How to Watch Amazon Prime in Canada

Published: June 12, 2020

Rejoice Canadians because you can now access the US content library of Amazon Prime in Canada. Now, you might wonder, what do I need to do that? Well, you only need PureVPN. That’s all.

  1. Subscribe to your preferred PureVPN plan
  2. Get the app and install it in your device
  3. Launch the app and connect the US server
  4. Enjoy watching Amazon Prime in Canada at fastest speeds

amazon prime in canada

There’s hardly any internet user who wouldn’t know about one of the best streaming services in the world, Amazon Prime. In fact, it is one of the competitors of “the” streaming giant.

The service packs not only blockbuster hits and dozens of amazing TV shows but also the “original” content produced by its media house.

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Is Amazon Prime Accessible in Canada?

The short answer is, yes. However, there’s a catch.

Canada may be an hour or so away from its friendly neighbor, America. However, when it comes to the content on Amazon Prime in Canada, the content inventory looks pale before the US content library.

So, yes, you may access the great Prime service in Canada, but then you would have to stick to its limited library, which is also not that amazing.

Why so?

It is simply because the streaming service doesn’t have a broadcasting license for all the shows it has in its actual inventory. After all, getting more permits means extra cost. And Prime knows how to do business.

Can You Watch Amazon Prime in Canada?

If you are talking about accessing the US Prime library in Canada, then the answer is yes.

Don’t be surprised at all. There’s always a way you can do that without leaving your country. The solution is a virtual private network such as PureVPN.

Before we tell you how you can watch Amazon Prime in Canada, let’s first take a step back and tell you how PureVPN helps you do that.

Services like Prime Video restrict content by country IPs. For instance, when you launch Prime Video, it detects that a user with Canadian IP has joined the service, it will redirect you to Canadian content.

PureVPN helps you get around this IP restriction problem. Once you set up and launch the service, you connect to the US server. As a result, you get a US IP address, and your real IP gets masked.

With a US IP, you are now able to enjoy Amazon Prime in Canada. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Sign up and Download PureVPN on your device.
  2. Launch PureVPN app and log in with your credentials.
  3. Select the 'Stream' mode and choose 'US' from the server list.
  4. Click connect.
  5. Enjoy Amazon Prime in Canada

Why Use PureVPN to Watch Amazon Prime from Anywhere?

Now, Canadians, you don’t have to go on a 1-hour drive to your parents or grandparents home in the US for a sleepover just because you miss Prime shows.

PureVPN will save you the traveling cost and all the stress that comes with it. Subscribe to the VPN service and enjoy US Prime shows in Canada whenever you want from your couch.

With PureVPN, you are guaranteed top speeds whenever you stream on Amazon Prime with the VPN service enabled. After all, we have dedicated streaming servers that offer seamless streaming.

Moreover, you can use the service to mask your real IP address and protect your internet activities against the prying eyes of hackers and the ISP.