How to Watch Disney Plus in Japan (2020 Updated Guide)

Published: December 23, 2019

Need to watch Disney Plus in Japan? Use PureVPN to unlock Disney Plus and enjoy classics as well as Marvel movies during this stressful lockdown. The good news is PureVPN can help you watch Disney Plus from anywhere.

Watch Disney+ in Japan

Disney launched its very own streaming service only a couple of months ago. However, the fans have been waiting in its anticipation for ages. The reason is that the service boasts some amazing Disney exclusive content, with more originals coming soon. The only problem is that it is only available in five countries as of now.

When will Disney Plus launch in Japan?

According to some reports, Disney Plus is hitting Japan on December 26th. It is currently only available in a few countries only. But, Disney has revealed that it would expand its region list soon. There is one flaw in its plan, though. While Disney Plus would open its services to many other countries soon, its library would vary from region to region, just like Netflix.

How to Watch Disney Plus in Japan

When you visit any particular website or channel, your IP address is completely visible to it. Your IP address reveals your actual location. Some online web services often use such IP tracking method to restrict users from gaining access to certain services or regional content. Thankfully, there is a way to avoid these restrictions, and it requires changing your original IP address. It can be done easily with the help of VPN. Here’s how to watch Disney Plus in Japan using PureVPN on your device:

  • Subscribe to PureVPN premium plan
  • Install VPN app, or browser extension on your device
  • Launch the app and enter your credentials.
  • Go to the countries list and connect to the US
  • Wait for it connects
  • Once connected, visit Disney Plus and start streaming

Disney+: How to Subscribe Now?

If you want to know how to use Disney Plus in Japan then continue reading. There are limited payment methods that are being accepted by Disney+ as of now. This is because the service is only available in certain regions only. At the moment, Disney+ is only accepting payments through PayPal and credit cards that are registered in a region where Disney+ is available. It is also accepting payments made through the iTunes gift card if you sign up via the iOS app. You can also use a Google gift card to sign up via any Android device.

As of now, many users have searched for options through which they can gift Disney+ subscriptions. Disney has also come out with its very own gift card service, so you can also avail that in order to subscribe to the Disney+ service.

What’s on Disney+?

Disney has launched itself as a potential competitor to Netflix. The brand already boasts some amazing content under its wing. This includes some amazing animated movies, as well as all the content available under Lucasfilm, Fox Entertainment, and Marvel banner. Here is a list of all the amazing content you can watch on Disney Plus today.

Moreover, Disney Plus is also working to upgrade its content library by adding new originals. This includes the newly released hit television series, the Mandalorian. Many other TV shows will be coming to Disney Plus soon. After learning how to use Disney Plus in Japan, you can easily log in and watch your favorite shows anytime.


When Will Disney Plus Launch in Japan?

On 26th December 2020, Disney Plus will officially launch in Japan. Currently, Disney Plus is only available in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Puerto Rico.

What Shows Can I Watch on Disney Plus?

There are more than 7,000 TV episodes and 500 movies available on Disney Plus. Some of the best TV shows include Star Wars: The Clone Wars, The Mandalorian, SparkShorts, X-Men, Marvel’s Hero Project, and The Simpsons.

What Devices Support Disney Plus?

You can watch Disney Plus shows and movies on any one of the following devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox One
  • PS4
  • Apple TV
  • Chromecast

Final Words

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