How to Find Cheap Flights to Spain

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Best Time to Find


Most Expensive in

Flights to Spain are most expensive during June and August as it is the prime tourist season with almost 9% potential price rise.

Most Cheap in

Tickets to Spain are cheapest in January and February with almost 5% potential price drop.

Average Money Saved
$50 - $1,000

Prices may vary in seasons and depend upon the location you select using a VPN.

Simple Steps to Find


Cheap Flights Finder

Go to a flight finder website and check the airfare to your desired destination

Launch PureVPN

Open the app and connect to your desired location

Compare Airfare

Recheck the ticket prices from the same websites to find cheap Spanish flights

Important Things

Quick Travel Packing Checklist FOR SPAIN

Spain is a country that is popular among tourists. Its colorful festivals and entertaining activities are very popular among all sorts of people visiting the country. You won’t find a shortage of stuff to do when in Spain. But before you pack your backpacks, make sure to keep these essentials with you to enjoy the best traveling experience:

  • Spain is hot. So you shouldn’t underestimate the heat and dress up in the light and summer-friendly gear.
  • You’ll have to do a lot of walking while in Spain. So make sure that you’ve got appropriate footwear for this purpose.
  • Spain is full of cobblestone laden paths which make it difficult for dragging your luggage. So make sure to get a bag with big and strong wheels.
  • Make sure to carry an umbrella while in Spain. You never know when it’ll start raining so it’s better to be on the safe side.
  • It’s usually sunny in Spain. So make sure to carry sunglasses and apply sunblock lotions before heading out.
  • Also, don’t forget to carry a neck wallet. Any tourist attraction is bound to have pickpockets, so it is better to be safe.

Flights You Can Go for to FlyTO SPAIN

Now that you have learned how to find cheap flights to Spain, you might want to check which airlines can fly you there in a comfortable manner. To make your search easy, we’ve selected the best airlines that can offer the best flight to Spain:

The flight timings might vary depending on the location of departure. You might have to go through a long hauled trip to Spain if your departing location is far away.

How to Access the InternetIN SPAIN

Spain is a country that is very developed. Hence, you won’t find many issues while accessing internet services in the country. Here are some tips that will help you get internet access in Spain.

  • The hotel you’re staying at might have free Wi-Fi available. You can ask the staff to share credentials if there are any.
  • Most restaurants and other public places might have free Wi-Fi access available. You can visit these places to access the internet.
  • The easiest way to get access to the Internet in Spain is to get a SIM card so you may enjoy 4G speeds anywhere, anytime.

Top 10 Largest CitiesIN SPAIN

Spain is amazing, and there are many places where you can enjoy the perfect traveling experience. Here is a list of best Spanish cities you can visit:

Madrid Madrid-Barajas Adolfo Suárez Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Barcelona Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Valencia Seville Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Seville Seville Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Bilbao Bilbao Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Malaga Malaga airport - Costa del Sol AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Asturias Asturias Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Alicante Alicante Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Las Palmas Gran Canaria Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA
Zaragoza Zaragoza Airport AIRPORT FREE WIFI AENA

When is the Best Time to


Once you’ve learned how to find cheap flights to Spain, you might want to check which time of the year is best for visiting the country. The timing of this visit can add a lot of value and can make your traveling experience crucial.

You should either visit Spain during the spring season or the autumn season. This way, you’ll get to avoid the crowd of tourist that swarm into the country. And you might also find cheaper accommodations. Also Spain is very hot during the summers, so you might be able to avoid the excess summer heat if you travel during the above mentioned seasons.

Top 5 Budget Destinations to VisitIN SPAIN

Saving money from your travel budget has been made easy once you learn how to find cheap flights in Spain. After that, you might want to learn which cities are best fit to become a part of your traveling plans. In order to enjoy your trip in best way possible, here is a list of cities that you should visit when you are in Spain:

Tenerife Spain


Tenerife is an island that is located towards the coast of West Africa. It is a beautiful island filled with beaches and volcanic peaks. It is home to Spain’s highest peak, i.e. Mount Teide.

Alicante Spain


Alicante is an amazing coastal destination in Spain. You can enjoy your stay in many wonderful resorts available in the city. And you can enjoy amazing views of the Mount Benacantil.

Barcelona Spain


Barcelona offers amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. The city is beautiful and lively and offers a lot of activities for any tourist to enjoy.

Granada Spain


Granada is not much different than the places you usually see in Disney movies. The city offers picturesque views of an ancient fortress, snowcapped peaks and cobbled streets.

San Sebastian Spain

San Sebastian

If you love food, then you’d definitely enjoy your stay in this city. Over here, you can enjoy feasting on the pintxo and other mouth-watering Spanish dishes

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Tips to Keep in Mind When Traveling IN SPAIN

Spain is an amazing place for you to visit. But before you start on your journey, we recommend that you go through these tips that you might find useful.

  • Spain is vast and full of diversity. You might feel that you’ve seen it all in Madrid in Barcelona, but we recommend that you go elsewhere too.
  • Spain is home to some amazing urban locations. But it’s the countryside that you must visit when you are traveling in Spain.
  • You might find many shops, and restaurants closed between 1-4pm. When this happens, don’t fret as it is common in Spain.
  • Dinner usually starts at 10pm while you are in Spain. And it might also last a good few hours. So enjoy it as best as you can.
  • Pintxos is a tasty snack that you can enjoy in Spain. Wherever you go, don’t hesitate when you’re offered a taste of this mouth-watering snack.
  • Spain isn’t just Spanish. There are other strong identities as well. You will notice this the most when you are in the Catalonian region.
  • Pan Con Tomate is a mouth-watering breakfast dish that is a must-try in Spain. So don’t miss out on this tasty treat!

Most Popular AttractionsIN SPAIN

Once you’ve flown on your cheap flight to Spain, you would want to visit some attractive tourist locations in the country. Here are some of the places that are definitely worth visiting:

Alhambra Spain


Alhambra is a part palace, part garden, and part fortress that is situated on a plateau overlooking Granada in Southern Spain. It was constructed during the 14th century by the Sultans at the time. Alhambra today is a popular tourist attraction, with many people visiting Granada just to have a look at this vast palace.

Mezquita of Cordoba Spain

Mezquita of Cordoba

Mezquita is Spanish for Mosque. It is another famous location that is visited each year by plenty of tourists. The site is built on a forest of pillars and arches that are sure to grab your interest. It was originally a Visigothic church that was converted into a Mosque. Today, a cathedral resides right in the center of this huge Moorish building.

El Escorial Spain

El Escorial

El Escorial is situated in the foothills of Sierra de Guadarrama. It used to be the political center of the Spanish Empire under the command of King Philip II. Juan Bautista de Toledo was appointed to architect this monument in 1559. It was designed with the intention of playing a role as the center of the Christian world.

Ibiza Spain


Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands. It is situated in the Mediterranean Sea right off the coast of Spain. This island is the most popular party destinations in the whole of Europe. The island’s population doubles during summer months and tourists flock in Ibiza to enjoy the beach bars, night clubs, and restaurants.

Cuenca Spain


Cuenca is situated right between Madrid and Valencia. It is a marvelous example of being the perfect medieval city of Spain. It is built on the steep sides of a mountain. It presents a view of “hanging mountains” that are built right on the cliff edge. This striking view adds certain uniqueness to this beautiful town of Spain.

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