How to Find Cheap Flights to Thailand

Flying to Thailand at a reasonable cost is easy. Find a cheap flight to Thailand by changing your virtual location and finding the best price.

Best Time to Find


Most Expensive in

Flights to Thailand are most expensive during Newyears with almost 9% potential price rise.

Most Cheap in
May -October

Tickets to Thailand are cheapest in May with almost 5% potential price drop.

Average Money Saved
$50 - $1,000

Prices may vary in seasons and depend upon the location you select using a VPN.

Simple Steps to Find


Cheap Flights Finder

Go to a flight finder website and check the airfare to your desired destination

Launch PureVPN

Open the app and connect to your desired location

Compare Airfare

Compare and find the cheapest airline ticket to Thailand

Important Things

Travel Packing Checklist FOR THAILAD

Now that you know that you can find a cheap flight to Thailand and maybe you have already bought the tickets, it is time to pack the essentials for the trip. Take a look at the following packing list that you would need for your trip to the country of islands of exotic beaches.

  • Thailand is all islands and beaches. Therefore, bring a pair of your favorite swimwear so that you can enjoy the emerald waters of the country.
  • When you go to Thailand, you will find yourself in situations when you would need to take off your shoes, such as in cafés, restaurants, etc. To make it less hectic, get yourself a pair of slip-on shoes.
  • You can never know when you can find rain pouring outside the window endlessly. To beat the rain and enjoy the country as you would normally do, pack a rain jacket.
  • If you are into rock climbing, you would be overjoyed to visit Koh Yao Noi. So, pack your favorite hiking shoes to make the most of the opportunity of climbing rocks in a different country.
  • The difference in power outlets in other countries can be quite troublesome. To avoid facing the power outlet issue, get a converter.
  • Apart from all that, pack the essential toiletries as well, including hygiene items, grooming kit, etc

Top International AirlinesFOR THAILAND

After investing your time in looking for a cheap flight to Thailand, you would want to know the top airlines that are not only affordable but also reliable and convenient for the trip abroad. So, here are the list of top international airlines that fly to Thailand:

Some flights might require you to prepare yourself for long haul flights. So, make sure that you check out the flight duration so you can prepare yourself in advance.

How to Access the InternetIN THAILAND

After finding a cheap flight to Thailand, you should need to focus on getting yourself a SIM. Why? You need a means of communication so you can get in touch with your friends and family at home. Before heading to your desired destination, you may need to consider the following tips:

  • There are three biggest telecoms in Thailand that you need to know about: China Unicom, AIS SIM, and DTAC. Learn more about the services before you choose one.
  • You can get the SIMs in advance from the online option if it is available in your region. If it is, then it would be convenient for you.
  • You can use the Internet via the SIM data plan. Or, you may also use the free option available throughout the region, such as free WiFi at hotels, cafés, etc.

Top 10 Largest CitiesIN THAILAND

When it comes to size, the country ranks as the 51st largest country in the world. But what about its population? Well, the country enjoys a total population of over 67 million. Amongst the 67 million population, a significant part resides in the urban areas. Here are some of its top cities when it comes to population:

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport @AirportTrueFreeWiFi
Nonthaburi Don Mueang International Airport @AirportTrueFreeWiFi
Nakhon Ratchasima Nakhon Ratchasima Airport (NAK) -
Chiang Mai Chiang Mai International Airport @AirportTrueFreeWiFi
Hat Yai Hat Yai International Airport -
Udon Thani Udon Thani International Airport -
Pak Kret Don Mueang International Airport @AirportTrueFreeWiFi
Chaophraya Surasak Suvarnabhumi Airport @AirportTrueFreeWiFi
Khon Kaen Khon Kaen Airport -
Ubon Ratchathani Ubon Ratchathani Airport @truewifi

When is the Best Time to


There’s right or wrong when it comes to picking out the best time to visit Thailand for vacation or even any business meeting. After finding a cheap flight to Thailand and then going through all the steps above, you should set your itinerary depending on what do you want to see in the country. You may be going to the country to attend a specific festival, or you may be going there to enjoy the monsoon.

