How to Find Cheap Flights to Canada

A VPN is your best bet to find the cheapest flights to or from Canada. You can do that by spoofing your IP and overcoming the regional price discrimination from anywhere.

Simple Steps to Find


Cheap Flights Finder

Go to a flight finder website and check the airfare to your desired destination

Launch PureVPN

Open the app and connect to your desired location

Compare Airfare

Find cheap flights to Canada by comparing the fares from different locations

Important Things

Travel Packing-List You Must Consider For CANADA

Do you have the right wear to survive the harsh weather of Quebec or Alberta? If you don’t, then check out the packing-list that you need for your stay in Canada.

  • If you want to travel to Canada by yourself via a rental car, you may need an international driver license.
  • If you don’t want to exchange your currency at a local exchanger due to considerable differences in rates, you may try getting the money out from ATM directly. It offers a much reasonable exchange rate.
  • Depending on what part of the country you’re visiting and in what season, you may need to pack your clothing accordingly. Pack a pair of jeans, chino, long sleeves, shirts, and t-shirts, to name a few.
  • Similarly, you may need to decide the right pair of shoes that can go well whether you’re walking or hiking. If you’re going in the winter season, you may need a warm pair of boots.
  • Whatever portable devices or appliances you’re taking with you to Canada, make sure that you also pack compatible charger for the devices.
  • You might also need to pack a converter or adapter if you’re flying to Canada from Europe.

Airlines You Can Take toFLY TO CANADA

There are dozens of international airlines that can take you to Canada. Some airlines’ name might sound familiar, while some may be new. Regardless, you can also find some names in the list that offer you cheap flights to Canada.

The time a flight takes may greatly depend on the point of departure. Some trips may take a few hours or so while other flights may take longer. In fact, a connecting flight takes more time because of all the waiting and stay time.

There Are Many Ways to Access the InternetIN CANADA

Securing the means of communication should be given priority when you land in Canada. And, when it comes to communication, internet access comes first. After all, it lets you explore more about the country or find preferred places with ease.

  • People often try to stick to their local SIM even when they travel abroad. If you’re okay with hefty roaming charges, then there’s no need to worry. Not at all. However, you may need to consider buying a new SIM to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Rogers Communications, Bell Canada and Telus are the local network carriers in Canada, while Telus and Bell Canada offer coverage to 99% Canadians.
  • You may also opt for a cheaper option when you go to Canada, which is public Wi-Fi such as in airports, cafés, hotels, etc.

Top 10 Largest CitiesIN CANADA

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world, most notably because of its longest borderline that it shares with the United States. If you talk about the cities, then Toronto takes the cake with its largest population accommodating more than a quarter of the Canadian population. Here’s a list of the largest cities in Canada that you may want to add to your itinerary:

Toronto Toronto Pearson International Airport Toronto Pearson Wi-Fi
Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau YUL Wi-Fi
Vancouver Vancouver International Airport YVR free Wi-Fi
Calgary Calgary International Airport YYC free Wi-Fi
Edmonton Edmonton International Airport EIA_FREE_WIFI
Ottawa Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport YOW Free Wi-Fi
Winnipeg Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport Free Airport WiFi
Quebec city Jean Lesage International Airport YQB Gratuit-Free
Hamilton John C. Munro Hamilton International Airport Fly Hamilton Passenger WIFI
Kitchener–Waterloo–Cambridge Region of Waterloo International Airport RMOW-Public

When is the Best Time to


You can never go wrong when deciding the best time or season of the year to fly to Canada. After all, the country bursts with immense scenic beauty all year long. For instance, July till August is the peak time when you will see the most tourists there, and if you’re going at that time then use VPN to find cheap flights in Canada.

If you choose to go to the country during the months of May or June, you’d typically find a lesser crowd and, thus, lower airfare rates. You can also enjoy the mesmerizing hues of summers if you fly during September or October.

November and December are usually the colder seasons of the year which are great if you are interested in snowmobiling, dog sledding, and even the Christmas and New Year’s celebration.

Top 5 Budget Cities toVISIT IN CANADA

You’ve found a cheap flight to Canada, and now you want to save money on your travel and accommodation as well. Just like any other country, Canada is also not cheap when it comes to certain aspects. Therefore, it is best to prepare a list of budget cities and accommodations you can consider your trip to Canada before you leave your home to catch the Canadian flight.

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Cornwall, Ontario

Cornwall is one of the cheapest places to visit in Canada. You can find a healthy dose of a meal for two people in C$60. Since gasoline is also affordable in Canada, you can take the local taxi that would cost you around C$1.76/km. You can also opt for a monthly pass that can let you travel in just C$64.

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

Sarnia, Ontario

In Sarnia, Ontario, you can have a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant for only C$65. The transportation is also inexpensive, i.e., starting from C$3 for a one-way ticket or C$75 for a monthly pass.

Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Longueuil, Quebec

The average cost for a 3-star hotel is around US$118. You can also opt for a cheaper option by staying in a 1-star or 2-star hotel. You can find an affordable meal for only C$15.

Wetaskiwin, Alberta, Canada

Wetaskiwin, Alberta

Wetaskiwin is a small city that has a population of only 12,600 people. It means you can never find a more serene city in Canada than Wetaskiwin. The town has some good attraction points you can visit and also find a generous number of budget hotels to stay.

Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada

Quesnel, British Columbia

Situated in the North Cariboo, Quesnel is also a great city to visit when you are in Canada. As a tourist, you can immerse yourself in a significant number of fun activities while staying in budget hotels and lodges. You can opt for hunting, fishing, canoeing and even hiking if you want. You can also visit the Pinnacles Provincial Park for experiencing a mind-blowing scenic attraction.

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Tips While StayingIN CANADA

When you’re in Rome, do as Romans do. Keep in mind the following points when you are traveling in Canada.

  • No matter at what time of the year you are traveling to Canada, you need to pack a few pairs of warm cloth.
  • Tipping is customary and not mandatory in Canada. But, if you prefer to tip someone, consider a range between 15% and 20%.
  • Be prepared to pay more than the actual bill. In Canada, you’d have to pay 15% of taxes on goods and services.
  • As said earlier, Canada isn’t cheap when it comes to lodging. But, you can save your lodging expenses by trying couch surfing, especially when you are traveling solo.
  • You can use a VPN to pre-book your stays at different locations from different IP for cheaper rates same as booking for cheap flights to Canada.

Popular Places to VisitIN CANADA

From golden hues to snowy-white mountains, Canada boasts a multitude of attraction points that can satisfy your search for scenic splendor.

Niagara Falls Canada

Niagara Falls

Niagara is one of the largest waterfalls in the world. You can either contemplate on its grandeur from afar or take a dip into the small pool at the top of the waterfall.

Lake Louise Canada

Lake Louise

It is home to a beautiful turquoise lake which is fed by the surrounding glaciers. During the summers, you can take a canoe ride through the lake and in winters you can enjoy skating.

Jasper National Park of Canada

Jasper National Park of Canada

If you are interested in camping in the woods or hiking scenic trails, you may want to visit the Jasper National Park of Canada.

Yoho National Park of Canada

Yoho National Park of Canada

The national park is home to multiple waterfalls such as the Takakkaw Falls, leaks and wildlife.

Yellowknife Canada


The city exhibits Arts and Cultural Center, Prince of Wales Northern Heritage center, Great Slave Lake and more.

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