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Sports fans, we have some good news for you! You can enjoy the Bleacher Report even if you are not currently living in the United States. All you have to do is get PureVPN.

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How to Watch B/R Live Outside the US

To watch B/R live outside the US, you need to get your hands on PureVPN. Access and watch B/R live from overseas in 3 simple steps:

BR live with purevpn


and subscribe to a VPN

BR live


Connect to your desired server

access BR live

All Set

Head to Bleacher Report (B/R) and stream away!

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The AEW all out is just a few days away and wrestling fans are already too excited about it. Scheduled to take place at Sears Centre Arena, Chicago, the match card holds wrestlers with global popularity. Highly anticipated matches which are already creating a buzz on the social media include the ones between Adam Page and Chris Jericho, Pac and Kenny Omega, and Cody and Shawn Spears.
If you are excited about the AEW All Out, ensure that you have got your streaming tools in order. The match takes place on August 31, 2019 and is expected to make history this time. Care to know more about this, check out our page on AEW All Out PPV.

Is B/R Live Available Outside the US?

If you love sports and are looking for a streaming service which can cater to your sports viewing needs, then look no further than Bleacher Report. Often abbreviated as B/R, the video streaming service allows users to catch their favorite sporting events live, including NFL, NBA, WWE, and MLB, to name a few.

However, there is a catch – only viewers in the United States can gain access to the website! Due to regional limitations, many people are forced to look for other sports streaming services. With PureVPN though, you can watch B/R live outside the US by getting an American IP address.

Bleacher report live available countries
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What You Need a VPN for B/R?

There are many reasons why you need a VPN for B/R:

Vacations are always welcome, no? However, for someone who is a diehard fan of a specific sport, following their team can become extremely frustrating in times of traveling. This is mainly because of regional limitations, which makes B/R unavailable outside the US.

This means that you will not be able to access the sports streaming service from overseas during your travels. By using PureVPN, you can mask your IP address and trick B/R into believing that you are located in the US to watch your favorite sports from anywhere.

Moving to a new place is always difficult. You become distant from your friends and family, and everything else you once thought was going to stay the same. So, in times like these, watching the local content you are used to can help you adjust to the change. However, upon trying to access B/R, you find out that it is inaccessible due to regional limitations.

Fret not, as there is a workaround for this. Just launch PureVPN, and connect to a US server to get an American IP address assigned to your device. Now, you will be reunited with one of the best online streaming platforms and can catch your favorite sports once more!

There are many free VPNs out there which might do the trick for you, but most of them come with limited bandwidth. This means that after a specific amount of time, the service will get disconnected. When this happens, you can lose access to B/R and miss out on an important match or game!

With PureVPN, the case is completely different. Not only do you get unlimited access to our 2,000+ VPN servers, but also there are no caps on bandwidth. No matter how much you browse or stream, you will always stay connected.

Have you ever felt like your internet is slowing down when you are streaming video content, even though everything else seems fine? If so, we have some bad news for you.

You are a victim of what’s called ISP throttling. This is when your internet provider purposely slows down your internet access to manage network congestion. However, you can get around this once and for all with PureVPN. It will make you anonymous online so that you can stream B/R at blazing-fast speeds!

Due to the fact that B/R is only available in the United States, you will need to use a VPN, if you wish to access its services. However, with PureVPN, you get an additional feature which grants you complete anonymity when using its services. So, no matter how much you stream B/R, you will never have to worry about your privacy.

Why Paid VPN is Better than a Proxy and Free VPN Services?

Know the Difference Paid VPN Proxy Free VPN
Data Encryption Yes No Yes
Multi-device Compatibility Yes No No
HD & 4K Streaming Accessibility Yes No No
ISP Throttling Prevention Yes No No
DNS & IPv6 Leak Protection Yes No No
Dedicated Servers Yes No No

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know how to access Bleacher Report and its many sport channels, let us take a look at the three different subscription packages they offer. Whether you are looking for a dedicated streaming channel for the entire year, or just want to watch just a single match, they have a package for you:

  • Individual Matches ($2.99)
  • Monthly Subscription ($9.99)
  • Annual Subscription ($79.99)

Those of who you are going to getting their hands on this incredible video streaming service, we have some additional information which might prove useful. B/R Live is available on all leading platforms including Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. To learn more about compatible devices, check out the complete list down below.

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android
  • Windows
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Fire Stick
  • Apple TV

Most of you might be looking to expand your options when it comes to watching football live. However, football is not the only sport B/R offers. There are many sports which you can watch live on Bleacher Report. This includes the following:

  • NBL
  • NFL
  • Football (Premier League, Champions League, Europa League, Serie A, UEFA)
  • MMA
  • WWE
  • PGA
  • NCAA
  • CBB
  • Boxing


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