Free WiFi Hotspots In Boston

Boston is the capital city of Massachusetts, and is one of the oldest cities in the United States of America. The city is renowned for its philanthropy. And this generosity extends to other places as well, such as providing more convenience to any person living or visiting this amazing city.

This convenience includes providing free Public Wi-Fi hotspots in the city. If you’re visiting Boston, or are just roaming around the streets of this beautiful city, you’ll find hundreds of places from where you can connect to the internet free of cost. There are plenty public Wi-Fi networks in restaurants, cafés and airport to name a few.

Note, however, that public wifi networks are unsafe and leaves your personal data vulnerable. You can start protecting yourself with PureVPN.

The following guide will help you find free WiFi in Boston!

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Public Wi-Fi can be notoriously dangerous. You may not know it but they can be playgrounds for cyber goons, awaiting in the shadows to lure unsuspecting users and steal their private data. It is, therefore, not wise to connect with any WiFi you come across without having tools to safeguard your data.

The Hazards of Public Wi-Fi Network

There are many different public Wi-Fi networks across Boston. These networks can be highly dangerous for any user. It is necessary for you to understand the notorious nature of a public Wi-Fi network. While it provides added convenience to the connected user, the private data of that individual can be severely compromised.

  • Vulnerable Network: Wi-Fi routers come have standard set of encryption technologies installed into them such as WPA, WPA2 or WPA3. But these encryption technologies aren’t as reliable as you would expect. There have been plenty of cases in the past where these standard protocols were breached with malware attack. KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability is one example of how malware can disrupt Wi-Fi security.
  • Hacking Tools: It is better to stick to trusted networks such as the one in Starbucks or McDonalds, rather than a random hotspot that pops up in a dodgy location. They could be legitimate, but if anyone can just connect to it for free, how does it benefit the network’s owner? Being extra cautious and using a little common sense will protect your data from being compromised on public networks.
  • Man-in-the-Middle Threat: This is a data snooping activity that is used to monitor online communications passing to and from a system. MITM is a notorious attack that allows hackers to monitor what you’re doing without you even knowing that you’re being watched.
  • Replica Hotspots: Cyber criminals are always coming up with new and unique ways to con web surfers and breach into their devices without alerting them. An easy tactic to hack into user devices is creating replica Wi-Fi networks that have the same names. When users connect to this compromised Wi-Fi hotspot, the hacker can immediately hack into that device.

The Checklist You Should Consider When Joining a Free WiFi in Boston

The points mentioned above should have convinced you that open networks can be incredible dangerous. Make sure to follow the security checklist mentioned below before joining a free WiFi network.

Always Join Authentic WiFis

We all love using free Wi-Fi networks. There are hackers who love to exploit this urge and force you into making mistakes that lead to the compromising of your private data. Make sure to avoid joining any replica Wi-Fi networks. For example, if you’re at Starbucks and notice that there are multiple free Wi-Fi hotspots available, make sure to ask the staff for the right network and only connect to that network.

The same practice should also be repeated in cafés, airports, and other places where free networks are available.

Always Disable Automatic Sharing

Hackers use multiple tactics to hack inside your network. Finding vulnerabilities in your device always makes top of this list. The biggest vulnerability in this case is allowing hackers to access your system with ease. It is necessary to turn off or disable auto-sharing feature when working on a public network or hotspot.

Avoid Sensitive Activities on Free Wi-Fi Hotspots

Public Wi-Fi networks provide you with maximum convenience so you can surf around the web with ease. However, the dangers that lurk on these networks outweigh the conveniences and benefits on offer. It is therefore recommended that you avoid sharing any private or confidential on these networks at all costs.

Shield Your Device against Any Threats on Public Wi-Fis with a VPN

Joining any free Wi-Fi hotspot can be incredibly risky, unless you have a tool that can provide added security to your online communications. PureVPN gives you that peace of mind by enhancing your online security and making sure that you remain safe when connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

PureVPN offers access to special servers that are filled with all the tools required to look after your online security. PureVPN offers military-grade encryption that ensures that even the most seasonal hackers can’t hack inside your private data.

There are also features like Wi-Fi security feature that doubles up the security of your data when connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

Apart from looking after your online activities, PureVPN also makes you anonymous on the web, and provides you access to any website or content available on the web. You can do a lot more with PureVPN while connected to a free Wi-Fi network.

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Places with Free WiFi in Boston

Now that you know about the best practices that you can follow when connected to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, the following are some places that offer connectivity to free internet in Boston.

Free WiFi at Cristopher Columbus Park

Apart from the wonderful scenery of this place, you can also enjoy free access to the internet via the public Wi-Fi available in the area.

Free WiFi at Coppa

An Italian restaurant known for its wonderful cuisine, the place also offers access to a free Wi-Fi network to its customers.

Free WiFi at Museum of Fine Arts

Apart from the wonderful collections on offer, you can also surf the web freely and conveniently from the wonderfully furnished halls of the museum.

Apart from the obvious, you can find Free WiFi in Boston at Lenox Hotel, Copley Square, Flour Bakery, Hotels, Airport, Gym studios and even public parks.