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What Makes File-Sharing Difficult?

  • Exposed Identity
  • Blocked File-Sharing Websites
  • ISP Monitoring
  • Exposed IP & Location
  • ISP Speed Throttling
  • Trojans Masked As Torrents

How P2P File-Sharing Gets Better with PureVPN?

Keeps Your IP Hidden

Your original IP address is replaced with one of our own IP addresses, keeping you completely anonymous during torrenting. Plus, your data is encrypted and tunnelled from end-to-end, ensuring a secure P2P file-sharing experience everytime.

Blocks Surveillance

Switch freely between our dedicated P2P servers and keep the prying eyes in the dark, guessing about your activities, data and information. Anyone trying to monitor your connection will be blocked by encryption, which turns your data into gibberish.

Defeats ISP Speed Throttling

Since PureVPN tunnels your data, even your ISP cannot see what you are doing online and throttle your internet speed. ISPs aren't particularly happy with torrents, which is why they throttle your internet speed to stop you from torrenting and downloading your favorite content.

Unblocks P2P Platforms

Many countries have blocked access to P2P websites. Some countries, on the other hand, have legally allowed torrenting. You can overcome the restrictions in your country by connecting to servers in countries where P2P is legal.

Blocks Malware and Trojans

PureVPN steps up your protection game by detecting and blocking malware like Trojans, viruses,etc. way before they penetrate your network and breach your security. The protection is proactive,and doesn't require any extra installations on your end.

31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Torrent, Browse Or Stream with Complete Privacy

PureVPN empowers you to enjoy secure & anonymous torrenting, streaming, or browsing at high speeds from anywhere in the world.We don't have any bandwidth or speed limits regardless of the package plan selected by our users.

  • P2P & File Sharing

  • Streaming Sites

  • Web Services

  • Websites

We Promise You!

No-Log Policy

We follow a strict no-logs policy so you can share files with complete peace of mind.

Fast Speed

With no caps on bandwidth or speed, you are free to torrent as much as you want.

No ISP Throttling

Don't let your ISP throttle your P2P session. Anonymize yourself with PureVPN.

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How PureVPN Makes File-Sharing Accessible, Secure and Easy?


Dedicated P2P Servers

PureVPN's optimized P2P servers provide users complete anonymity and blazing-fast speeds for uniterrupted filesharing.


Secure Tunneling

All your traffic is passed through secure, encrypted virtual tunnels, keeping your data and identity safe throughout your sessions.


Malware and Trojan Protection

Trojans and Malware are usually masked as torrents to dupe users. Our proactive protection blocks malicious torrents to keep you safe.


Internet Kill Switch

A connection drop can expose your real IP and location. The Internet Kill Switch shuts down your internet to keep you safe.


DNS Leak Protection

With PureVPN's DNS leak protection, you can rest assured about your real IP not leaking and exposing your identity.


WebRTC Protection

With PureVPN's WebRTC Protection, rest assured that your IP address will always remain leak-proof on every website and browser.


NAT Firewall

Our NAT Firewall adds an extra layer of protection to your devices, leaving no loopholes for hackers to exploit.



Bid farewell to those annoying ads and popups using our integrated content filter, which gets rid of anything intrusive on P2P websites.

31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

2,000+ Servers in 140+ Countries

Our global network of highly optimized servers allows you to change your IP address right away. PureVPN is not just fast, it’s safe and global as well.

31-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Aryan Durrani

I've been using PureVPN for a number of …

I've been using PureVPN for a number of months now and have never had any issues... P2P, surfing, Netflix, etc... always seem to work well and fast. Recently it looks like they've put up several new servers as well, which is always a good sign.

Black cat

My PureVPN experience

PureVPN was easy to install and I had it up and running in 5 minutes. You definitely need a good VPN, these days if your planning on downloading any music, videos etc; unless you want to receive a cease and desist letter from your internet provider. I purchased PureVPN for one month to check it out and they passed the test. I will be renewing my subscription when it runs out.

Randy Nix

Never thought VPN would be so fast!

I have only been using PureVPN for 24hrs but so far it has been great! The speeds are incredible and exactly the reason I wanted to try PureVPN based on others reviews.. I was not disappointed! My only regret was spending $10 for a month to try it out. I Wish I would/could apply that to the 2 year deal because its worth it. Oh well, I guess next month I'll have to up it to 2 years.

31-Day Money-Back Guarantee