How to Find Cheap Flights for Japan

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Simple Steps to Find


Cheap Flights Finder

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Compare Airfare

Find the cheapest airfare for Japan by comparing the prices you get in each country

Important Things

Important Things to Pack When Going TO JAPAN

Whether you are traveling from Africa, Asia, or the Americas, ensure that you have all the essentials to avoid any unwanted stress during your stay in Japan. Don’t know what needs to be packed? Here are a few things you wouldn’t want to forget.

  • You can’t enter Japan without your visa and passport. Keep copies of both to avoid any untoward situation.
  • If you want to explore different parts of the country, buy your Japan Rail Pass and rid yourself of the hassle of getting train tickets every time you make a trip.
  • In Japan, you can pay almost anywhere with a card. Remember to take your debit/credit cards with you.
  • Know your way around by carrying a hard copy map of the cities you plan to visit. Or, use navigation apps such as Google Maps.
  • Equip your mobile phone with a data-only Japanese SIM card to stay connected with friends and family from back home.
  • Are you planning on renting a car in Japan? Make sure you have your international driving license, or you won’t be able to drive the vehicle.

Which Airlines You Can Choose for TravelingTO JAPAN

All major airlines have flights to Japan. You can decide which one to buy your ticket from by considering your departure and destination cities as well as the dates and times.

You should also take flight times into account when picking an airline. It’s going to take considerably longer to get to Japan if you have opted for a flight that has multiple stopovers. However, you can reduce the flight time by booking a direct flight, which means no stops at all.

How to Access the InternetIN JAPAN

Once you’ve landed in Japan, you’ll need a way to communicate with people living in and outside the country. You should take care of this beforehand, to be on the safe side.

  • You have the option of using your local sim in Japan, but take a look at the roaming charges first. These usually are relatively high and can quickly add up to bills in the hundreds or even thousands.
  • The second and more affordable option is to get yourself a Japanese SIM card. You can opt for either SoftBank or NTT Docomo.
  • Using free Wi-Fi is the most inexpensive method of connecting to the Internet in the country. These networks can be found in almost all public places and cost you nothing in terms of money (the same can’t be said about your privacy, though).

Top 10 Populated CitiesIN JAPAN

Besides Tokyo, which is inhabited by around 10 million people, Japan is home to a plethora of cities that hustle and bustle all day and night. Below, you’ll find the ten largest Japanese cities that are worth checking out during your visit.

Tokyo Tokyo Haneda Airport HANEDA-FREE-WIFI
Yokohama Tokyo Haneda Airport HANEDA-FREE-WIFI
Osaka Osaka International Airport osaka-airport-free-wifi
Nagoya Chubu Centrair International Airport FreeWiFi-centrair
Sapporo New Chitose Airport NewChitose_Airport_Free_Wi-Fi
Kobe Kobe Airport kobeairport
Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport fukuoka-ap_Free-Wi-Fi
Kyoto Kansai International Airport [email protected]
Kawasaki haneda airport HANEDA-FREE-WIFI
Saitama Narita International Airport FreeWiFi-NARITA

If you plan on visiting any of the cities above, be prepared for crowded streets, amusement parks, restaurants, and shopping malls!


What is the Most Visited Time


The late spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November) months are generally the most visited times for Japan due to mild temperatures, clear skies, and little rainfall. However, the best time to travel to Japan depends entirely on where you’ll be going and what you’re hoping to do once you get there.

For instance, if you want to enjoy the various traditional Japanese festivals, summer is the best time to head out to Japan. Similarly, if you want to engage in skiing and ice-skating activities or catch the spectacular Christmas illuminations, you’re better off planning your trip to Japan during the winter.

Top 5 Cheapest Cities toVISIT IN JAPAN

Do you want to experience the best Japan has to offer without breaking the bank in the process? Then, you might want to add these inexpensive cities to your itinerary. They’re just as picturesque and scenic as the rest of the country but offer affordable transport, lodging, meals, etc. Without further ado, let’s take a look at them:

Sapporo Japan


Sapporo is a must-visit city to explore the stunning mountains of Japan and some of the most delicious ramen you’ll ever get your hands on. However, if you’re worried about wearing your wallet out, you should consider heading out over there during the summer to ditch the snow-chasing tourists and ski enthusiasts.

Okinawa Japan


If you’re looking to experience rich Japanese culture and beautiful beaches in one budget-friendly vacation, look no further than Okinawa. There are a plethora of cheap and free beach camping options as well if you can rough it out, but watch out for any “no camping” signs.

Kamakura Japan


Kamakura is a small city with lower premiums. Situated not so far away from Yokohama, the city used to be medieval Japan’s political center. It’s a popular tourist destination as well because of its countless Shinto shrines and Buddhist Zen temples.

Fukuoka Japan


Fukuoka is vibrant, bustling, and one of the more affordable city options in Japan. The largest city of Kyushu is famed for its various ancient temples and Yatai street food stalls that create a fantastic atmosphere as soon as the sun goes down.

Osaka Japan


Tokyo’s grittier little sibling, Osaka, provides accommodation options that are suitable and varied for all budgets. However, what makes it an ideal choice for budget-conscious travelers is the ability to eat well for close to nothing. The locals there love to drink as well, so watch out for all-you-can-drink deals at izakayas (pubs).

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Tips to Keep in Mind WhenIN JAPAN

As with other countries around the world, Japan too has its own rules and regulations. You need to be aware of them to avoid the possibility of hurting someone’s sentiments or getting into trouble. For this reason, it’s advised that you keep these tips in mind to enjoy a safe and happy stay in Japan:

  • It’s forbidden to smoke on the streets, so make sure you visit the designated smoking areas for a cigarette when you’re out and about.
  • Littering is a serious offense in Japan, which can result in up to a fine of around 10 million Yen or penalty of up to 5 years. Therefore, hold onto your wrappers or tissue paper until you can dispose of them properly.
  • In Japan, tattoos are commonly associated with the Yakuza and other criminal gangs. As such, you might be denied entry in places such as pools, saunas, and onsen if you have tattoos.
  • Don’t take unsolicited photos of people or point things towards them because it can be seen as a sign of disorderly behavior.
  • Having a virtual private network is necessary when traveling to Japan as it allows you to watch your native content and use public Wi-Fi networks safely, among various other things.

Popular Attraction toVISIT IN JAPAN

Are you wondering which tourist spots in Japan are the most popular today? The country boasts an endless list of things to do and see, but don’t forget to visit these popular attractions to make your time and money’s worth:
The Hakone Open-Air Museum Japan

The Hakone Open-Air Museum

Located in Onsen Town, Hakone City, the Hakone Open-Air Museum features amazing artworks displayed in indoor and outdoor spaces by famous artists such as Yasuo Mizui, Henry Moore, and Picasso.

Todai-ji Temple Japan

Todai-ji Temple

Built in 783 CE, the Todai-ji Temple is one of the oldest structures existing in present-day Japan and houses the world’s largest Buddha statue.

Mount Fuji Japan

Mount Fuji

The majestic Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain peak and most recognizable landmark. Standing over 3,700 meters high, it’s visited by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world every year.

Imperial Palace Japan

Imperial Palace

Tokyo’s most notable landmark, the 17th century Imperial Palace with its beautiful parks enclosed by moats and walls, is a must-see when visiting the capital of Japan.

Jigokudani Monkey Park Japan

Jigokudani Monkey Park

A popular hot spring area situated near Nagano, the Jigokudani Monkey Park is known for its large population of wild Japanese macaques.

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