How to Watch HBO in Australia Using Our Easy-to-Follow Guide

HBO is unavailable in Australia. But fret not, PureVPN can let you access it from anywhere in the world., just follow the steps below

  1. Sign up and Download PureVPN on your device.
  2. Download PureVPN
  3. Select US as server location
  4. Once connected, visit HBO
  5. That’s it. Now you can watch HBO in Australia

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Step-by-Step Guide: The Easiest Way to Watch HBO in Australia

HBO doesn’t work from outside the United States because of licensing contracts and rights agreements. This means you have to either be in the US or use a VPN to watch HBO in Australia. With a VPN connection, you can virtually transport your device to the US and enjoy HBO shows easily. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Download PureVPN on your device.
  2. Launch PureVPN app and log in with your credentials.
  3. Connect to the United States from the server list.
  4. Once connected, visit HBO website and start streaming

How to Get HBO on Foxtel

Do you have Foxtel right now? We have some good news for you. You can watch HBO shows and exclusives on Foxtel if you have an existing account. You have to pay only $49 per month to access HBO shows and movies on Foxtel. In this way, you can access some of the high-rated HBO shows like Westworld or Curb Your Enthusiasm.
Moreover, you can choose various Foxtel bundles to watch HBO in Australia which range between $59 and $99 per month. Plus, you can subscribe to Foxtel Now and pay $25 per month to get access to HBO shows and movies on your streaming devices. This is an affordable way to get HBO in Australia.

How to Get HBO on Binge

Binge might be the cheapest way to get HBO in Australia because the subscription plans are as low as $10. Every Binge subscriber can enjoy more than 10,000 hours of HBO content as well as new shows such as the prequel of Game of Thrones House of the Dragon and Friends Reunion.

How to Get HBO on Stan

You may not access every major HBO show or movie on Stan Australia. However, if you are already watching Stan Australia, then you can watch multiple shows like Deadwood, Ash vs Evil Dead, or Breaking Bad as well as new HBO originals. You can also access HBO’s new streaming service, HBO Max, on Stan that offers a wide range of TV shows and movies.

How to Unlock HBO in Australia on your Device (iPhone, Android, Tablet, or Laptop)

Whether you are using an iPhone, iPad, Samsung, laptop, or Windows, get access to HBO content in Australia with a VPN connection. A VPN can assign your streaming device an American IP address so you can unlock HBO shows and movies from outside the United States. In short, you can use a VPN to convince HBO network that you are residing in the US, even though you are physically located in Australia.

Now, your device is connected to an American IP address and you can easily watch US channels as if you are in the states. The good news is you can use a VPN to unlock other popular American channels such as Disney+, Hulu, or American Netflix. Simply put, there are loads of benefits of using a VPN.

Best HBO Shows to Enjoy Right Now:

  • Barry
  • Six Feet Under
  • The Wire
  • Westworld
  • Veep
  • Watchmen
  • Game of Thrones
  • Flight of the Conchords
  • Crashing
  • Band of Brothers
  • True Blood
  • The Sopranos

For more shows suggestions, check out this blog of Best Shows on HBO

Our Suggestion?

If you are an entertainment geek like us and can’t wait for the next episode of your favorite TV show, then you must enhance your streaming experience. You can do that with a VPN at your disposal. Use a VPN connection on your device and never run out of shows to watch. We suggest you get a VPN for HBO because you can unlock all American channels with it. This is something Stan, Foxtel, or Binge can’t offer to subscribers.


Does HBO Now work in Australia?

No. HBO Now is only available in limited countries. However, you can get your hands on HBO Now in Australia with a VPN connection on your device. This means you can pay $15 per month and watch HBO Now shows from anywhere in Australia.

Can You Get an HBO Subscription in Australia?

Only Foxtel has the rights to show HBO shows in Australia. This means Foxtel subscribers can watch popular shows like Succession, The Wire, or Game of Thrones easily. There is no news on HBO Max for now about whether Foxtel will feature the new streaming channel or not.

Where Can I Watch HBO Chernobyl in Australia?

You can access all episodes of Chernobyl on Foxtel Australia. As Foxtel has streaming rights to show HBO content, you can become a subscriber and enjoy HBO shows easily.

How much is HBO in Australia?

The monthly subscription plan for HBO is $15. But you need a VPN to get around geographical limitations to get HBO in Australia.

Watch Westworld! It’s Our Favorite…

We sincerely hope now you can easily watch HBO movies and shows in Australia. Watch any one of the aforementioned shows and enjoy great content at home. Need more help in getting started? Get in touch with us via the Live Chat option. More from PureVPN:

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