    Being a privacy-concerned person, I have tried many VPN on iPhone 5. I have a PureVPN which supports HTTPS protocol that offers me best security for my iPhone5. Sometimes I access my important e-mails at public wifi hotspots and I always try to surf the web securely and safely. To ensure my phone is secured and for its better performance I always keep my phone connected to the VPN.