How to legally get Free Internet at Home and in Public

How Can I Get WiFi in my House For Free

It’s not too hard to find a free internet service anywhere these days. Whether it’s your favorite restaurant you dine in or a park where you take your kids right opposite to your home, you have free internet hotspots around you at all times. But what if you can get a free internet service at home?

A good internet package could start for a minimum of $40 and extend to triple digits, costing you heavy on your pocket. The good news is that there are legal ways to get the free internet, or at the lowest cost possible.

EveryOne is the mutual partnership between the government and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The program is known as Connect to compete, and its primary purpose is to provide an affordable and free internet connection to the disadvantaged families or the low-income earners who can’t buy their private internet connection.

What is best about this program is that it allows students access to the free internet without a cable and compete with their aggressive peers. The program not only provides a free internet connection at home but at schools as well. However, there are some parameters involved when utilizing this service. So just visit the website, enter your area zip code, and click on find offers in your area.

Freedom Pop

Another great and practical alternative on how to get free internet service is FreedomPop. This has been around for years and is best for your smartphone or any other device. Why this option is a good one since it’s for those who don’t utilize tons of mobile data on a daily or monthly.

It works by paying a small deposit upfront on which you receive 2 GB mobile data. This may sound very less but as aforementioned above, it is for those light data users only. From the second month, you receive 500Mb of free data on the network.

That’s not a lot of data for a normal user, but it’s a good amount of data for those who don’t utilize data so much. Secondly, it’s very convenient to carry with you since it’s a portable device, basically your hotspot in simpler terms.


Netzone still uses the old dial-up connection dating a decade back. However, it still proves to be a good and reliable way if you need free internet. Now that Netzone is still using a dial-up connection, there might be some advertisements banners coming along your way.

But if you’ve still got your cable connection at home, you can use Netzone to connect to the internet for free. The one thing to note about Netzone is that it is limited to 10 hours per month if you want to opt for the free plan. If the free plan isn’t the one for you, they still have standard prepaid packages to offer you.

Since they run on a dialup connection, internet speeds aren’t going to be that fast as 4G or 5G services, but if you don’t care about the speed and quality then this ISP provider will be the right one for you.

Wi-Fi Map

Wi-Fi map is a smartphone app that works as a database consisting of the names of all the free Wi-Fi hotspots over the world. It currently, operates worldwide, so it’s a great application to have on your home screen when traveling.

The point to be noted about this app is that the free version only covers a 2.5-mile radius from anywhere you are. There is also an additional feature that allows you to watch some advertisement videos and then gain access to Wi-Fi passwords to hotspots near you. This option isn’t something everyone would be okay with it.

Check with your internet service provider

This might be new to you but, some internet service providers have low-cost and free internet programs. There might be some programs that you will be able to access for free through an all-round package in which you’ll receive the internet as well as TV services.

Change your IP

You can shadow your IP using a VPN and let your service provider think you are not using any bandwidth. Using a VPN will mark you as an anonymous user and so, no one can track your source of origin.