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Uzair Gadit

Dear PureVPN family,

2020 is the third year I am writing to you. Last year turned out to be one of the best years in our 12-year history. The credit falls to you, our users, who gave us feedback about how we can improve PureVPN. We acted on your feedback, and it was fruitful.

A whole new decade is ahead of us.
New Challenges.
New Opportunities.
New Responsibilities.

With the start of a new decade, it got me to analyze the last 12 years of PureVPN’s existence. I came to the realization that we are standing at a pivotal moment where we can shape how we evolve for the betterment of our users. So this year, instead of one question, I have asked you two crucial questions at the end of my email.

Thinking back, when the internet was founded, it was founded on three beautiful principles;
Freedom, Progress and Equality.

The Internet was meant to further human progress. Provide people with a platform to connect & express themselves. Have access to information that was once reserved. The Internet was meant to be Equal. The Internet was meant to be Secure.

But it was maligned by a few for their own gains. The revered principles of freedom, progress and equality were violated. We saw our online security being compromised, our data hacked and sold, we saw access to information restricted and limited internet access based on geographical locations.

PureVPN is playing a part in levelling the field for millions of people and is on a mission to restore the internet how it was originally founded to be but I need your support to improve PureVPN and build new flawless products to help create an internet based on Freedom, Progress and Equality.

Here are my two questions that will help me lay down a strategy for the new decade.

Question one; Tell me what one feature or improvement I could introduce that will make you fall in love with PureVPN for life

By answering this, you’ll help me and my team to create a flawless VPN product for you that will give you the best experience with PureVPN.

Question two; What other challenges you face online regarding your privacy and security that you don't have a decent solution for?

I want to help you solve all your online needs other than VPN as well. Let me know. This will enable us to create new products for you that will make your online life easier and more rewarding.

Kindly give your suggestions on our ideas platform.

Your reply will enable me to set the next year's action plan and create products that will help us shape an internet that upholds freedom, progression and security for everyone.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Uzair Gadit
Co-founder & CEO,

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