Best Wi-Fi Finder Apps to Download

There is around 450 million WiFi Spots in the USA alone as of 2020. You can use a WiFi Finder App to find one closest to you. Note, however, that public wifi networks are unsafe and leaves your personal data vulnerable. You can start protecting yourself with PureVPN.

What is a Wi-Fi finder?

A Wi-Fi finder is a software application that is competent to find nearby Wi-Fi networks, which are based on the IEEE 802.11 baseband. The intense and drastic growth of digital technologies and the necessity of internet access at all times have led firms and home users to set up mobile hotspots at places where connectivity is available 24/7.

In some locations, there are dozens of Wi-Fi networks being broadcasted at a single time that leads to overlapping channels.

To avoid interference with these network channels, it is suggested to select that channel that doesn’t overlap and such that is the least used. Data packets travel on the wireless information highway that can’t be seen, so this makes it necessary to have a Wi-Fi finder app to uncover all Wi-Fi networks broadcasted on different channels.

What are the best Wi-Fi-Finder applications?


NetSpot is one of the best Wi-Fi finder apps adopted by network specialists in locating and mitigating blindspots, verifying unauthorized workstations, avoiding signal interference, and many other features. Moreover, it also offers users with comprehensive, detailed Wi-Fi surveys.

TWC Wi-Fi Finder

TWC is a free Wi-Fi finder app that makes it easier to locate and connect to its nationwide hotspots on its most secure network. Some of the highlighted features of TWC allow users to find hotspots when not connected to the internet and offer statistical analysis such as Wi-Fi usage and cellular savings over data.

Wi-Fi Password Finder

Usually, the connection is made to the Wi-Fi network automatically. What if you need to connect a new device to the network but cannot remember the password. This is when the Wi-Fi password Finder comes into action.

Wi-Fi password finder, besides recovering lost passwords to your Wi-Fi networks, can find much more information. For every network accessed in the past and present, the program will provide detailed information such as SSID, connection type, encryption network, etc. the Wi-Fi locator is fast, reliable and easy to use and such that can be used across multiple windows operating systems(Windows 10, XP, Vista).

How do Wi-Fi finder applications work?

Wi-Fi finder applications detect available information and try to extract as much information as possible. The information gathered is quite comprehensive even when using free Wi-Fi finding app. the collected information includes signal strength, band, name, and many other details.

However, not all Wi-Fi finder software can detect and gather the same information. Still, some free Wi-Fi searcher applications can almost give a full description of any network in your locality.

There are also Wi-Fi-finder software, NetSpot, competent to conduct Wi-Fi surveys. Instead of just focusing and snapshotting a single Wi-Fi-activity at one point in time, NetSpot, alongside other software, can gather Wi-Fi activity from multiple places and represent data on a map.

Wi-Fi survey applications are capable of optimizing Wi-Fi coverage and identifying dead spots in the vicinity, indicating signal weakness.