How to Find Cheap Flights to Korea

Connect the VPN on your favorite device, join any server location, go to flight comparison sites, and compare flights to find the best flight deals.

Simple Steps to Find


Cheap Flights Finder

Go to a flight finder website and check the airfare to your desired destination

Launch PureVPN

Open the app and connect to your desired location

Compare Airfare

Once the virtual location is spoofed, compare new flight rates for cheaper airfare to Korea

Important Things

The Quick Packing List FOR KOREA

Once you’ve found a cheap flight to Korea and bought the ticket, it is time to prepare a travel packing list. You need to ensure that the packing list contains all the essential items that you will need once you are in Korea such as necessary tech items, toiletries, grooming stuff and more.

  • Since some countries or regions have different power outlet standards, it is essential to keep a converter or adapter, so you don’t face any problem charging your devices.
  • How many pairs of clothes or footwear to pack depends on your stay in the country. For a short visit, two pairs of every item would do just fine.
  • You need to pack some essential toiletries for your visit to Korea, such as grooming stuff, toothpaste, and brushes, etc. When it comes to towels, it is best to ditch full-size towels for compact sizes.
  • Koreans have a distinct makeup style as compared to most other regions. So, you may need to pack some your personal make up kit if you don’t want to get confused with their local makeup kits.
  • Local medications are a must. Since you won’t be able to tell apart Ibuprofen from any other drug, you would need to take the necessary medicines that you already use.
  • If you are traveling to Korea during the chilly season, you may need to pack some warm articles as well, such as blazers, sweaters, etc.

International Flights That Fly toSOUTH KOREA

Now that you have found cheap flights to Korea and got a packing checklist, it is time you should opt for a flight. When it comes to picking the right flights, there are certain things to look for, such as the facilities they offer, the comfort they promise and the flight time. A great flight is one that takes care of all those essential aspects. Anyway, following are some international flights that can fly you to South Korea:

Accessing the Internet inSOUTH KOREA

You have found a cheap flight to Korea, and you’re finally at the airport. Now, what’s the plan forward? The most important job you need to do after arriving in the country is to secure the means of communication such as SIMs, data plan or free Wi-Fi.

  • For starters, you may use the local SIM from your home country in Korea. What you would only need to double-check is the roaming charges of your country’s SIM. You may learn more about the roaming charges from a nearby retailer or online.
  • You may also opt for a local SIM that comes with long to short term plans. You can choose between the three major network carriers in Korea: Olleh, SK Telecom, and LG U+.
  • You can also go for free Wi-Fi that are available in public places like Airports, hotels, etc.

Top 10 Largest Cities inSOUTH KOREA

Believe it or not, one of the most populated cities in the world in Korea. As you want to find a cheap flight to Korea, it won’t harm to get some added knowledge of its biggest cities.

Seoul Incheon International Airport AIRPORTWIFI
Busan Gimhae International Airport PLAY WIFI Rental Center
Incheon Incheon International Airport AIRPORTWIFI
Daegu Daegu International Airport T wifi zone
Daejeon Cheongju International Airport KAC-Cheongju
Cheongju Cheongju International Airport KAC-Cheongju
Gwangju Gwangju Airport kacgwangju
Suwon Suwon Airport -
Ulsan Ulsan Airport Ulsan Airport FreeWiFi
Seongnam Seoul Air Base -

When is the Best Time to Fly to


Before you find any cheap flights to Korea, it is advisable to first know the best time for travel. After all, peak and off-peak seasons can have a direct impact on the airfares, regardless of the destination. Though there is never a wrong time to travel to the country, you can still plan your trip based on what you want to see.

For instance, during April and June, you can enjoy the blissful experience of being immersed in the pinkish cherry blossom flood that beautifies the spaces of South Korea. If you travel to the country in September, you would be able to enjoy the Korean-style thanksgiving, i.e., Chuseok. Similarly, if you happen to travel in October, you would be able to check out the famed Busan International Film Festival.

Top 5 Budget Destinations to VisitIN SOUTH KOREA

Since you want to find cheap flights to Korea, you may probably look for budget destinations in the country to save your hard-earned money. If so, then you need not worry at all.

Uijeongbu South Korea


The city has a population of roughly around 436,527. It is located in the north of Seoul. You can travel around the city in a cheap and comfortable way through the local buses that have an extensive network.

Paju South Korea


The city has different popular attraction points that tourists can visit all around the year. One of the famous places includes Heyri Art valley which is a must-see place for art lovers.

Nonsan South Korea


There are numerous means of travel you can use when traveling in Nonsan, such as railroad systems, buses, etc. The city has paths for bicycles, which gives people a comfortable and safe way to travel from place to place on their bicycles.

Changwon South Korea


It is the capital city of the South Gyeongsangnam-do province. The best aspect of this city is that it enjoys numerous seasonal festivals such as Jinhae Gunhangje Festival, Changwon Namsan Sangbongje Festival, etc.

Pohang South Korea


It is located in the province of North Gyeongsang, South Korea. It has the largest population in the province. You can check out the seafood market near the port, a Buddhist temple, and more.

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Tips to Keep in Mind When VistingSOUTH KOREA

Keep in mind the following tips when you travel to South Korea:

  • If you wish to travel cheap, opt for the Korean public transports.
  • Regardless of the country you are travel to, it is always advisable to pick up some local lingos before traveling.
  • There’s no harm in shouting at the server to call him to your table. Or, you can also call them by using the push button near the table if available.
  • You may be accustomed to tipping in your country. But in Korea, tipping is not expected at all because it isn’t in their tradition.
  • It is best to check the Korean weather before you fly to the country so you can prepare beforehand.
  • Install a reliable VPN on your device before you travel because it would come handy in situations like secure online transactions from public hotspots, online anonymity, and internet freedom.

Popular Attraction inSOUTH KOREA

Logically, we would first decide our itinerary before we find cheap flights to Korea. Isn’t it? Although there are a significant number of places worthy of a visit, there are some particular places that take the cake.

Jindo Sea Parting South Korea

Jindo Sea Parting

Every year, tens of thousands of visitors from across the globe visit this popular attraction point in South Korea to witness the phenomenon of biblical sea parting. The bridge has been naturally formed because of the thousands of pebbles that amassed over the years.

Pocheon Art Valley South Korea

Pocheon Art Valley

If you love rocky cliffs and turquoise lakes, then you would definitely love the Pocheon Art Valley. The quarry was renovated for environmental purposes. It now holds art events on regular basis, which are attended by thousands of tourists every year.

Lotte World South Korea

Lotte World

It is the best place to visit with your family. After all, both the kids and adults love amusement parks. The Lotte World stays open all year round and packs some of the best rides and carousels.

Hallasan National Park South Korea

Hallasan National Park

Once an active volcano and now a popular hiking point for both the local and international visitors, Hallasan National park is an excellent spot for people who are into hiking. The national park is located in Jeju Island, South Korea.

Gyeongbokgung Palace South Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace

If you are into historic places and iconic buildings, you should definitely give Geyeongbokgung Palace a visit when you travel to South Korea. The iconic palace has hundreds of years of history. In fact, the palace goes through continuous restorations in an effort to bring it to its rightful glory.

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