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It takes years for a business to build a clientele and reputation, but a tiny lapse in security to bring it all down. Don’t risk your reputation and your client’s data. Get the protection of PureVPN’s business VPN today.

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What is Remote Access VPN?

  • A VPN is a virtual private network. It’s a security tool that’s been used by remote workers and traveling business workers to conduct their work without threat of cyber attacks.
  • Using military-grade encryption, a VPN provides a secure tunnel for remote workers to use to access sensitive company data. Using a VPN provider’s secure server, web traffic is routed through a secure IP address associated with a unique server location.
  • Once in use, a VPN encrypts all of the user’s data, meaning that even if they’re logging in to work from home, they’re using a world-class, virtually unhackable connection to perform their work tasks.

The Security Risks of Remote Work

Remote work has quite literally been a lifesaver during this global pandemic

Unauthorized Users

After the coronavirus outbreak, many employers have had to shift all or part of their workforces to a remote environment, allowing an unprecedented number of users to access sensitive company data from home.

Insecure Home Network

What this means is that with people accessing your company’s servers from home, your servers are only as secure as their home connection — not the best case scenario when you’re dealing with sensitive data.

Data Breach Risk

Historically, a data breach has been the kiss of death from a PR approach. And poor press due to a data breach is the very LAST thing a company needs at such a critical economic time. Due to the circumstances, it’s more likely than ever to happen.

Why PureVPN is Ideal For Remote Workers?

As times continue to change, PureVPN is now a more vocal advocate than ever for the security of remote work. With so many companies having to adapt very quickly to the present scenario, little time has been taken to address the potential security risks of hundreds of employees accessing remote company servers from unsecured home internet connections.

  • With a PureVPN, you do not need a world-class internet security system to get the job done — you just need to use ours.
  • We provide a securely encrypted tunnel for all of our users traffic, enabling our clients to access remote servers from anywhere, without fear of data interception.
  • Using our state of the art encryption methodologies and user-friendly software interface, PureVPN makes it easy for remote workers to prevent data theft as they work remotely.
  • It is cost-effective, easy to use, and could save your company from exploitation during this sensitive time.
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PureVPN makes it easy to Secure Remote Access Server

With everything going on, PureVPN thinks security should be easy. We’ve always been here to help, but now more than ever, we’re here to support remote teams worldwide

AES-256 bit Encryption

Secure your data with top-of-the-line encryption via OpenVPN and get complete peace of mind.

NAT Firewall

Add an extra layer of security to your devices by blocking unrequested inbound traffic.

Internet Kill Switch

Remain in control of your privacy, security, and anonymity, even when the VPN connection drops.

Split Tunneling

Choose which data to send through your ISP connection and which through the VPN connection.

24/7 Technical Support

Our technical team is always here to help you when you run into an unexpected error.

DNS Leak Protection

Remain safe from DNS leaks regardless of the device, OS, or the ISP you are using.

10 Multi Logins

One PureVPN account affords you the ability to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously.

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VPN for Teams

Get a secure and private access to our global network of over 6500+ ultra-fast VPN servers in 140 countries using our Business VPN

Encrypt Business Data

Our Enterprise VPN solution helps you secure your business data from cybercriminals by using Business VPN military-grade encryption

Mask Your Presence

Browse anonymously and remain hidden from every prying eye on the internet using our business VPN solution.

Secure Wi-Fi

Secure your internet connection on Wi-Fi hotspots and transfer sensitive data with ease

Test Your Product

Test your product, application or website to see how it appears in different countries

Competitor Analysis

Assess how your competitors appear in different countries and stay competitive

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Overcome restrictions & limitations. Access blocked content and services in your region using PureVPN business VPN service

Get VPN for Teams 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Dedicated IP VPN for Teams

Use a dedicated IP address while you continue to access our global VPN network of over 6500+ servers in 140 countries using our Business VPN

Dedicated IPs From 8 Countries

Get an exclusive IP address for your office & empower your business with secure remote and FTP access using Business VPN solution

Secure Remote Access

Get secure remote access to sensitive resources, including file servers and dashboard, for your office with PureVPN enterprise VPN service

Secure Business Data

The best high-speed VPN for business makes your web, data & file servers secure through encryption and dedicated IP protection

IP Whitelisting

Our VPN for business helps you secure your data by restricting access to a single dedicated IP address only

2-Factor Authentication

Small businesses can ensure maximum protection of their data by using dedicated IP addresses as 2-Factor Authentication

Secure Online Accounts

Our Business VPN service ensures Freelancers and Teleworkers to use our dedicated IPs for banking and accessing sensitive accounts to avoid frequent IP changes

Get Dedicated IP VPN 31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Dedicated VPN Server for Teams

Take control of your very own dedicated VPN server while continuing to use our shared VPN network in 140 countries using our Business VPN

Customize As You Want

Our Business VPN solution gives you the flexibility to put customized restrictions or enable loggings for security and legal purposes

Peace Of Mind

Our corporate VPN service gives you additional peace of mind by limiting server access to you only

Single Public IP

Assign dedicated IP addresses to your team members with ease or assign a single unique IP address to all with PureVPN enterprise VPN services

An Admin Control Panel That Makes Things Simple

Create, delete, assign dedicated IPs and manage your team members' accounts with ease using our Business VPN.

Small Business VPN solution

The Remote Access VPN That Supports Every Internet-Enabled Device

Easy & simple apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux & Amazon FireTV Stick

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • Android

  • iPhone

  • iPad

  • Linux

  • Chrome

  • Firefox

Compatible with 50 devices more.

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Remote Access VPN
Frequently Asked Questions

A site to site VPN is a great way to extend an already secured network. This way, data can flow seamlessly between different parts of your remote network. However, a site-to-site VPN does NOT secure the data of third-party users — aka your remote team.

Look, if you have a team working remotely, you ALWAYS need a remote access VPN. However, with more teams going remote, cyberattack traffic has spiked, and more companies than ever are vulnerable to penetration. A VPN secures your team’s data because even the most secure servers in the world are only as secure as their users’ connections. Secure your team’s access — learn more about our remote server access VPN today.

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