How to Watch Disney Plus in India

Published: May 01, 2020

Whether it is Marvel Movies or Star Wars, Disney Plus has everything. But you cannot watch Disney Plus in India and need a VPN to go around geoblocks. To do that, use PureVPN and unlock Disney Plus in India to entertain your kids at home. Get PureVPN to help you stream Disney Plus.

Watch Disney Plus in India

Disney has long been a darling of moviegoers and TV show fans across the globe. However, it won more hearts than ever when it unveiled its streaming service, Disney Plus, a while back. The service was launched with a bang, and even though it crashed miserably in the first week due to technical glitches, it didn’t stop subscribers from joining the network. However, the unfortunate aspect of the service is that it doesn’t cover all the countries in the world. Though it has plans on extending the network, it currently operates in a select few countries.

Is Disney Plus Available in India?

The Netherlands was one of the first countries to experience the awesomeness of the Disney+ streaming service. Later, the service was officially launched in the United States and then in Canada. After some while, it extended its network to a few more countries. Since India is in the Asia-Pacific region, it will be embracing the fantastic services of Disney+ anytime in 2020 or 2021. Till then, you would have to sit back and hang on. But if you don’t wish to wait anymore, you can always opt for a VPN and access Disney+ in India whenever you want.

How to Watch Disney Plus in India?

Lack of network coverage and unavailability of some part of the online content are amongst the common problems faced by streamers. However, it is a common practice and nothing can be done about it, except you use a VPN. Since it is the IP address of a user that is monitored and then blocked by the ISP or streaming service provider, a VPN helps users to get around the problem by spoofing the IP. Once the IP is spoofed or changed, the user cannot only access Disney Plus in India but also watch any TV shows or movies available on the service with ease.

  • Subscribe to your desire PureVPN plan
  • Get the VPN client for the device of your choice
  • Launch the VPN and log in
  • Go to the Country list and look for US server
  • Hit Connect to join the server
  • Once the connection is established, access Disney+ and enjoy

Disney+: How to Subscribe Now?

Once you get past the hurdle of IP spoofing with ease using a VPN, the next hurdle that you may come across is the subscription. The streaming service doesn’t offer many payment options to the users. Moreover, whatever options are available, they need to be registered in the same regions where the service has provided the coverage. So, there are some other alternatives that you can consider if you wish to subscribe to and access Disney+ in India. For starters, you can opt for the iTunes gift card if you are an iOS or Mac user. For Android users, the Google gift card can be the optimal choice.

For now, you can avail of either of the alternatives as discussed above. Hopefully, the service may launch some more payment options for the ease and convenience of its global viewers.

What’s on Disney+?

As mentioned earlier, Disney is a household name not only in the US, UK, or Canada but across the globe. After all, it has been operating and producing a multitude of entertaining content catalog for over a century. Needless to mention, it has even extended its services by exploring new ventures or partnering with known services. At the end of the day, you get to access a treasure trove of entertainment when you have Disney+ subscription. For instance, you can access the catalog of Marvel Studios, Star Wars, Pixar's, and even the Hulu US.

Currently, there are a massive number of shows available on Disney Plus but the top names include Star Wars, Avengers and even the latest hit, Mandalorian.

Final Words

If you are living in India and wish to access Disney Plus in India, you can always be able to do so with PureVPN. You can always tap into maximum streaming speeds and buffer-free experience because our VPN servers are engineered for top performance and speeds. Moreover, you will be able to access similar services that are either blocked by the ISP or the streaming service itself. Secondly, you can do your online work or securely make online transactions using PureVPN.