How to Watch DAZN Outside Canada

Published: October 30, 2019

DAZN is a full-fledged sports streaming website that is increasingly popular among millions of sports fans. As a country-specific streaming website, DAZN cannot be accessed by users living outside Canada. But there is a seamless way to access DAZN and catch-up on shows and live matches with the help of PureVPN.

Watch DAZN Outside Canada

Love watching professional boxers exchange heavy blows? Want to cheer up your favorite team in a UEFA Champions League clash? Then watch all the upcoming matches, fights, and catch-up shows on DAZN, a live on-demand sports channel. As the leading sports streaming website for those who eat, sleep and breathe sports every single day, DAZN offers great entertainment to millions across the globe. Whether you want to watch international sports leagues or the most-awaited fights of the year, tune into DAZN for breathtaking entertainment.

Is DAZN Available Outside Canada?

DAZN holds the right to entertain sports fans in the US, Canada, Germany, Austria, Italy, Japan, & Spain. You can’t access DAZN if you are vacationing or living outside any one of these countries.

How to Watch DAZN Outside Canada?

Countless streaming websites are being throttled by streaming rights and region-specific limitations, which can be extremely disappointing for sports fans. You can’t access DAZN if you are living or vacationing in a country where the service doesn’t have streaming rights. With the help of GPS tags and internet servers, DAZN can identify that you are accessing their channel outside Canada and put a large barricade. However, there is an incredibly great way to access DAZN. Use PureVPN, a battle-ready streaming VPN that is explicitly created for hardcore-streamers who need access to DAZN or any other sports streaming website such as ESPN or Hotstar.

How Can PureVPN Help You Watch DAZN?

By hiding your IP address and connecting your streaming device (phone, TV, console) to a Canadian server, PureVPN can help you access an infinite library of sports events, top-rated football leagues, and boxing matches. Stream DAZN without worrying about country-specific limitations. Here is our three-way “Priming” strategy to help sports fans access DAZN outside Canada.

  • Sign-up for PureVPN
  • Connect to a reliable Canadian server
  • Now you can watch DAZN outside Canada

5 Power-Pack Reasons to Use PureVPN

Access Live-Events

It can be extremely nerve-wracking for sports fans to watch the final score on Twitter rather than cheering up their favorite team in a rivalry match. This is the reason why PureVPN can help you access DAZN and, thus, the thrilling live events and be a part of the FOMO culture.

Prevent Country-Specific Headaches

Whether you are bored out of your skull at home and need some sports-motivation or eagerly waiting for the UEFA Champions League clash, use PureVPN to access DAZN outside Canada and catch all the action live online.

Binge-watch Football Leagues

Don’t ever miss out on the chance to watch thunderous NFL matches with the help of PureVPN, a reliably-great streaming VPN that millions of fans rely on. When it comes to watching a wide array of sports leagues, use the power of PureVPN anywhere in the world.

Connect to 2,000+ Available Servers

Learn how PureVPN is making everything super-simple for sports fans. If you need to watch DAZN, then connect to a Canadian or German server and access DAZN. If you need to watch BT Sport, then connect to a UK server and access BT Sport. Pretty simple!!

Watch Buffer-Proof Matches

It’s very annoying to see constant buffering during a high-intensity Premier League match, especially if you are cheering for the underdogs. Use PureVPN to accelerate internet speed and avoid buffering when watching a football match or NFL finals 2020.

Can I Watch DAZN on my Console or TV?

Yes! You can binge-watch a lot of amazing sports such as football, NFL, NBA, or boxing, as well as tons of other international leagues on your consoles (PlayStation and Xbox) or Smart TV (Apple TV, Samsung TV, or Smart TV).

Final Takeouts

Watch DAZN outside Canada with the help of PureVPN. PureVPN can give you a helping hand in accessing DAZN and enjoying a stack-full of matches and fights anytime you want.