Anyway, you can visit in January to catch the Chinese New Year festival. February is excellent for Chiang Mai Flower festival along with Chinese New Year festival. March is usually cold. However, the cold season makes it an ideal time for tourists to visit the sun-kissed beaches. You may also opt for September when most of the parts of Thailand are entirely wet.

Top 5 Budget Destinations to VisitIN THAILAND

Cheap flight to Thailand plus cheap places to travel can help you save big during your vacation abroad. If you want to save some extra money but don’t want to compromise on your itinerary at the same time, you should check out the five budget destinations in the country.

Trang Thailand


If you are into beautiful waterfalls and mind-blowing caves, you may found Trang as a dream come true. The place brims with scenic beauty, gorgeous beaches, as well as a grand National Park, i.e., Khao Pu-Khao Ya. A meal would cost you around $1.5 to $2.50.



Meal, as well as beer, is pretty cheap at Sukhothai, i.e., both would cost roughly around $4. The place is excellent for people who are always interested in visiting museums as well as ancient temples and places. Moreover, it also offers a great urban life.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang

Crystal blue beaches aren’t the only thing that makes Koh Chang a tourist favorite. In fact, the city is also great for tourists looking for cheap stays. Moreover, Koh Chang is also recommended for people who are into hiking



Meals and beers would cost around $3 to $4 in Kanchanaburi. It is a historical location in Thailand because it is the primary site of the Second World War. Hence, you can visit war museums, the famous Khwae River as well as the stunning waterfall of Erawan National Park.



You would find Loei as one of the cheapest places to travel because not many tourists venture to mountainous regions. Regardless, a meal in Loei would cost $1.65, while a beer would cost $2.20.

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Tips to Consider When Going TO THAILAND

Hurray! You have found a cheap flight to Thailand. Now, before you pack your bag and catch your trip, you need to consider the following essential tips and considerations.

  • If you have the habit of eating with a fork, then you would need to keep a pause on that habit and instead each your food with a spoon.
  • When you are in Thailand, never talk about the King in any manner. Monarchy is absolute in Thailand and revered.
  • You may find some of the websites or streaming services not available in the region. It means because of country restrictions. It is better to use a VPN on such occasions.
  • The subway, as well as the light rail network in Thailand, are not only fast but also affordable and convenient. So, try to ditch taxi for the subway or light trail.
  • Don’t be startled when Thai people stop by to have a chat with you or give personal advice. They are just nice!
  • Finally, don’t be afraid to take off your shoes when you are entering temples. It is because you are required to do so.

Most Popular AttractionsIN THAILAND

Bangkok and Chiang Mai may be brimming with urban beauty, but the cities don’t reflect the essence of Thailand. After finding a cheap flight to Thailand and landing on the Thai soil, check out the following attractions.

Railay Beach Thailand

Railay Beach

The turquoise blue waters of the Railay beach is what makes the place a top tourist destination. Apart from its crystal clear water, Railay beach is also famous among tourists because of rocking climbing that attracts hundreds of tourists every year.

The Grand Palace Thailand

The Grand Palace

Behold the grandiose beauty of Thailand, the Grand Palace. The architecture is grand in both senses: structural as well as historical.

Pai Thailand


The urban beaches aren’t the only popular tourist places in Thailand. How about you check out Pai? It is a lush-green mountainous region, boasting locals who are hyper hospitable when it comes to foreigners.

Khao Yai National Park Thailand

Khao Yai National Park

If you are into hiking as well as enjoying wildlife, Khao Yai National Park is a must place to visit. The national park is brimming with exotic birds and other wildlife. Moreover, it is where you can find the 150-meter waterfall, Haew Narok.

Tonsai Beach Rock Climbing Thailand

Tonsai Beach Rock Climbing

The rock climbing at Tonsai Beach is like a heaven to every climber on earth. You can opt for a solo climbing as well as climbing with a partner or a group.

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