Dedicated IP for Freelancers

With remote work on the rise, freelancers and everyday office employees are resorting to a dedicated IP address. The benefit and use of a dedicated IP for freelancers greatly outweighs the cost. With convenience and flexibility at your service, freelancers from around the world resort to a dedicated IP to work online. Get Dedicated IP and work remotely safe and secure.

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What is a Dedicated IP Address?

A dedicated IP, also known as a static IP address is an IP address that does not change. The IP address is unique and will remain constant throughout your internet connection. Since it’s a unique IP address, it gets allotted to one user. Unlike a dynamic IP address that frequently changes, a dedicated IP address stays the same.Learn more about Static IP and Dynamic IP address.If you've heard about the concept of email deliverability, meaning the competency of your email directly entering into your customers and prospects email box rather than landing in the spam folder, then you might understand the importance of opting for a dedicated IP VPN address.

Indeed, many email services allow you to choose between a dedicated or a shared IP address to deliver your emails. To undertake this decision is one of the biggest arguments in email marketing when it comes to enhancing your deliverability ratio.

If your mind is clouded to decide between the two, or you would want to have some comprehensive detail regarding dedicated IP addresses for emails, you're at the right place. By going through this guide, you'll get a better understanding of the benefits of purchasing a dedicated IP VPN address.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a way for self-employed workers to offer their services to a company or individual without becoming a permanent employee of the said company or individual.

How Dedicated/Static IP is useful for freelancers?

  • Freelancers should get a static IP address because it’s going to be more convenient for them.
  • With a static IP address, freelancers are able to have better voice and video call connections and it’s easier for them to access their computer remotely.
  • Lastly, a static IP address is more stable and provides better security allowing a freelancer to work uninterrupted.

What challenges they need to face without static IP and how they overcome those?

If freelancers don’t have a static IP, then it’s going to be much more difficult to work. They will experience more connectivity issues and more downtime. They’ll also have a much harder time communicating with their clients since they’ll have an unreliable connection.

To overcome this, freelancers will have to rely on services that can speed up their internet. One of these services is a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

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Why dynamic IP is not good for freelancing purposes?

Since dynamic IP addresses are less secure, a freelancer might be putting his computer at risk of malicious attacks and malware.

Risks of shared ip for email marketing

Alternates of not using dedicated IP?

The best alternative is to use a VPN. VPN to improve your internet connection by using a private server. That way, you’ll have less traffic and a more secure internet connection. But if using VPN is not an option for you can use PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and SSH tunneling.

Responses from Freelancers

A set of questions were asked to multiple freelancers on how a dedicated IP helps them in carrying on their work online.

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Freelancing is working for a company in a remote location. You're not an employee but a contractor working on a particular job. A dedicated / Static IP VPN is beneficial for freelancers since you don't need to concern yourself with security issues anymore. Think of it like you're working in the office even though you're in a remote location.

The main ingredient of freelancing is to be able to work outside the office. It would be highly improbable to secure your work without a dedicated / static IP VPN. Security is critical when working outside since you don't have the regular security protocols present when you're in the office. The only alternative, and to overcome this security issue would be to get a VPN that will encrypt your data from your computer to the company network and vice versa.

A freelancer does his work in remote locations, and you need to secure all his work that deals with sensitive information. The only way to do this is through a VPN. That's why freelancers need to have a dedicated / static IP VPN.

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Freelancing is when someone decides to work as a self-employed person, not committed to an employee contract. Some of the pros of freelancing include choosing who you work with/for and increased flexibility. Some of the cons include no automatic employee benefits such as holidays and sick leave and lack of job security.

A static IP address can be useful for freelancers who work with companies that are particularly security conscious. Due to the increased threat of online attacks, many organizations now only allow workers to log in to their system if they are on an approved IP address. If a freelancer uses a dynamic IP address which changes constantly over time, this would be a problem as they would frequently have to be reapproved to do their work. A static IP address can also help to record accurate data. For example, if you run a website and use Google Analytics, you can configure the settings so that the data doesn’t include your web sessions. That way, you can be more confident that the data you’re seeing is real people on your site rather than you just clicking through your own pages.

As many freelancers work from home, they often don’t have static IP addresses. One of the ways that security-conscious companies get around this is by offering their own VPN service to connect to. In these cases, the freelancer connects to a VPN service with an approved IP address to avoid being flagged.

In a Nutshell

A dedicated IP for freelancers is a necessary tool freelancers must be equipped with when going online. From sharing sensitive documents to private communications, freelancers need encryption more than ever to secure their digital activities. Otherwise, a single leak can compromise months of hard work.

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